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  1. Nirax added a post in a topic What should the next Pet be?   

    a frog that burps colored rainbows whenever a pearl purchase is being done by someone on the server.
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  2. Nirax added a post in a topic Enchantment System is not worth it.   

    yea thats your average joe forum user´s attention span. in real life and game. gets funny for him in rl once he has to leave kindergarden.
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  3. Nirax added a post in a topic Forced to go on welfare to gear up in BDO   

    it wouldnt really prove too much unless you include a link to your professional network profile (which is mostly a bad idea to do in game forums). every cave dweller could post screenshots claiming hes working. not saying you would do that, but game screenshots alone would just show a geared character and would not really underline your point of a rl/game performance. (IMHO)
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  4. Nirax added a post in a topic Forced to go on welfare to gear up in BDO   

    i cant buy those all-ahievers either yet the forum seems to be full of those cases.
    in my case im in the lucky position being able to work from home when not travelling. as long my numbers and my team numbers are fine all is well (to quote the ceo "as long you overahieve i dont care if you play golf all day") and i can do a lot of stuff while at work. i´m endless hours in telco´s but as long i´m not presenting its easy to brainless grind while listening/commenting.
    however i dont know many people throughout family, friends, work friends or connetions (+800 linkedin biz partners, coworkers etc and yes i had intense discussions with most of them beside mere business related talks) that have similar freedom.
    in these forums you have people claiming to work in healthcare and yet you see them half the day in the forums posting walls of text and claiming to excel ingame. again all personal experience would tell otherwise.. half my family are doctors, the other half are lecturing musicians (university profs etc). usually both groups would struggle to even have 2 hours the day for some hobby, especially if they are in a relation or have kids. usually the time they would have to spare is very limited and i cant really imagine a grind rng-progress game being satisfactory for them.
    for me, i can deal with an initial bump of grind but my target is only pvp / ingame interaction. i dont want to be forced every 3 months to get new gear. i´m aware that we´re in a special situation right now having had a fast paced upgrade spiral getting all updates KR had over years in a fragment of time, but i start to get bored of it, especially of the rng part which makes progress even more anoying and seemingly endless. i start to miss Velika Outskirts and Lumbertown Bridge so to speak. Just hanging aroudn and fight ppl when youre up to it, while human drama unfolds around you =)
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  5. Nirax added a post in a topic What they could ruin more, after the awakening?   

    some further ideas how to anoy players and the reasoning:
    generally introduce new classes overpowered and "fix them and balance them during the next half year". that way all "OP class of the month" players will reroll and generate additional revenue by purchasing all costumes, weight limits, backpack slots etc for the new char. you can also issue press releases about how great the new class was adopted by the community.  [seen in TERA and others]release new outfits in cheap RNG boxes with low chance while the non-RNG box price is multiplied by 10. [surely the community wont mind and the next shareholder meeting will celebrate you] [seen in TERA and others]allow players to bypass Karma loss with a special version of tears available for pearls. [a well invested player will surely not mind paying 15€ for a ressurection that wont degrade his gear]introduce a new super cute manga-like girlie-race. costumes are locked to this race+classes and will need to be purchasedcooperate with other otaku companies and release theme costumes for that super-cute-race. make them look "a bit" medieval so surely the rest of the population wont mind. the shareholders will love you.introduce losing points on loss for the Battleground. +8 for a win, -16 for a loss. surely people will remain engaged that way. alternatively connect it to your rng algorythm and make it -8 to -64 points determined by rng on a loss. reasoning similar as to item rng progression. extend the crusade to get to the top and rng it to water it down. all have a slight chance to get on the top.expand the alchemy stone by an alternate charged mode providing double values. you can either craft the recharge components [nearly impossible but hey you can claim its not p2w] or buy them even in fight automatically with pearls by selecting a toggle. you can milk a well invested player like John Ricitiello (former EA CEO) teached the you and the gaming industry (listen to the Shareholder meeting vid below to get what i mean). etchow-to-do-it-best (c) John Ricitiello
    are you recognizing the possibility to instantly buy tears to ressurect after a death ? its very close to John´s ideas already.
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  6. Nirax added a post in a topic Costumes will be 60-80mil soon...   

    1. funny necro to reply on half a month old posts. just woke up ?
    2. and the income of single/families varies immensely from town to town, street to street and people sitting in different cars. thats not the point lol. this is the calculated average income of a country incorporating different states.  the difference regarding states doesnt matter unless you would only offer the game service in specific states. finally the "word art" you refer to are actually the official MoneySense statistics for Canada as its stated under the picture. i´m not interpreting anything there.
    canada serves here as example of a fully developed first-world country. you can expect the discrepancy between incomes to be even larger in lower developed countries. 
    3. please go on and "word art" as you suggest.
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  7. Nirax added a post in a topic Gear and player gaps. Too much for average player?   

