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Posts posted by LeviathaNz

  1. I would like to add something, I might get flamed by all the people crying all over the place but NO. They should not remove the Red Nose armor from the bundle. They should instead give us a fair chance at getting every other armors instead of having like 80% chance of getting RN and like 5% for the other ones. Makes it even so you do not hype something that is really deceptive. This is called a fidelity even, you should make us proud of being here and feel like you really care about us, not throwing trash at us.
    If the box was really meant to reward our fidelity, then give a fair chance at getting something, not biased % based on the rarity of the armors.

  2. Thank you for doing something about this. The fact that this 'defective box' basically baited people to log in every day thinking they had a chance at that is pretty deceptive as a company, just sayin'.

    This pretty much sums up how I feel about this situation.

  3. Thanks man, I noticed some typos though, most of the time you write "not" and you want to say "note" :)
    Great guide overall, thanks ;)

  4. I have the same issue, I just logged in, tried to click on it to get it in my inventory (just like the previous event) but with no result. There is also the stamp on it, meaning I already got it but I did not.

    I guess it is bugged!

  5. @CM_Praballo

    Gathering Reward

    Players must utilize gathering skills for an increased chance to be rewarded with either Sharp Black Crystal Shards, or Hard Black Crystal Shards (valued at roughly 2,000,000 to 7,000,000 silver).

    • Start: August 31st (After Maintenance)

    • End: September 14th (With Maintenance)

     Is farming considered as a "gathering skill" ?


  6. @CM_Aethon or @CM_Praballo Can we have more informations on what this actually mean ?  

    More obtainable items have been added when defeating following monsters.
        (1) Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption: Liverto Weapon Bundle, Mark of Shadow
        (2) [Party] Bonus Looting
            1) Red Nose: Red Nose’s Armor   
            2) Giath: Giath’s Helmet   
            3) Dastard Bheg: Bheg's Gloves   
            4) Moghulis: Ancient Weapon Core   
            5) Muskan: Muskan's Shoes, Liverto Blade, Liverto Longsword       
            6) Hebetate Tree Spirit: Hebetate Tree Spirit's Armor, Liverto Axe   
            7) Witch Marie: Witch's Earring, Liverto Longbow, Liverto Amulet,
               Liverto Shortsword, Liverto Staff

    (1) Ok, Kzarka is dropping the bundle & MoS
    (2) This point is not clear, does it mean that when you are in a party, you have a chance to get these loots from the bosses ? I'm not talking about the bundles here, just about the pure loot that comes after killing the boss. And does this apply for all the bosses, even the Field Bosses and not just the scrolls ?

    Thanks for clarifying things!
    Overall this is the first time I'm excited for a patch... Even though there are still some stuff we could argue about!

  7. C'est mon cas, la sorcière faisait partie des trois classes pour lesquelles j'hésitais... Donc je vais continuer à la monter en profitant du boost d'xp.
    Au pire si à haut level elle ne me plait pas je continuerais sur mon perso principal en attendant l'awakening (dans 4mois, rip)

  8. @CM_Aethon

    Can we expect a buff to the Musa & Maehwa classes now that you lied and won't be releasing the awakenings all at once ?
    Because you preventively nerfed them due to their strong awakening (I don't even know how that made any sense anyway... because we had no awakening to start with).

    If you did not notice, the class is awesome but is underplayed because even if it has great skills, the damage and their scaling are shit compared to other classes. A simple check in terms of items on the Marketplace will show you how shit is the class (compare how many wb blades has been sold to other classes, you'll be in tears).

    Their best skill has only 627% x8 damage with 24s cd... :')

    Please reconsider the nerf you have done on that class.

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  9. On one side, if you are really going to have this game be up to date with its Korean counterpart by the end of the year, I will end up somewhat happier. There is some awesome content that released in Korea recently and the game is clearly improving. My issue with what you are doing is that you are attempting to artificially prolong this game's lifespan by drip-feeding us content in hopes the retention rates remain a bit higher while implementing changes made specifically to raise your profits form the game. This is problematic as its contributing to the degradation of this game. It confuses me that this is the way you are going about keeping your playerbase playing where the game is actually improving. If you didn't completely wreck this game's reputation with the recent changes and PR disasters during Gamescom and instead put all your focus into showing off the improvements done to the game, you could have vastly increased the interest of other players getting in on this ship. 

