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  1. DragonX265 added a post in a topic Fail stacks a fail since last update   

    you might as well just do life skills in the game and be a afk fisher until bdo gets done mopping up this HUGE Mess ONCE AGAIN same thing happened after BDO started over a year ago. theyre trying to keep people entertained with events to barely hold onto their player base!
    everyone knows about reblath during last patch they implemented a full random success rate to throw reblath off, and now you can get your PRI DUO TRI TET AND PEN at 0 FAilstacks!
    one word!  " BROKEN "
    wanna make money in the game just go spam 100k bars through  the investment banks with tons of workers ! its the new exploit everyone is doing now from what everyone is talking about on the server channels!
    For now im telling my whole guild just to save and stockpile items until they hopefully fix all these issues in this game... i mean shit! i wish i was able to go to pearl abyss i would have this fixed up in a jippy! 
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  2. DragonX265 added a post in a topic Fail stacks a fail since last update   

    It is WAY WAY WAY WORSE! The Reason for this .. you have too many players using hacks to exploit the investment system and bdo is doing nothing about it! Not only that but who wants to waste items like that, when you can resell on the market anyway! this is absolutely ridiculous! The entire BDO Combat system for PVP is completely broken in BDO. "BDO is monopoly'd by exploiters and hackers! Every MMORPG Completely falls on its face and dead in the water of the same ole crap! I mean cmon! Im at 96 failstacks for a TET, and I just watched someone get a TET on 36 Failstacks Twice! WTF? They Need to get RID of the Macro Botters. I have seen people macro botting all the time in BDO. The Investment bank hack is going around so bad that theyre killing the player base through node wars and open world pvp and now theyre sending people to jail over and over cause your karma doesnt reset after doing the quest to get out of jail so when you get killed just after leaving they spawn camp and send you back in! 
    The Market is Broken! the sell prices are way OFF in reducement, and you are forced to buy value packs which you cant even get with in game currency to continue playing cause if you have a crappy net connection you ARE NEVER EVER !!! Buying those from the market without using a macro bot to macro function and spam with a external program. If you take notice the same people are buying out all the upgrades materials! those are the exploiters that have gotten TRILLIONS from the hacks theyre using and thats why you cant get ahold of certain items in the game.
    BDO is once again broken like it was a year ago .. fail stacking is broken the market is broken combat is broken drop rate is broken.. ( if you notice when you go to valencia all you get for gear drops is rocaba and its very very few, ancient scrolls, and vendor items.) nothing really worth selling since grunil is over priced and rocaba is what 20 K? anyways! once you get to valencia dont expect to level your node to level 10 for any reason its a complete waste of time! that is why you see everyone going after Karanda and all the epic pieces ! value is value! oh but wait it gets better !!! if there are too many people fighting karanda you will NOT got any drops cause of the swarm of people at the world boss.. oh but wait your gonna change channels ! NOPE happened on that channel too! guess what change channels again! nOPE! cant do that why!?! Timer for 12 min!  by then all world bosses are down and you died losing transfusion crystals for nothing. rinse repeat fail fail fail!
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  3. DragonX265 added a post in a topic Ultimate Grade Reform Stone   

    Then what good is a Liverto? ~From Donut section to Livers? ~This just gets worse
    If every other weapon can go Ultimate then why oh why cant a Liverto?
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  4. DragonX265 added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Ultimate Grade Reform Stone
    So I decided to come back to Black Desert Online, and in the span of time I started upgrading my Liverto Staff and finally got it to +15 then to PRI! "Wait, Did I say PRI." *RIP* In hopes that I could just use the Ultimate Grade Reform Stone On my PRI: Liverto and Ultimate it and make it GOLDEN BABY! I was stuck with just BABY. Well not even a OH BABY! UGH, OKay Well, enlight of so many people actually forgetting to upgrade to ultimate before heading over the the PRI donut section. CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE! ~Adriendes  ~Sadface~ ~The frustration is real~
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  5. DragonX265 added a post in a topic Grunil Dye Armor Bug   