    thanks for the interesting read.
    similar questions were held 2 years ago in Wildstar. (Raid Atunement etc) After doing too little too late they noticed the hard way that the largest part of their demographics werent the catered "hardcore" players but casuals. after 200+ layoffs and canceled launch in china, the game struggels to survive this year and the fired people are b1tching on glassdoor about carabine and their strategy (basically all stuff the nitpicky players told them since beta)
    (i´m saying htat cause im concerned about bdo´s general player retention strategy.  being able to often work from home especially when not traveling and measured on quarterly success i´m still in a comfortable position equipment wise)
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  8. Nirax added a post in a topic Gamescom Interview with developers live @ 11CEST   

    so what are you still doing here now
    people here are always upset about something and feel entitled for something because they ´invested´ 3 pizza´s worth of € here
    a game cant be a real substitute for resolving rl frustrations
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  9. Nirax added a post in a topic BDO is a beautiful piece of art that was sleazed up into a casino   

    had the same thought. they did such a great job with the world building, characters details (up to the point that your outfit changes regarding to the durability). this was than paired with a 08/15 total conventional rng mechanic that could come out of a flash or iphone app, including other brain dead rng elements such as amity game & co. 
    its pretty sad. i mean all games resort to rng to some point but here basically everything is build around it. 
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  10. Nirax added a post in a topic Legit how you get Kakao to listen   

    or they are like tupperware meetings cause one is presenting ? or maybe like kindergarden when all sit at a table and recount their holidays. this generation weaboo is lost.
    but im glad you brought the case in front of the endless potential investors we have in these forums (to quote " while it's cheap blow like 25m US on it "KOSDAQ: 035720" ) 
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  11. Nirax added a post in a topic channel chat should require 100 Pearls to chat   

    same applies for videos. btw im not the guy you were "arguing with" (i reported your posts towards that user because in my view its in breach of Chapter 6.3 of the forum rules).
    the only point of even hitting reply to one of your infmaous mails in this thread was to stress out that your "proof" (for whatever reason you think you have to prove something to that other user) wouldnt be worth anything anyway. you spent quite some time and effort now.  as for me i dont care the slightest when you started to play bdo, when you were born or what else you do in life. bye bye.
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  12. Nirax added a post in a topic channel chat should require 100 Pearls to chat   

    ..internet screenshots

    they never lie..
    on topic:
    i also disabled general chat which solves the problem entirely.
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  13. Nirax added a post in a topic Cashshop resetting WHEN???   

    its like nothing they implement gets tested before pushing it to the live servers.
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  14. Nirax added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    your sentence makes again no sense as i was not using abbrevations. that "no, you!" works maybe in kindergarden. grow up and learn some basic argumentation.
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  15. Nirax added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    you dont even try to make sense do you.

    just vomiting loaded abbrevations in a thread doenst cuts it.
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  16. Nirax added a post in a topic Costumes will be 60-80mil soon...   

    yes, yes.
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  17. Nirax added a post in a topic Costumes will be 60-80mil soon...   

    throwing numbers around just gives a clue about what age the guy behind the post has. for underaged people money just seem to "come from somewhere" near endless.

    the statistic dates from 2013 a year in which the canadian dollar and us dollar were nearly on par.
    and if you didnt figured out yourself the "highest 20%" usually dont play mmo´s.
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  18. Nirax added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    ah thanks for the clarification.
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  19. Nirax added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    he didnt had any issue with tera, b&s or wildstar though. and didnt he played bdo kr aswell before ? not that i care too much about self entitled youtubers that try to put themselfs as speakers of some "shitstorm", it just seems outright hypocrite. he could try chess. sad though i liked his lore video which helped me understand what was actually going on story wise in bdo =)
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  20. Nirax added a post in a topic Player2player Trading and Cash Shop on marketplace   

    so you also wont drive cars in real life as they can be abused ? you would prohibit the usage of knifes cause they could be abused ?  if you fearfully restrict all freedom trying to cheaply work around actual problems you remain with verylittle. goldsellers have to be addressed by active GM´s that monitor specific sites etc and silver transactions. limiting all freedom because you are too lazy to come up with a better system is just admitting you lack skills and imagination.
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  21. Nirax added a post in a topic Player2player Trading and Cash Shop on marketplace   

    nice passive aggression belitteling players that would disagree from start. player to player is a traditional element of an mmo (fact), of real life(fact) and arguably of sandboxing. it allows trade and life skills to be meaningful and ultimatively extend the activities in a virtual world beyound mere monster bashing.
    your sentence consists of two claims including the addition of an imaginary "plenum" (ie "what we need") underlining the impression of an insecure poster.
    anyway, i´d wish i wouldnt have noticed but i happen to wonder where the girl to your side of your profile picture disappeared.
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  22. Nirax added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    im sorry but your highly polemic text comes along as written by this guy. (Thats the "Ich will Unreal Tournament spielen" guy, for newer generations (its still on youtube)

    you seem to feel hurt, betrayed and left out.  
    Finally, as a core of your argumentation you state "Cuz mature players with their mind in the right places would never waste money in this way. "
    i like how you talk about mature players surrounded by a completely immature wall of text. mature players would also cut their losses and move on knowing time is money and that they are actively wasting time here. 
    not sure why you posted a picture i created here or what exactly you want to underline with it. you can get the value pack over loyalties or even easier for cheap silver now. the purpose of this picture i created was to show that 1) the items stack 2) for convenience purposes i stacked them to never care about coloring again 3) that i have no issues supporting a company providing software i like and which entertains me in my free time.
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  23. Nirax added a post in a topic Consolidated Media thoughts on the changes   

    so many youtubers trying to capitalize on current events and surf the ´outrage´ wave. 10/10 also for the self entitlement at the end of the vid.
    if you have a better "business idea" and think this should go to a kickstarter/indy model which would be more viable for them for some reason, do submit it here: http://with.kakao.com/english/proposal/business  .
    if you wonder whose voice matters the most and will  be heard, well buy company shares. 
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  24. Nirax added a post in a topic How to pay2win a Kzarka weapon in the shortest possible time!   

    screenshot taken now. jordine.  

    anyway for ppl still -----ing about the changes, at some point you may notice that youre wasting lifetime here.

    move on.
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  25. Nirax added a post in a topic How long until Hardcaps get increased?   

    (post can be removed)
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