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  1. mickey3333 added a post in a topic The Perfect Patch   

    Bull shjt
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  2. mickey3333 added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    It is sad to see this (I mained musa to lv60 and gave up on him). He used to have broken DP scaling a.k.a darksoul version of PVE and now he gets ridiculous accuracy scaling as well. 
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  3. mickey3333 added a post in a topic Can someone make a video of them jumping into RBF without Desync plz   

    fix your brain scrub! What a waste of skull space!
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  4. mickey3333 added a post in a topic get rid of drop events   

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  5. mickey3333 added a post in a topic The top 2% has more wealth in BDO than the bottom 98%   

    because of investment bank!
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  6. mickey3333 added a post in a topic One Year Anniversary NPC’s Gratitude Event!   

    Yes yes ask for end-game stuff every day and PEN gear already you spoiled brat!
    Get lost!
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  7. mickey3333 added a post in a topic Devs, you need to fix Tamer approach SA/iframe because...   

    Tamer is enough Opness right now sir. Get lost!
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  8. mickey3333 added a post in a topic PVP Is Completely Broken. Admit it.   

    it is long but I read you. Please dont be discourage by those low-life IQ 90 gamers who talk trash and spit on your argument. Their petty minds cannot do anything properly  so they use the toxicity they have to belittle you. 
    I don't completely agree yet I find the gead gaps are too wide indeed. Perhaps reduce damage in PVP progressively will solve the oneshot and DP revamp will provide healthy PVP. But who know... We do not talk to the devs team like they are working for us.
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  9. mickey3333 added a post in a topic BALANCE   

    increase your intelligence next time. Pleb being pleb! Pathetic!
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  10. mickey3333 added a post in a topic Fix this broken market   

    Suck it like everyone else or quit.
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  11. mickey3333 added a post in a topic "One Year Anniversary Field Boss Event!" ~kind a   

    LOL I am in queue now hahahah... Super disconnected event
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  12. mickey3333 added a post in a topic Great boss event. Thank you!   

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  13. mickey3333 added a topic in General   

    The coupon is a tactical failure
    Here we go:
    The coupon book is difficult to notice: Seriously when people press F3 their attentions are on the left side where all the stuffs are listed. I rarely look at the TOP RIGHT at all unless I am buying outfit. This eye behavior is well-known in modern day (Google is the one to blame). Is there anyone knows about these marketing practices at Kakao??? The coupon is difficult to grasp: Okay there is no description in-game about how to apply. First you need to click on the coin icon then click on the window that appears. Do it otherwise and nothing happens! Oh, the coupon is one-time use and will not work with cart. SOMEONE GOTTA BE THE GUINEA PIG in the first place. A lot of my guild members bite the bullet this way. 20% one-time why? I know you have your margin and the discount will affect your sales volume to keep the profit. Yet seriously? How many people were online last night? All the channel was crowded and I bet so many were eager to spend huge sum of money in celebration. And Kakao decided to sabotage their own opportunity at the RIGHT MOMENT when numerous customers were online!!! The server got merged and it was the most crowded moment since launch. They blew it up...I know I know there will be more coupon to come. Opportunity, however, will not. Kakao can still make it up by releasing more coupons soon, else the hype dies down and more dissatisfied customers will spent their money elsewhere. This is the age of competing for customer experience not the old industrial mass production advantage. Please make the people happy with their purchase. 
    Thank you.
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  14. mickey3333 added a post in a topic The price of gaming   

    What the -----? Are you high? What is this stupidity in disguise? Where is your claim based on? Trying to get smart???
    Wtf writing like shiet and addressing nonexisting problem without backing???
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  15. mickey3333 added a post in a topic RNG Is Taking It's Toll On Me   

    I feel you. When I desperate for a DUO liverto I got 48fs for 3 characters....
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