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Dwarf Nuna

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  1. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic Wilderness Golem advice?   

    Ha ya my first time was with my Tamer, I was all like okies only need three easy, blam-oh dead.  I came back with as many buffs and pots as I could take.  That worked out pretty good also try to find singles as when your rolling and dodging you can wake up its friends.
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  2. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic FPS issue possible fix for it - NVidia Only GPU's   

    Wow you have done so much leg work to find a fix.  I commend you good um... person.  Your step by step instructions are very well written out, heck even I will have no trouble following along.  Have not as yet attempted it, but I will give it a go.  Thank you for your hard work.
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  3. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic Kakao just lost 2 customers - paymentwall   

    I have to use Pay Pal as well as my Credit Union refuses to let me pay directly from my CC.  Ordered Daum cash two days ago no problems, but I did get an email from Paywall for the first time.  To the OP I hope you can get your problem fixed I truly, but any thing that can help stop/make more difficult CC fraud I'm all for it.
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  4. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic Neat, but why does it keep popping up?   

    Heck any time I pass into a safe zone this silly message box pops up.  The thing is my witch alt was 51 months ago and this message pops up all the time now for me to.  Please could someone look into this pita.
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  5. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic Just remove the damn snow   

    I love the snow no troubles on my end, just wish it would not melt so quickly.
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  6. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic White Knights are Absent   

    Oh thanks Jeynar I sort of thought that was the issue.
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  7. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic White Knights are Absent   

    Just asking, but what decision?
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  8. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic New Black Desert Gathering Map site   

    yes kudos my friend very well done indeed.
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  9. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic Mana absorption bugged + Underwear bug!   

    Oh total hell my staff takes a beating as it is without this bug.
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  10. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic Can't dye things   

    The whole dye system is a bloody mess to figure out to start with.
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  11. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic Can't dye things   

    If you clicked bleach on each slot going from left to right then click dye at the bottom you will be prompted do you want to dye this enter for yes esc for no.  Then dye to your hearts content.
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  12. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic Value Package Info - Most do not know?   

    Oh kickass this is rocks hella kewl.
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  13. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic from the eyes behind the Keyboard   

    Yes my damn heilang is such a PITA never it just goes rogue.  But a pretty funny read none the less.
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  14. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic Black Desert Summed Up   

    Of all the RNG Troll posts I liked this one the best, or perhaps its just RNG who knows at this point.
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  15. Dwarf Nuna added a post in a topic Forcing PvP Players to do "Gathering"   

    I have gotten all mine from guild gather missions.
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