    You should really just stop with the BS, put some solid thought into your business and work improving the business model, the marketing and communication. You have an amazing game filled with potential that's currently being violently -----d by an incredibly greedy company. You can still save this, the question is, will you take the steps required to do so. 

    Man I love you <3
    That's my thoughts !

  10. The choice to release this content one class at a time over such wide intervals will unquestionably throw balance out the window, and for months. <scratches head> I am so glad I'm not doing any PVP yet.

    I think it would be a good idea to not muck about and at least admit which class is going to be getting face rolled the longest. I have no doubt the developers already know, and I think it's only fair given how absurd balance is going to be to inform the community of the entire rollout schedule so people know what they're in for, and how long for.

    Isn't awakenings already out in Korea? Mmm...this is all very confusing to me. I know every major change comes with cries of protest and threats to quit...but this time around I think I'd totally quit if I was into competitive PVP and discovered My class isn't getting awakened before Christmas. Asking other classes to wait so long is crazy...if I didn't quit it would be because I rolled a Warrior, aware that by the time my main gets awakened my new alt would likely out gear them and possibly out level them.

    How is this post not getting more attention ?
    This is spot on, in a PvP/GvG game balance is key.

    Now for months balance won't be there and people will stop playing... and a lot more than you think...

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  11. I did awaken the blooming/dragon bite & rising storm with attack speed, crits, more damage and dots so I'm trying to chain these three and the cancel anim on the gale when these are on cd to boost up my dmgs... But yeah, I feel you, on my sorc for example I can clearly see the huge gap between her dmg and my musa :D

  12. Here is my awakenings


    And combo with it


    Can I ask you why you did pick +movement speed on blooming ?
    It's a real question, because I think as a Musa we don't really need movement speed, but I might be wrong, so I'm curious about your thoughts process.

    As for my awakened skill I took almost the same buff apart from that movement speed and the damage against the mobs.

  13. World bosses it was a -----ing DREAM not to bang into every other person near by in the melee pile as everyone attempts to get back attacks.

    Holy crap how I feel you man, I just -----ing hate bots not moving an inch while the boss is changing its target or is going to smash in front of you. Also when these idiots are not moving when the boss is just moving around.

    It's a -----ing mess being a melee class on field/world bosses... Maybe the only thing I hate about PvE in this game.

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  14. Yeah, especially when you compare our damage and the upscaling to other classes' skill.
    Awakening will make us more viable.

    Anyway, I still think Rising Storm is doing a lot of damage compared to any other skill we have.


    At around 8 to 12 minutes of the video they talked about how they will not let pearl items be sellable for in game silvers. Watch it. Spread the word. We got proof?

    I was thinking of that interview aswell... I'm mad at all the bullshit they spread back then.

  16. It's bugged at the moment, I have 7000 house points and it shows "0" on the ranking, thus I am not rank 1 anymore and cannot use my workers to get my return in the investment banks ^^

  17. Would you recommend using Taritas Armor & Shoes (for tiny bit of WP and evasion)  or Taritas Helmet & Gloves (for +2 accuracy and resistances)? The rest would be Grunil but I just cant decide between which pieces of which set to use. I like the way Taritas armor looks more I think, but dont wanna gimp my stats just to make the character look a little better. (can always just buy an outfit)

    I'd go with the Taritas armor & shoes with Grunil Helmet & Gloves, just for the +5ap and the extra WP.
    This combo is a really good balance for our class.

  18. It's sad to see so many warriors quitting...
    In my guild we only have 1 warrior left and people who initially joined as warrior where frustrated and started with another class.

    The thing is they have to be, together with valkyries, the strongest (read tankiest) class in the game. Or what is the shield for then ?
    Daum, wake up please...

  19. After 3h30 I finally got the checking files to work without any errors. I went to my network card and changed the DNS to and
    That's how it finally worked, unless you did some stuff to repair the patching/repairing.

  20. 1hour later, still trying to verify my files... How broken this -----ing patch is ?
    Seriously, I'm -----ing pissed, there is literally no clear answer on what's going on or any procedure to follow. Even the fact that the same exact post in the tech forum still has no answer from any official is a -----ing shame.

    I don't like to be told to do something if it does not fix my issue but worsen it. Thanks for making me delete my version.dat to make me stuck on the "checking files" process with another -----ing issue. I was just stuck on the update, now I'm stuck without an update and still after I succeed in verifying my files, I'll have to go through that update without being certain that it will pass without any issues.