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  1. Lowtion added a post in a topic Mediah Gear update.   

    Which shouldn't be an intended feature. Both of the other grabs, if your enemy immunes, you immediately cancel. Should be the same for corpse storm. It's literally like a 2 second free stun for our enemy. 
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  2. Lowtion added a post in a topic Quick Zerker guide   

    Bunch of shit information with nuggets of OK info
    1v1 fights, we suck against pretty much everyone and are lucky to kill someone with equal gear to us. This assumes open world etiquette + elements; AKA potions, mobs, terrain, etc...
    Potions: 200HP every 5 seconds. If we use/land a grab (that's a BIG if), that grabs lasts about 5 seconds. That means, your enemy can use about 2 potions, or 400HP worth of heals. One at the beginning of the grab, one at the end. This pretty much negates any damage you may have done with your grab and undertaker. We simply do not have enough burst during, or immediately after a grab to make much of an impactMobs: They can work against us or help us. It's hit or miss, usually I try to have mobs aggro my enemy, use the grab that holds them in the air, and pray that they do more damage to my enemy than me. This works well with high burst mobs, since Zerkers should have more DP and HP than most other classes. However, mobs also effect our mobility. It's hard to catch someone that teleports past mobs, while you have to navigate around them with shake it off or lava piercerTerrain: Again, more about mobility. Some classes can TP or jump past a small rock that will hinder our main chase/escape skills (lava piercer, shake it off). Ranged classes can also use the terrain to help kite. In larger scale fights, we are better but like you said, we need to work with the team. Your process is OK, but it's very situational depending on what your commander wants you to do. If you're playing defensive, you're probably going to be CC'ing and jumping away with people that are targeting your wizards/rangers. You scenario is mainly for offensive/support plays but as Berserker, we're more geared towards defensive plays IMO.
    Our damage skills; sure those are the most reliable ones (although I don't use Beastly Wind Slash, so I can't speak for it). I think it's a bit of an overstatement to say FD does 'great' damage. It does OK damage now, after the buffs that we've recieved. However, you CANNOT reliably use FD and then Beastly Wind Slash after a grab combo. You simply do not have enough time. After one FD, your opponent is standing up and they will get away before you hit your BWS. You have to choose one or the other. Then, HOPEFULLY you can continue your grabs, however with some classes (looking at you, Sorc), they seem to desync out of them or immune.  
    I've actually found our spin (raging thunder) to be quite effective after an effective stagger (stomp). You have about 2-3 seconds to spin into your enemy, at which point you end your spin. If you get back attacks and crits on those spins, you do a decent chunk of damage. You also have a chance to knock down your enemy upon ending your spin as their staggered state is removed.
    The matchups you listed, again, are very situational. If you're facing a Sorc, you might as well just give up, because their i-frames are ridiculous and it's impossible to predict when and where they'll blink to. 
    Zerkers are NOT the most mobile class. In a drag race situation (clear, straightish path) warriors are definitely #1. Zerkers are close with Tamers and Sorcs in 2nd/3rd/4th place. In a open world situation, Sorc's are the most mobile. They can teleport in any direction instantaneously, past mobs and any terrain obstacles. Lava piercer has an arc, so we can't switch 180 degrees in direction like Sorcs can. Zerkers are on the high-end of mobility, but definitely not the best in any situation.  
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  3. Lowtion added a post in a topic Sorceress to strong!!!!!!   

    Yeah, sorc is the most OP class in the game right now. Literally impossible to grab. Even if I land a stagger, I can't grab the sorc because she can spam i-frame teleport while staggered and in the transition from stagger to grab, she gets away. Most of the time I'm stuck doing the grab animation while she is free to use her super damage ability to my back which takes away like 1000 HP. 
    She is the biggest counter to a giant I think. Maybe other classes have it easier with block or ranged. Giant does not have any i-frames, useful blocks, good lifesteal, and the only CC they have is almost completely useless against a Sorc unless you get super lucky with grab. 
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  4. Lowtion added a post in a topic Where are you guys grinding 51-2-3-4?   

    Uh, mob spawn rates were increased, not reduced. If mobs were spawning 1 room away as you finished killing your current room, I think that's a sign of you being slow as -----, not quick LOL
    Also, didn't you delete your Zerker (instead of being a rational person and just creating an alt)? Geeze, you must have been really bad if being underdog was that troubling for you... how does it feel now that Berserker got some buffs? 
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  5. Lowtion added a post in a topic Berserker is broken FIX IT DAUM   

    I can tell that you're a noob just from this single post. You'll learn in time what the real issues are with Berserkers. 
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  6. Lowtion added a post in a topic Are Tamers really the weakest class and are Sorcs really the strongest?   

    Alright buddy. No point in arguing with someone that can't even perform basic reading comprehension. Good luck with life, you desperately need it. 
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  7. Lowtion added a post in a topic Are Tamers really the weakest class and are Sorcs really the strongest?   