    This still has NOT been fixed
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  6. DragonX265 added a topic in General   

    Crio Fish Vendor Quest Broken
    Crio the fish vendor in velia, you can do the seaweed quest, but the next quest after that to get butterfly fishes wont appear but it appears in my suggested quests so i went and caught the butterfly fishes which you have to have 3 went back to crio and theres no quest to accept and turn in? however my suggested in my quest log tells me i can get it? what gives? i have tried disconnecting and reconnecting and character selection and deleting my version.dat file and repatching nothing works?

    please fix quest and you owe me butterfly fishes 3 to be exact or quest completion just saying
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  7. DragonX265 added a post in a topic Compensation regarding the DDOS attack/ Players unable to login   

    man if there were more attacks on there servers we would get more and more free compensation items   LOL
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  8. DragonX265 added a post in a topic Exploit AFK Auto Loop Weight Gain   

    Nope I went AFK Auto Weight Gain Once again and found myself stopped in town when i got home from the auto loop. I have lost countless days of trying to gain weight Auto loop is broken
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  9. DragonX265 added a topic in General   

    Soldier's Grave
    Currently I have a level 6 node, and im using increased drop rate potions and connected node to Heidel, the drop rate of armor stones and weapon stones are bugged in this area the ratio of black stones are currently 1 - 2500 Marks of Frenzy. * This is including slaying the elites in all areas.
    P.S. The rifleman, in this area are bugged if you hit them the run back to another position and they will not allow you to hit the mob, so you have to wait til the mob literally walks to another fixed position then the hp will go down. It seems you guys fixed the rest of the mobs in this area Nice Job!
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  10. DragonX265 added a topic in General   

    Exploit AFK Auto Loop Weight Gain
    So early this morning we caught people red handed, they were using ( invite to party command ) to knock you off AFK strength gain upon using a pack walking in town. Yes, there is a command to reject party invites, however this is just something else that you have to do before you go afk. Please fix! *People are lazy and they don't want to have to set to block party invites before going AFK, and then have to unset the commands to start playing again.
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  11. DragonX265 added a post in a topic Awakening Skills Update   

    It is broken when you have to waste awakening skill fragments on something that is simply refreshing the same stat.
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  12. DragonX265 added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Grunil Dye Armor Bug

    I want to dye this part of my gear! It is really Gay when you have a spot of brown on your gear! Just saying. "Can we get a unicorn horn?"
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  13. DragonX265 added a post in a topic Multiple Magic Arrows   

    I am just simply saying that the comparison from ranger to wizard, the ranger from a durability of full same gear at 100 percent they can get 1200 marks of frenzy and a wizard gets 500 marks of frenzy before their full gear durability wears out by spamming MMA it literally BLOWS out your Durability Very Quickly! which is gonna cost you tons! this is a bug that DAUM did not fix before implementing this idea. MMA blows out your durability as your spamming the skill way quicker!
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  14. DragonX265 added a topic in PVE   

    Awakening Skills Update
    If you get the same awakening skill stat enhancement they DO NOT stack! they will just override each other! Daum needs to fix this issue and separate unique stats enhancements for each skill so theyre not able to do so. so like right now if you roll and get the same enhancement on magic arrow and multiple magic arrow lets say +5 crit rate increase it will literally only refresh the +5 crit rate increase instead of stacking thus, if you think correctly if you rolled the same stat twice like this you just completely wasted your roll and youll have to spend 2 more frags or more awakening stones from the event to get something else more lame. the good awakening skill stat enhancement like magic attack +4 or +5 I have Never seen rolled out! GOOD luck Awakening skills are completely broken!!!!!
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  15. DragonX265 added a topic in General   

    June 25 2016 Patch Notes
    Where is the patch notes for the patch we just did today?
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