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  1. Vulturian added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    i got bhegs and giath and two pieces of heve, and i have 197/191 ap/aap
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  2. Vulturian added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    go for maewha, Kuno's are underpowered in everyway and slow to grind with.
    maewha is useful in everything.
    im a kuno player
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  3. Vulturian added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    oh the little comments ive read, i have gathered one answer.
    apparently "this isnt a pvp game" eventhough pvp is the only endgame content we have at this point. 
    and that alot of the community is fine with a broken pvp system becouse theyre carebears.
    I play kuno. kill me.
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  4. Vulturian added a post in a topic Best upgrades for 850m Budget?   

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  5. Vulturian added a post in a topic Gear Priorities   

    tadd is epic for ur class mate
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  6. Vulturian added a post in a topic Solution to Karma Griefers by Players   

    well if u dont understand what i meant, read again.
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  7. Vulturian added a post in a topic Solution to Karma Griefers by Players   

    i would rather say its like taking someones seat at a bar, tbh that would get ur ass kicked if it was the wrong person aswell. tho if that happend inside the bar it would result in him being banned from that bar.
    but if it happend outside the bar, after the fact, it could go much worse.
    i understand the frustration of this player and i agree on a name and shame thing.
    in another game i played for quite a while, we had a Blacklist forum, where players could get people banned for cheating, not the same thing but it was an effort of the community to get rid of cheating players (with evidence beyond reasonable doubt) becouse the people who made the game didnt give a shit.
    not saying kaokao doesnt give a shit, this could be fixed with a simple rework of the karma system.
    there has been alot of good ideas for the karma system, from the community and i hope for it to get reworked. 
    i dont mind going red at a place like pirates, becouse u get so much karma from there anyhow.
    but i think, a orginised effort from the community to get rid of these types of players, would be cool, but it has to be monitored and checked. 
    most players who dont really like openworld pvp wont agree with this tho.
    and i understand that alot of people dont like the whole name and shame thing.
    but if someone uses a system of the game to harm other players, that should be something people would like to fix.
    im looking forward for some good counterpoints to what ive written. 
    Keep it civil, ill have a open mind, hope u have that too
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  8. Vulturian added a post in a topic Can you be PK < 50?   

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  9. Vulturian added a post in a topic 7 Days Trial Period Progression   

    1) Ur progress is saved on ur account
    2) idk
    3) i would buy the middle one
    4) you can unlock quite alot of inv slots via quests
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  10. Vulturian added a post in a topic Looking for team mate   

    Id do it
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  11. Vulturian added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Pearl Abyss Screen ingame
    Okay so, when i start the game everything is fine.. 
    but when i have chosen a character i get random pearl abyss splashes, while the game is frozen.
    and after a while my computer completly freezes and i have to hard reset the thing. 
    ive got a amd 270x and amd fx 6300 six core processor.
    this started today, on a related note. my desktop started acting weirdly today aswell
    the screen got corrupted and just glitched away.
    might be something with my drivers
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  12. Vulturian added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Fashion Help Needed!
    Hello, i want some help with getting a unique template for my witch.
    I want something that works with dark colours. 
    and i dont want the little girl look!
    The pictures are of my current character.
    help with clothes is greatly appreciated aswell
    If anyone could help me and be quite quick of this, i would be very thankful.

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  13. Vulturian added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    The not retroactive thing.. just wow... 
    (i got level 50 like 2 weeks ago) now 51
    i have gotten quite alot of money since i got level 50, but still 13 mill isnt Nothing. 
    13 mill is quite alot still, atleast for me....
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