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  1. Mormy added a topic in General   

    Starter pack UPGRADE?
    I have a question. i bought a starter pack for a friend 10$ but he wants to upgrade to explorer pack. does he have to buy it office to upgrade his account ?
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  2. Mormy added a post in a topic Serious, Talk. opinion   

    i agree
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  3. Mormy added a post in a topic Halloween Item Bundle Giveaway   

    i wish i could win , something like this 
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  4. Mormy added a post in a topic [Giveaway] Halloween bundle   

    i hope i win  im broke (that pet and mask ) i want
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  5. Mormy added a topic in General   

    Serious, Talk. opinion
    So I have been following Black Desert online since the beginning of its development . I patiently waited for the English translation. Now that I have the game I would like to address an issue that a lot of people have been talking about but has not critique it in the manner of this way . Since this is a buy to play game the cash shop is drastically overpriced it's still the same pricing as if it was a free-to-play game, but that's not the real issue. The real issue is that anything you purchase from the store in game store your purchases are not account-bound, and there's a lot of false information when it comes to costumes and outfits each individual costume is not designed for each model it's only redesign based upon female,male, giant and also unisex uniforms, I'm talking about the ghillie suit the fish costume etc "I know this due to the fact I have developed coding and modeling for projects "  . I would be more willing to pay for the online cash shop if all purchases where account-bound, globalized and I think the majority of the players in the game would also benefit from this marketing change. Overall it's up to the developers they handle their PR and also how they're going to handle their fluctuation of money but I definitely know without a doubt making their premium costumes Universal and make an account bound so when you delete a character you don't lose the purchases you made would be beneficial for everyone . I personally would willing to spend a couple hundred dollars in the game just for costumes but due to the fact that I have to pay about $30 per outfit per character and it's only for one character"not universal" and if I decided to get bored with a character or delete the character I lose that $30 . I hope people can have a reasonable mature discussion about this topic and also have a happy Halloween 
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  6. Mormy added a post in a topic mmo player thoughts on video - thelazypeon   

    you sound butt hurt zeroisk do you have anger management problems  
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  7. Mormy added a topic in General   

    mmo player thoughts on video - thelazypeon
    this is not my video im just posting it here for the company to take notice of possible issues with the gameplay.
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  8. Mormy added a post in a topic Why BDO, why rub it in my face!   

    THIS SPOILED LITTLE GIRL gets one but i cant..... crys

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  9. Mormy added a post in a topic Why BDO, why rub it in my face!   

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  10. Mormy added a topic in General   

    Why BDO, why rub it in my face!
    Dies inside. I wish to have a raccoon as a pet.... please make this a thing. 

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  11. Mormy added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    crys inside im missing one to get 12
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  12. Mormy added a post in a topic 1 Maehwa seals away from 12 Maehwa seals free pet.   

    i actually thought i was going to have 12 what am i supposed to do with them now..... i dont want to waste them if somehow i can get one more
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  13. Mormy added a topic in General   

    1 Maehwa seals away from 12 Maehwa seals free pet.
    Dies inside. 
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  14. Mormy added a post in a topic The armor situation is getting... embarrassing   

    I agree with you, the quality is dumb down just so they can show skin, but it depends on the person who's designing the outfit really and in korea more skin means more sells. most of the shop items are dictated by how well it sales in korea. 
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  15. Mormy added a post in a topic Good Melee class for a noob !   

    Valkyrie, and musa are the easiest melee.
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