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  1. Emmi added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    Please add more costumes! ♥
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  2. Emmi added a post in a topic Character Names should not be Unique   

    You can use capital letters in your name if you dislike using underscores, like MaryKate or VanHelsing etc but yes, would be cool if the character name didn't need to be unique, then again it could get confusing in a crowd of people talking, if several have the same name, unless the family name is also displayed in chat.
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  3. Emmi added a post in a topic More flat-footed shoe options!   

    Yes pleaaaaseee.. - the cooking outfit has a pair of flat shoes, but it's not yet available for DKs.
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  4. Emmi added a topic in Suggestions   

    Allow us to buy back EXP after the fact.
    I'd like to be able to buy back EXP lost from death with Elion Tears, as in days or weeks or even months after the fact. If I'm out of money or loyalties at some point I don't want to feel like I can't go out into the world. Loosing 1-2% exp after level 60 is so very punishing and if you end up in PvP in a cluster of mobs it is very likely that you'll get killed by mobs rather than the player. So either make it less punishing, or give us a way to get the EXP back at a later time when we're able to get our hands on some tears. 
    To make sure it's not abused you should only be able to restore EXP loss on your current level, once you level up the EXP loss from the previous level would be lost forever.
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  5. Emmi added a post in a topic Outfit that does not fit   

    Time to loose some weight! 
    But in all seriousness I've seen this happen with several outfits, especially if you have a thick character. Would be nice to see a fix for this.
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  6. Emmi added a post in a topic Character creator, head size option.   

    I don't understand why you would pick a picture of a short DK to address this issue, since like I said.. her head looks fine, not to small with the body you've given her. That was my point. I was actually an art-student, so I do know proportions. I did choose a tall girl on purpose, to show you that her head would look somewhat small compared to her body, it's not going to be huge simply because her body is. 
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  7. Emmi added a post in a topic Character creator, head size option.   

    I simply don't think they are broken in this particular picture that you've posted as an example, maxing the sliders will naturally make the head look to small, but in the picture you've posted it looks more proportionate than for example most witches, who has the opposite problem, the head appearing to large unless you max sliders. I honestly think your DK there looks more natural than the super skinny brunettes you posted as an example
    I'd be happy to get more options, I just think it's a bad example to make your point, that's all. ♥

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  8. Emmi added a post in a topic Character creator, head size option.   

    I honestly think the head looks proportionate here   
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  9. Emmi added a post in a topic Sorceress To weak now   

    Sorceress is number 1 grind class, with the ability to one combo or even one shot other classes in PvP with the required AP.. 
    I'd probably look into upgrading gear, or fighting players of equal gear score.. push for level 60.. mm.. no, sorc does not need a boost.
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  10. Emmi added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    Could you pretty please add the Karlstein outfit for DKs ? ♥
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  11. Emmi added a post in a topic Olvia servers 200% exp for all or nobody.   

    It's not a punishment having to play the game the way everyone else does though, is it?  The point is that there are plenty of people playing this game casually, some might not even be able to play more than 1-2 days a week. They need to catch up too. If you re-roll you need to catch up, regardless or gear or 'how' much silver you've got. 
    The game is punishing enough, you can go from having duo accessories to no accessories at all, so in the end how long you played doesn't even need to really matter when it comes to wealth or progress outside of leveling. Everything is RNG.. I have a friend who played since launch -pretty much 5/7 days a week, who just now got his muskans. 
    Either way I am not suggesting that we punish anyone, I am suggesting that we make it easier to get to 59 over all, so that everyone can catch up to that point, new alts, new players, returning players. 
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  12. Emmi added a post in a topic Combat Experience Bonus Weekends - March/April 2017   

    Means they extended the event, which is good.
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  13. Emmi added a post in a topic Olvia servers 200% exp for all or nobody.   

    But there is a big difference between playing the game on a daily basis and being away for 30 days at a time. I have a lot of friends who are casual players and still haven't reached 58 for example. Would be better if they just made it easier to level to 59 in general then, have everyone be able to 'catch' up.
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  14. Emmi added a post in a topic Sit Emote / More emotes in general   

    I made a post about this too. The sorceress is the only class with an actual sit emote that works on the floor/ground. 
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  15. Emmi added a topic in Suggestions   

    Olvia servers 200% exp for all or nobody.
    Is it really fair and encouraging that somebody who's quit the game a month prior to release should be able to level their DK to 59 200% faster than I? Simply because I have stayed with the game since launch? 
    Getting to 59 isn't difficult, I know that. But it is still a time commitment that I could be spending getting to 60 or 61. Incentives for coming back, or buying BDO should be a thing, yes. But it shouldn't be punishing to those who's been here the entire time. Give them a free value pack, give them a few 1 hour loot increase scrolls, feed them some blackstones so they can enhance their gear without requiring to much funds. 
    If you guys think that 59 is something people should get for free, this should apply to everyone, not just new players. Why should my new character have a harder time catching up than someone who left and returned? 
    Alright rant over. 
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  16. Emmi added a post in a topic Combat Experience Bonus Weekends - Jan/Feb 2017   

    Please, please, please, continue these so that us re-rolling to DKs have a chance to catch up to our previous mains.. they are still waiting for their awakening so technically we don't have all the awakenings yet. 
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  17. Emmi added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    I have a question about the exp event, since DK's have yet to get their awakening, will we still have 100% exp bonus during the weekends?
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  18. Emmi added a post in a topic Tailor coupon usable for armor!   

    Yesss! The new Dark Knight armors are so good lookin, II'd love to wear them as a costume and while you're at it give them a 10% exp gain, we're paying for the coupon so it would be really nice if we could use them for grinding!
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  19. Emmi added a topic in Suggestions   

    A sit emote for all
    I would really love for all character to be able to sit down on the ground. 
    The sorceress have a sit emote that they obtain when finishing the Mediah quest line, but she is the only class that has this to my knowledge and I would really like to see that changed.

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  20. Emmi added a post in a topic Dark Knight Maid Costume   

    You can wear it over your armor. 
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  21. Emmi added a topic in Suggestions   

    Craftable Costumes and DK
    I don't know if you have planned to give DK's the craftable costumes that we have in the game so far, such as Orwen's traveling clothes +1 movement speed, and Jarettes +1 cast/attack speed. I hope it's in the works, but if it's not then then please make it happen ♥
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  22. Emmi added a post in a topic Dark Knight Armor and Combat Animations   

    The way they stand.. looks a bit unnatural to me, but then again some of the existing poses aren't much better. Best part about this class so far is the 'normal' armor looks, they are pretty cool! Though I will be sticking to my ranger ♥ Still the better elf model.
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  23. Emmi added a post in a topic weekend 100% xp? ;.;   

    Lel the CM himself tested it and admitted he was wrong, so yaa.. 50%,, ;<
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