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  1. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    If this is not retroactive it is a complete madness, mark my word, MADNESS!
    How can you unbalance the game that hard ? It is simply not fair to have a guy who maxed his Musa before that update not having the increased HP and on the other side plenty of Musa leveling up getting tons of HP.
    It's not just "unfair" it is broken ! What is the maxed out supposed to do ? Reroll the same class ?
    I just can't see the logic behind this, how is it even thinkable ?!

    I can confirm aswell that my Musa's HP did not increase...
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  2. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    Can anyone tell me how can we use workers to take care of fences .?

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  3. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Awful RNG makes people quit   

    The RNG for the dyes are bullshit tho, I just cannot disagree there.
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  4. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Awful RNG makes people quit   

    I don't think I have seen many koreans mmorpg without an abusive-RNG system to upgrade items.
    Be glad we haven't inherited of the worst one, I remember when playing MU online when you failed your upgrade above a certain level, you would lose everything (your item + all the items needed to upgrade + the fact that upgrading to that level already cost you a LOT of items in order to level it up :D)
    It was like:
    +1 to +6 => 1a item (a really rare one)
    +6 to +9 => 1b item (a really rare one)
    +10 to +11 => 3a + 2b + 1c (the C item wasn't that rare)
    +11 to +12 => 5a + 3b + 2c
    +12 to +13 => 7a + 5b + 3c

    Imagine the frustration when you're losing so many valuable items, including the item you want to upgrade.
    This was the worst one.

    RNG is not fair but they have to introduce some gold sinks, what is your real solution about it ? It's all about luck, the system is fair to everyone. (sadly for you it might not seem fair :s)
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  5. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Market Price needs to be adjusted   

    I agree with this post, I was really confused about the prices compared to the rarity of the items, when I started playing I thought they scaled it depending on the rarity of it (coupled with the factor "hard to get") but in fact it is not.

    They should scale it accordingly.
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  6. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic New Server For Casual Players   

    I don't understand how this would make it a better game if you could have everything so fast ?
    I understand that you are a casual player but why change the game so drastically ? I mean if everything was that easy would you really enjoy it ?

    To sum it up you are not just a casual player but also a guy who wants everything quick without any challenges.
    No offense but I think the game is not really made for you. (plus that the fact that you want to remove a lot of things that would just make no sense for the dev - like removing the cash shop ^^)
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  7. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Stacking seeds please :(   

    To the top!
    This is a must-have please
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  8. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Trade Manager Radius   

    Would be a great idea.
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  9. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Add true instanced dungeons and remove world/field bosses   

    People should stop asking for feature that would break the essence of the game.
    This game is obviously made to be a full open world, and people are asking for instanced dungeons... While removing the World-bosses... Great idea!
    Why not coming up with awesome ideas to complete or enhance what the game truly is ?

    To me separating content with instances would just corrupt the spirit of the game. You already have plenty of MMORPG with that kind of content, why not go there and let other people who enjoy this one (to a certain degree, there are obviously some flaws) and are not willing to change its soul ?
    I have seen many games changing their core because of a narrow-minded fanbase who wanted something the game is not and ending up breaking the game. These games did not last long after that...
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  10. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Have you ever felt lonely playing this game?   

    There is a point that bothers me here is that you live together which gives you access to both computers, so in a sense your vision is a bit biased.
    Imagine the frustration for other players who wants to share their game experience, what can they do ? Group up, kill mobs together aaaaaand that's it, not to mention the mobs are super weak/easy to kill so there is no need to group. Questing together could be a good point but most of them would be annoying together because it's made for a solo player.
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  11. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Paindog's Life Hacks for BDO   

    You can also hit "space" bar instead of "R" & "Enter".
    Thanks for the video though, I've learnt two new things
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  12. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Fishing Spots   

    Here is a fishing hot spot (south of Heidel in the swamp) where you can get :
    Snakehead - Freshwater Eel - Bass - Roundtail Paradisefish - Mudfish - Dace
    I'm trying to find a decent spot for Crucian Carp still... Work in progress, I'll update this!
    Ok so for the quest given by Jiro where you have to fish a Crucian Carp... Here is a spot where I got some :

