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  1. Seyd added a post in a topic What kind of costume set do you wish to have in game?   

    Karlstein looks based off of Van Helsing, and having something like this would be cool. A coat alternative over a cape would mesh REALLY well for some classes. Just replace the crossbow with a melee weapon of course lol. 
    Hello Ranger, Dark Knight, Tamer, and Kuno! This can sort of work for a Witch too. Just replace the sword for a dagger and the scabbard for staff.
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  2. Seyd added a topic in General   

    What kind of costume set do you wish to have in game?
    The thought sort of came to me while I was playing another game. Which costume set would you guys want to see in game? It can be something unique or a costume set you really liked from another game. Feel free to add pictures to show us how they look if you'd like.   
    For me I was wondering how our characters would look like wearing Japanese school uniforms or something along those lines, and me being a Ninja (go figure) I kinda liked the thought of having them in game. I can certainly see it looking good all of the female classes, especially Tamer. Warriors and Berserkers would have the delinquent look, with the whole machismo thing going for them with their unbuttoned blazer and rolled up sleeves, while I'd imagine Musa and Ninja to have the natural look.
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  3. Seyd added a topic in PVE   

    BUG: A Recommendation for Colleagues
    This quest serves as a prerequisite quest towards unlocking 'Things That Happen At Night'. In order to unlock the quest mentioned in the title, one would have to complete Mercenary Guarding The Town #2, and in order to unlock that quest one would have to complete Mercenary Guarding The Town #1. Oddly enough, both quests appeared in the NPC's quest log simultaneously, and since I was doing these quests for skill points I chose to do #2 first since it was there and was the prerequisite for the Colleagues quest to appear. I had assumed it would show up after completing the aforementioned quest, but it did not. I thought to complete quest #1 in hopes that it would appear, but it did not. I even tried relogging and I made doubly sure that I had all quests enabled in my quest tracker, but it still did not show up. Either I made the mistake of doing these quests out of order, which, if that is the case, should not have happened if these quests were to appear in the order that they were specified to appear in, or that the quest is simply bugged and needs fixing. Has anyone faced this issue before when doing this quest, and if so, is there an in-game fix that wouldn't require the help of a GM? Thanks in advance.
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  4. Seyd added a topic in Ninja   

    I know I'm not the only one that wishes for this
    An option to hide the extra katanas. Aside from the skill Seamless, 99% of our skills utilize only one katana. It seems pretty contradictory for ninjas to carry more than what's needed to get the job done, don't you think? And I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like there's more of a sense of suave and finesse of using a single blade to assassinate enemies instead of six. On top of that there's less clutter and clipping to be had with fewer katanas.
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  5. Seyd added a post in a topic Ninja Suggestions   

    Good accessories are expensive to buy and even more to enchant if your luck isn't very good. You can just save up money to get Bhegs and you'll find yourself doing noticeably better even though it doesn't give you any AP. Accuracy is just too good to pass up at the later levels especially. Just use dummy accessories like Shutlz and Witch till you can get Ogre and Blue Whale. If you're 100% not a PvP'er then you can look to getting a Kzarka/Dande first, then Bhegs, but keep in mind that accuracy also affects your damage, so you want SOME accuracy at least, even if you're fighting mobs the same level as yourself.
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  6. Seyd added a post in a topic Ninja Suggestions   

    Get Bhegs asap followed by Dandelion or Ultimate Yagakmu, Kutum/Nouver, Muskan's, and then rest of your armor. With that said, your build is severely lacking accuracy, so for now stick with DUO Red Coral Earrings to balance out your AP offhand till you get Bhegs if you plan on doing any pvp.
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  7. Seyd added a post in a topic Class buff suggestions   

