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  1. lordrygar added a post in a topic Finally a game with no Spiders!   

    There are no spiders in black desert.
    There are ROCK spiders, RUIN spiders, and other variations, but not the INSECT type.
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  2. lordrygar added a post in a topic Enable Trading? Yes or No?   

    The game hasn't a trade between players, and they won't add it, not matter what.
    Why? Gold spammers will kill the chat, the game trade will become really stupid.
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  3. lordrygar added a post in a topic Valkyrie weapon awakening   

    That's amazing art, I loved this Valkyrie weapon !
    Next to be unveiled is Blader
    @Edit:The original image is this
    Also, this awakening name is "Lancia". She will use the lance and shield together.
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  4. lordrygar added a post in a topic Worst Party Experience 2015   

    And I keep saying... there's no need to play in a party since you can kill alone an entire spot, if you'll lose all the exp earned, what's the worth on it?
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  5. lordrygar added a post in a topic You want longer leveling time?   

    BDO RU has the worst XP ever!!!
    He just forced level when the Blader come out, because they gave a super XB boost, that was amazing to level up, now you can't even reach level 51, it's REALLY hard
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  6. lordrygar added a post in a topic 4K screenshots to show Graphics   

    You don't need to disable depth of Field, when you Hide UI, just use Ctrl+fowardarrow to manipulate the blur
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  7. lordrygar added a post in a topic (POLL) - Should Damage text or Combat chat be implemented ?   

    For sure this should exist, it will be very good for testing skills and builds. Idk why many ppl voted NO =/
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  8. lordrygar added a post in a topic Why longer exp/leveling grind in NA CBT 1?   

    Unfortunately the RU version is the most bad version to level above 50, it's nearly impossible.
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  9. lordrygar added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    My Tamer =3

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  10. lordrygar added a post in a topic Change Mobs movement and attack speed.   

    Are you kidding right? Which level are you? 10?
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  11. lordrygar added a post in a topic Leveling to 50 is too fast?   

    The game starts at level 50... So don't worry, you have a lot of things to do in this game, and also this isn't the max level, there are expansions, the max level is 60 actually in KR, which takes months to get it.
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  12. lordrygar added a post in a topic 1st 50lvl on CBT   

    Well, he just grind and grind.... Look at his contribution and spirit points lol
    Anyway, Gj, now you can live a life I think?
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  13. lordrygar added a post in a topic So, what level is everybody, so far?   

    I'm still only level 11... Still gathernig the knowledge and completing every single quest. I already played other version and I know how quest are important
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  14. lordrygar added a post in a topic Dye Away!   

    I didn't received my Dye .-.
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  15. lordrygar added a post in a topic Accnt Authentication Failed   

    Any fix for this error?
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  16. lordrygar added a post in a topic Leveling is too GRINDY early   

    Server RU is worse to level now... Mobs are EXTREMELY difficult, REALLY LOW EXP, after update day 9 ¬¬' GN ruined RU server
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