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  1. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic World Bosses Don't need to be 500 feet tall and in a field   

    Is there no world bosses calling for adds or summoning adds?

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  2. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Regular maintenance   

    Hello man, thanks for your answer.
    However I am working in a company where we use a big infrastructure aswell. Our clients are aware that we have to do a maintenance every tuesday for example. We do it at a regular time (it's only a one hour maintenance) and we do it a lunch time. However for big infrastructure changes and upgrades, we do it night time and we are paid to do that, it is a part of our job and it can be 3 to 5 hours usually.

    I am not here to bring the perfect solution but trying to "maybe" optimize they schedules by a bit.
    Moving the maintenance ~3 hours earlier would benefit everyone on the customers-side of the equation. It would probably not please everyone though, but it is not meant to (we are talking about an optimal schedule for a maintenance).
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  3. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    Can we have more details on these changes ?
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  4. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Regular maintenance   

    A CM said they wanted to avoid doing it on peak time.
    These includes everyone, not just NA or EU, even for EU it's a bad timed schedule.

    I feel like this can be improved.
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  5. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Night Trader   

    A good idea to reward the ones who heavily focus on trading/crafting (they have plenty of cash) + the fact that it would be a good money sinker.
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  6. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Quel est l'intérêt de l'artisanat pour une guilde?   

    Il faut impérativement de l'interaction entre les joueurs d'une guilde plus que "allez go on groupe on va faire tel boss" ou "allez go on va roamer un peu".
    C'est le principe même d'un MMO, si c'est pour faire tout le jeu de A à Z sans pouvoir interagir avec la foule autour c'est plutôt un jeu solo au milieu de la masse

    Il y a de bonnes idées dans ce thread, j'espère qu'elles seront lues !
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  7. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic "Améliorations" du marché   

    Il y a-t-il un GM/CM pour remonter ces suggestions ?

    Parce que c'est de loin la/les meilleure(s) que j'ai vu dans la partie "suggestions" (pour avoir scruter la version EN/FR).
    Il y en a une autre qui concerne les échanges entre les membres d'une même guilde, il y a de supers idées, ce serait dommage qu'elles tombent dans l'oreille d'un sourd
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  8. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Regular maintenance   

    I know, that is why I am talking about "optimizing" the schedule to when it is optimal for everyone so that they can avoid doing it on peak time.
    You are right though, the servers were really laggy since wednesday making the game really annoying instead of pleasing.
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  9. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance May 13th   

    Well... The sun does not spin/rotate around any planets, so basicly what he said was not correct
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  10. LeviathaNz added a topic in Suggestions   

    Regular maintenance

    Personally I understand that you take the time you want to make sure the maintenance/patches will work and you know better than us on that aspect. So I do not mind having a 6hours maintenance... On the otherside, I do not understand how you can say that you want to avoid having a peak of users while planning the update from 10:00 to 16:00 CET which is when a lot of people are starting to connect (not to mention the update is global so you are doing it while a lot of players in OCEANIA are online...).

    I would suggest that you do it way earlier, like some other games are doing, which is from 5:00 or 6:00 until 11:00 or 12:00 CET - it would minimize the impact it has on NA/OCEA/EU.
    At the moment the time frame is completely wrong as it is not optimized for when there are less people online (which is from what I have read, what you are looking for).

    Thanks for reading me.
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  11. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Multi-Platform Support   

    ThunderGrace is right unfortunately, though I would love them to focus on adding more content for groups/fix classes/add new area & try to bring in some synergy between the classes than trying to port it to other platforms
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  12. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance May 13th   

    The maintenance should have been planned waaay earlier if it's gonna last 6 hours.
    Starting at 5-6pm CET for example...

    This is a serious suggestion, you cannot impact so many people during the day, the ideal time is when people are supposed to sleep and early morning. If you really wanted to avoid doing it during a peak, this is the best time frame.
    10pm to 16pm CET is completely wrong.
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  13. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Dear Daum, Please be more consistent with your announcements   

    I can't agree more with these suggestions!
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  14. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic BDO Community Map   

    This map is so well done, just exactly what we need simple & clear (yet really detailed).
    Hoping it will be more complete as the time goes.
    Congrats for making this!
    A side note :
    - Are these locations for horses accurate ? Because from the ones I've caught it was not exactly where the area markers are (the ones close to Heidel).
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  15. LeviathaNz added a post in a topic Fishing Spots   

    Hello there!
    So far all the fishing spots are correct with what you can fish there... but concerning the "Crucian Carp" this fishing spot isn't right :
    I tried it for many hours (active fishing & afk fishing) and so far I caught none, same with the Pacu, Catfish & Cherry Salmon. I caught a Salmon there though.

    I'm trying to catch a Crucian Carp for the quest "Special Fish" given by Jiro but from all the spot around him that I have tried... I caught none. Any ideas to where I can get a decent spot for that fish ?!

    Thanks a lot!
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