    Ok buddy, you clearly know what you're talking about from your veteran experiences, and you clearly know that I haven't been in any large scale PvP. You must be a shitty fortune teller, because everything you assumed about me is wrong. I've done what Berserkers should do, either protect high value targets (Wizards, Rangers), be the frontline, or flank the enemy's high value targets. Each time, even with my super armor, I get bursted down, whether its one person, or multiple. This is with pretty decent gear (105/156) as well. 
    From what you're saying, I can tell that you're the noob here. You're acting like Sorcs just jump into the middle of everything. Clearly you have no idea about your own class' playstyles. I can show you multiple videos where 1 sorc takes on and wins against groups of 2,3 or even 5+ people. Now, please, go ahead and tell me how that's not relevant because they would suck in a 50v50 because they obviously can't find and pick people off. 
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  8. Lowtion added a post in a topic Are Tamers really the weakest class and are Sorcs really the strongest?   

    Please read my full statement. I'll even point it out for you. I said giants in their CURRENT state. I don't care about KR or RU because we're NA. Sure, you can speculate that most of what's in their versions will be out in NA eventually. That's not the case now, and Giants right now, are very underpowered. It will be months before we get the awakening content which may even the playing field a bit. 
    Do you know what an i-frame is? It's invincibility frames, which makes Sorcs immune to all damage, effects, CCs, etc... Sure, if they blink inside of an AoE, they might take one or two ticks of damage, but they can just blink again (I think Sorcs can blink 6-7 times continuously until they have to regenerate their stamina). At that point, they're probably outside of the AoE range. Sorcs have AoE that can be used in GvG. But even then, they don't need AoE because their single target damage is the best in the game. They can just poke in for about 3-4 seconds from a flank, take out a high priority target and teleport away. As a Giant, I could never do that in my dreams. I could never be on the frontline without dieing after a knockdown.  
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  9. Lowtion added a post in a topic Are Tamers really the weakest class and are Sorcs really the strongest?   

    Honestly, Giant at its current state should be at the bottom 2 for each category. Even for GvG, he's helpful but other classes have just as much CC (Giant mostly has grabs which are good for only 1 person) along with like 2 AoE CC with high cooldowns (except stomp but that barely ever works). Sorceress is the easiest as they have sooooo many iframes, are decently tanky and have a lot of sustain. Not to mention crazy combo that pretty much 100-0 anyone with equal gear (assuming they knocked you down already)
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  10. Lowtion added a post in a topic A sugesstion for Berserker.   

    We have super armor for damage mitigation on our two biggest mobility skills (Lava Piercer, Shake It Off). Wrath of Beast blocks all damage from the front (180 degrees). Problem is that it's very easy to get around, and you're stuck in a 5 second long animation once you start casting wrath of beast. Same seems to be true of the awakening skill. Giant just kind of sucks right now, to be honest. Not the best in any department (damage dealing, mobility, survivability, CC ability). However, we're the worst in damage dealing and pretty close to being the worst in Survivability. 
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  11. Lowtion added a post in a topic Berserker Problems and Ideas to fix it   

    Hard to believe that OP has such high stats but such weird problems. The only issue I have is that Raging Thunder (our main damage dealer in PvE) is fairly useless in PvP. I think that if we were CC immune to everything except grab while spinning, it would solve a lot of problems that I've been having. Perhaps give us super armor as well while spinning, but that would start to become borderline OP.  With 102 AP, I chunk people down with my spin in PvP if I can get back attacks + critical hits in.
    Unfortunately at this point, I can only do that for about 2 seconds after I stagger them and before they CC me or run away. 
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  12. Lowtion added a post in a topic QoL to Berserker PvE proposal - Remove cooldown from Raging Thunder   

    Na, cooldown is fine. Just do a couple of auto attacks (Elastic Force) to regain your depleted WP. They also do quite a bit of damage at higher ranks.
    My personal suggestion is to be CC immune while spinning (except grabs). It would be similar to Warrior/Valk block, except, you can still be damaged. This way, your spin isn't interrupted as much but people can still get away fairly easily. 
    @CM_Jouska What do you think about my suggestion? I think it would do a lot to balance Berserkers earlier on in PvP. 
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  13. Lowtion added a post in a topic Generating WP via auto attacks   

    In PvE, you shouldn't have too much of a problem with WP. Group up a bunch of enemies (4-5), use 2-3 forward slashes with your Elastic Force (I personally, ranked mine up all the way as they do decent down damage) and you should be at 1/3 bar of WP. 
    In PvP, you should be chugging your herbal potions to restore WP. They are very easy to make (3:1 ratio of herbs:mineral water) I personally use sunrise herbs which can be gathered via worker from a node nearby Velia. Or you can just buy them off the auction house for very cheap. 
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  14. Lowtion added a post in a topic this class sucks so much   

    Haha, a scrub like you doesn't get to dictate when or where the story ends. Leave that to the people that have actual proof, use data/numbers, and explain them in a sensical way. Now begone, you fool! 
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  15. Lowtion added a post in a topic this class sucks so much   

    You must have been fighting lower levels or people with -20AP/DP than you. Even then, you'll struggle against a sorceress. Again, the overwhelming majority from what I've seen on the forums agree that Giant is not as viable as most other classes in PvP. They are still viable (even a meat shield is viable), but you'll benefit a lot more with most strategies if you sub any other class in with equal level and AP/DP. 
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