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  1. FarmerGiels added a post in a topic Bring back the exp loss on pvp death or something that prevents grief   

    It is a choice to turn PvP on or not. Case closed.
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  2. FarmerGiels added a post in a topic To all "so-called" BDO "Karma bomb" victims ...   

    ^ This
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  3. FarmerGiels added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Opening other applications causes black desert to hang
    After the merge patch, opening another application (such as Chrome or Notepad) with BDO is running (windowed mode) causes BDO to crash (100% rate). Steps to reproduce:
    1. Open BDO, login and connect.
    2. Open another application, such as google chrome.
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  4. FarmerGiels added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 21st   

    Nerf Valk
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  5. FarmerGiels added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 21st   

    Servers are up. Patch notes are down. Happy gaming!
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  6. FarmerGiels added a post in a topic PC Upgrade   

    Probably the first thing you should do is upgrade that GTX 950 to a GTX 1080. 
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  7. FarmerGiels added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 14th   

    Boom! Crash...
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  8. FarmerGiels added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 7th   

    No blink fix???
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  9. FarmerGiels added a post in a topic Kakao, its time to sort out the trolls.   

    If you understand this, then why start this topic? Oh wait, I see. YOU are trolling. Well done - have some troll food
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  10. FarmerGiels added a post in a topic UI bug   

    Works here.

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  11. FarmerGiels added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Claim bug (timer?)   

    Mine is random text too, but I could claim it after 30 mins without issue.
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  12. FarmerGiels added a post in a topic Bug?   

    Server melt. Lol
    Anyway, did you have characters on multiple server perhaps?
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  13. FarmerGiels added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    You cannot change channels due to restrictions
    There are no timers up, yet the "error" - You cannot change channels due to restrictions
    Even at first login (after over 12 hours away) the error appears

    This happens 100% when using a bookcase. Unless you login to the character who used the bookcase, and then wait for an additional timer, you cannot change channels, however long ago the reading completed.
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  14. FarmerGiels added a post in a topic downtime real life compensation   

    How to unsee?
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  15. FarmerGiels added a post in a topic What level can you make with 200%xp for 30 days?   

    It would depend on how long you could actually play for, and how much of that time you'd spend actually grinding. Assuming you have a job/kids/other responsibilities and get around 1 - 2 hours to play each day, then it won't be much different to using your grinding hour 200% XP.
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