    Took me ages to find a decent spot -.-
    As the ressources there are exhausted it can take quite a while but it's worth it (for the quest at least)
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  13. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Horse breeding - investment vs reward   

    Please Daum/PA less p2w elements and more rewarding factors for long-investment tasks.
    Liked all of the above because I think not only the breeding is a long and hardworking task, but the fact that female horses are rare makes the pill even harder to swallow.
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  14. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Free guild Ranks customization   

    Basicly they have to improve every social aspect in the game and the UI connected to it.
    Most of the UI for the social aspects are poorly made and it's almost as if you can do something with it ^^
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  15. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic You changed the worker UI this patch, now can you PLEASE make the friends list better.   

    Definitely the friend list UI should be entirely reworked.
    They should show your friend family name + character name - his level - if he is online or not (make a distinction please... :/)

    Fix the add to friend system too, it's bugged if you're not next to each other.
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  16. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Inventory must have available slots : No more please   

    The one when you fish and try to sell to a trader happened to me a couple of times already...
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  17. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Map markers   

    Upvoting this, we need custom markers on the map, no need to have it flavoured with icons & such, just custom markers we could use for anything we need (I have been in need for this for special gathering/fishing/etc spots).
    Would love it - and as someone else pointed it, it is supposed to be a sandbox game, give us some power with the tools you give us please
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  18. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Have you ever felt lonely playing this game?   

    In this game they should NEVER ever consider adding instances for dungeons, it would break the immersive part of the game; though I do agree that we NEED more social aspect in this game because so far it is you - alone - doing stuff on your side with a lot of people around. We NEED dungeons, we need parts on the maps where we HAVE to group up or just die hard trying to solo it.
    We NEED a way to trade items between players, I know they disabled it to prevent GS from ruining the game (which has a strong/real economic system - one of the best in the genre) but they HAVE to find a way because it is really ruining the game (social-wise). Guilds cannot trade items, friends cannot help each other, you cannot provide crafts/goods to anyone (I remember crafting a lot of mats for my guild in other MMORPG before going to roam/raid).
    This game is awesome but the MMO aspect is not yet there and if you believe only GS could ruin this game, you're far from the truth. Social aspects are really important and would bring this MMORPG to the very best level. If you want to retain your players, you really have to do something.

    I don't mind not having a simple trade system, even if it was a really annoying one that would at least be painful for GS, players would still use it, because that's the only option.

    And to conclude, I said a lot of "We NEED" but if you want your MMORPG to live a long life, it is also something YOU NEED (Daum/PA) in your game.
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  19. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Maintenance suggestion   

    I brought in some ideas for them, got a reply from one of the CM on twitter too.
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  20. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Accuracy as a stat in BDO   

    They should not remove it but instead add it in the stats panel.
    Why have it hidden as it's a really important part of the combat system ?
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  21. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    Damn you're right man, I -----ing hate these kind of guys, OF COURSE there will be a gap between a player with more time to spend on a game than a player who just play casually some hours a week. It is the same shit in real life, how come low-investments = high-rewards ?
    Seriously why no one is enjoying these stuff as it is, the rewards aren't a due, it's just something they added to add some spicy feelings about reaching a cap.
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  22. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    Give this man multiples cookies please...

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  23. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Suggestion - Brainstorming - Balance   

    Rewarding skilled players instead of rewarding geared-up players : you have my upvote !

    And the way you describes it still makes it competitive and rewarding as the bonus from having good gears would still be here but with less impact. And of course it should still be there, I have always been a defendor of the high-investments / high-rewards. It should still give you a sensation of power but not at a point where you just one shot anyone under-geared.
    I think it is fine as it is... To be honest.
    I am not sure about what you wanted to say here ? I am a bit confused.

    Apart from these small quotes this is spot on
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  24. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Better options for horses other than delete.   

    Upvoted you, that's a very nice idea.
    I deleted some of them because they had shit skills or just willing to have one free space just in case... :<
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