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  1. Medma added a post in a topic Opposite proposition for PVP server (World of Red)   

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  2. Medma added a post in a topic Let negative karma players defend themselves if attacked   

    Tbh i wouldnt mind staying at -1mil negative karma IF YOU DIDNT LOSE UR CRYSTALS.
    I would PK every single human and giant soul in the game cause i wouldnt be afraid of losing my crystals
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  3. Medma added a topic in General   

    Any hope?
    Is there any hope left to fix the click-delay? There has been some topics about this in the #Suggestion forum and i think we got a response from a CM/GM that they will look into it and turn back to us with an answer. But no.

    Now ask my when that was? A FCKING MILLENIUM AGO.

    Is there any chance we can get some answer to this again? It is so damn annoying that u cannot click on an item 2 times in 1 sec. You have to wait a second or 2 to actually click again.

    @GM_Dew ????????
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  4. Medma added a post in a topic Perfectly Optimized game!   

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  5. Medma added a post in a topic Perfectly Optimized game!   

    This aint about disconnection from the servers dude.. its about how the servers CANNOT handle medium/large scale fights with many people.. and with that comment of urs, i think u should try and do some pvp for once and stop lifeskilling the shit out of this game to UNDERSTAND the OP. 
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  6. Medma added a post in a topic Game Desperately Needs to Allow Offline   

    I like the idea of "offline workers still working" but lets just forget it. The staffs in this forum doesnt take our suggestions seriously anyway otherwise they would reply with something like "good idea, we will check on it" or "out of the question" but they are completely silent like always. This is BDO's EU&NA staff for u  10/10
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  7. Medma added a post in a topic Trade Change   

    Waste 10 hours of ur life changing channels just to sell 50-300 crates at 130% out of 1k-10k is fcking depressing so yes.. ITS A BUFF 
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  8. Medma added a post in a topic Unable to login to the game!   

    Aiight i trust u.. thx for the fast reply
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  9. Medma added a post in a topic Unable to login to the game!   

    @Alterist Is that reliable answers u are coming with or something u make up in ur mind just to calm us down
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  10. Medma added a post in a topic Night Vendor needs higher chance in items of BOSS level   

    Maybe significantly increase the chance to get the hard/sharp bundles in nightvendor since people use a shit ton of them just to get a single armor piece to TRI. The market is dry (actually its more like so many people need it and try to buy some from the AH but its so damm hard).. am i right or right @CM_Aethon?
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  11. Medma added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    They promised many things and havent kept 10% of them.. so yes, shut up
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  12. Medma added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    People crying about kamasilve expansion.. u are probably not even 240+ap with 300+dp yet so shut up
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  13. Medma added a post in a topic Tier 8 horse   

    I havent asked for a single T8 horse from any breeder. I started breeding when there were T1 and T2 in the wild and got the way up to my T6 horse with all the skills i like. But ofcourse i want a T8 horse just for the S:IA (the delicious speed) but it is just pissing me off when u 24/7 breeders complains so fcking much. 

    I will start breeding again once i have time enough but u greedy ...... are spamming the world chat about all the damn pearls u want for ur T8 horse. RELAX ITS NOT LIKE U ARE SELLING A PEN KZARKA WEAPON OG DANDELION FOR GOD SAKE. 
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  14. Medma added a post in a topic Idea For Improving the PVP Content   

    You will need more than 5 slots for blacklisting.. talking about atleast 100
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  15. Medma added a topic in Suggestions   

    The best suggestion there has ever been here
    I suggest the CM's = @CM_Aethon, @CM_Serenity and GM's = @GM_Dew (i dont know any other) to ACTUALLY take this forum seriously? There are so many nice suggestions and small/big improvements (some things that require 2min of developers time to fix something VERY annoying like the small delay after clicking one time on an item) that you guys dont even care about. Is this suggestion-forum for real? Or is it just a big fcking joke to make us feel..forgot the word.. satisfied with our publishers?

    What about u guys really step-up and do something about this forum. Either remove it (if u dont really care about it) or answer those topics where people comes with some nice suggestion for the game they like. We want some attention from u guys.

    Thank you.
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