    From what I can see, awakening really hurt what this class was about: speed and execution. In awakening, attacks certainly hit harder, but comes at the cost of slower animations, animation lock on some moves, and heaven-forbid the mobility is god awful save for two skills (Murderous Intent and Silent Charge if you were wondering), which are gimmicky at best and a decent player can counter it with their own mobility. Silent Charge requires switching to Transition Stance, which--though comes with frontal guard on the sheathing and unsheathing--puts your character in animation lock for the short duration which can cost you precious time when going for an opening. This stance hurts more than it helps. Rather than making Silent Charge require Transition Stance, they should take out that awful stance and integrate Ghost Step with Silent Charge. Given Silent Charge's two second cooldown and Ghost Step's one second cooldown, this allows Ninjas to Silent Charge every other second between Ghost Steps, helping them maintain their mobility. And since Ghost Step requires WP and Silent Charge requires Stamina, I'd say it's already pretty balanced to use the two together when moving around in short bursts.
    Additionally, like most gap closers and mobile utility skills, I would like to see Murderous Intent come with a distance coverage buff when investing points into it, say 10% intervals for each rank after the first. The distance feels a bit short, but honestly I wouldn't complain if they didn't do this if the above was made to happen, or vice versa, as their ability to gap close would be too strong against ranged classes. But again, since 1v1 is supposed to be a Ninja's holy ground, it wouldn't be too far gone to say that having these two buffs in tandem would be a perfect balance to their lack of siege capabilities. As it stands right now, Wizards and Witches that just got their awakening, of whom Ninja's are supposed to counter, are having a hard time catching them because of their plethora of sustain, mobility, damage, and cc skills which all out-do the Ninja at this point, which should not be the case. So giving Ninja's more sustained mobility in their awakening forms would help to restore the balance of power to this marvelous class.
    Lastly, I see that a lot of you are mentioning that Ninjas should get a buff to their animation speeds, as some of their skills don't activate fast enough during CC to do the full damage. Rather than improving the animation speed, I'd suggest changing the CC effect so it's more able to be chained together. For example, Drastic Measure should be changed from a Bound to a Down Smash when used at full charge, this gives Ninjas a chance to follow up with Flow: Mach Explosion (assuming the Down Smash isn't resisted). This adds to the high risk/high rewards playstyle of Ninjas, and it should feel rewarding being able to pull off a fully charged Drastic Measure against an unpredictable enemy.
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  8. Seyd added a post in a topic Question about Musa Spirit   

    Damn, ah well. Thanks for telling me at least.
    It honestly kind of sucks how dependent Musas are on the mushindo. I prefer the blade's lightning fast style over the mushindo's slower but powerhouse style. I guess I'll have to live with being a blade main without the awesome shout.
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  9. Seyd added a post in a topic Question about Musa Spirit   

    Could someone test this for me and confirm whether it works or not in blade mode please? I'd appreciate it.
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  10. Seyd added a topic in Musa   

    Question about Musa Spirit
    Does this skill work while in blade mode? The tool-tip says that it can be quick slotted and given the fact that it is a stomp and not a weapon skill it would make sense if it could be used in tandem with the blade.
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  11. Seyd added a topic in General   

    Just for clarification Lvl Req. for Awakening is 55, right?
    Just asking because in Korea it was 56. Thanks.
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  12. Seyd added a post in a topic This game has potential, but...   

    GW2 was a pretty dynamic, lore heavy MMO where your main character actually has a voice and could talk to NPCs, and there were mini events and your level was scaled to the level of the area so things were still balanced and fun everywhere you went. Now imagine that, but with BDO mechanics and gameplay. Now that'd be a game I'd invest my time into.
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  13. Seyd added a topic in General   

    When can we actually start buying Liverto weapons?
    When will buying a Liverto Blade actually become possible? Been trying for days to get the Liverto blade but it gets instantly sold out the second it becomes available and it's halting my progression as a result.
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  14. Seyd added a topic in General   

    Should I buy 2 Ancient Carmae or mix it up?
    if I have +3 crit rate and +4 attack speed, 1 Ancient Carmae will make that +4 crit and +5 attack speed, meaning that I've hit soft cap on attack speed. Would it be a waste then to buy another Carmae for another mil or should I just get another crystal that boosts crit only?
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