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  1. Lystra added a post in a topic [Event] Book of Combat Exp and How i miss it   

    Put Book of Combat on Pearl Store please <3.
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  2. Lystra added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Ummm.. Can you please advise when will we receive the Rewards? I was hoping it would be with this maintenance..
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  3. Lystra added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    You are stars, faith in Kakao & Pearl Abyss restored <3
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  4. Lystra added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Indeed we did, it's nothing to be ashamed of, the game promotes AFK play very well. What is quite upsetting however is that we are here every day, make up large part of the community, are the crowd that you see which promotes immersion and doesn't make the game seem deserted and for that loyalty we are told we will not receive the good upgraded rewards.
    I'm feeling really let down by this and look forward to next official announcement as how this is handled is *THE MOMENT* for my future in BDO.
    I don't want to rant much, but BDO Team had two alternatives:
    GOOD ONE - Send this to all people that already reached 5000 threshold as unexpected gift to your most active people. Instant TET Personal Relationships Boost.BAD ONE - Don't send it, ignore the fact you made this change for new players.Instead Kakao created option 3 - SUPER BAD ONE, the PEN Failure-like one - Promise 5000 reward to all loyal players, get them hyped up and then say - "Aw tough luck, we will not be sending anything".
    I still have hope though that this will somehow be reverted to Option 1 with only a bit of bitter taste in our mount i will just wash out with that sweet Kamasylve 7D Buff.
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  5. Lystra added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    I'm usually not the type to complain here, but this is downright unprofessional to say the least. Sending out the updated 5000 hour rewards to players that already acquired those is an obvious and unmistakably the only moral choice. Even meeting half way and not giving second pair of pets is acceptable, but simply punishing your most loyal players with withholding the Kamasylve and Book of Combat (that are unmistakably better than previous rewawrd) is going to make a lot of people mad for no reason whatsoever.
    Even more so since you have already made an announcement that you will send these to players. Backing down on that promise now would be the worse customer service and management decision possible. I play this game almost every day and just this inconsistency and poor judgement is making me second guess my stay here. I have never had any issues with Peal Abyss / Kakao up until now. I sincerely hope that this yet another internal miscommunication.
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  6. Lystra added a post in a topic DK Awakening Poll!   

    "No I'm not waiting, the later it comes the better" option seems to be missing from your pool >..>
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  7. Lystra added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    People who cry about Wizard being too strong usually suck at their class very much and/or have no idea how Wizard skills work. Let me sum it up:
    Wizard is very immobile, while we have Teleport it has huge CD and beyond that we are stuck with running.Our Spells take ages to cast - The Ult just locks you in place for 3 seconds which is eternity in PVP and can thus be easily run from or blocked. We don't have much CC, one ranged KD which is primarily our only chance to land a combo and sort of stun in cone ahead of us. This again locks us in place for ages so if you dodge you can slowly walk behind us and without any rush plunge knife between our ribs. God knows we will just have to stand there and take it.Winning against Wizard is actually rather easy, just dash around like crazy which most of other classes can, wait for him to cast one of his forever casting spells and then just go behind him and obliterate. I'm 61 Wiz and even thou i still get kicked more than i would like by lower (although geared) lvls who understand how skills work.
    It's not a problem of class, but rather the fact you don't know how to deal with it and just tunnel-vision charge straight forward.
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  8. Lystra added a post in a topic Long Term Plan [Wiz/Witch Solution]   

    God not another of those whiny posts about Wizards. Any class can be good if you play it properly, Ranger can rock and practically CC someone to oblivion wiping them in one combo if you have proper gear and chain it well. Also Wizards are only good in groups and die very easily when focused. Don't jump the hate-of-the-month wagon just cause you sucked at your previous class.
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  9. Lystra added a post in a topic Hello daum balance?   

    You just need to learn how to play the game and accept the fact that some classes are better at killing other classes than some classes.
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  10. Lystra added a post in a topic An Idea about guild sizes from other games.   

    I don't know - Are you trying to make a point of some sort? I lost it at how Rust started banning players for something what apparently their game allows? Regardless - Bringing entire guilds into fight over spots is actually what *FUN* is. It's a break from grinding, enjoy it.
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  11. Lystra added a post in a topic I just tried a node war for the first time in a large guild. 1/10 gameplay   

    As a Wizard i disapprove of this post. Please keep the game as is so that i can slam frozen people to oblivion.
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  12. Lystra added a post in a topic Black Desert Online it is not a PvP game. It is a PVE game with 1-2 PvP features.   

    I don't get ur obsession with labels. BDO is an MMORPG that has elements of both PVE and PVP. Strictly PVP game would be like Counter Strike or LoL/DoTa which this obviously isn't, nor is it a PVE game like Baldurs Gate. If you want more PVP, just go visit Sausans or Pirate Island with PVP Flag on. Go Desert with -Karma, you'd be surprised how much PVP you'd suddenly get. Other than that you have quite nice selection of Arena based combat, Duels, Organized Large Scale PVP. You have whole Jail system around Valencia and every day griefing for spots. Honestly i'm mostly here for PVE, but find myself fighting more people than i would sometimes like. If you want purely PVP experience go play LoL.
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  13. Lystra added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    Sooo.. just reading this topic inspired me to try to T4 my T3s. Maybe my experience will help you get a accurate picture.
    *Already had T3 Dog*
    T1 Dog + T1 Dog = T2 Dog
    T2 Dog + T3 Dog = T3 Dog
    T1 Dog + T1 Dog = T3 Dog
    T3 Dog + T3 Dog = T4 Dog
    *Already had T3 Bird*
    T1 Bird + T1 Bird = T3 Bird
    T3 Bird + T3 Bird = T3 Bird
    T1 Bird + T1 Bird = T3 Bird
    T3 Bird + T3 Bird = T4 Bird
    *Already had T3 Fox*
    T1 Fox + T1 Fox = T3 Fox
    T3 Fox + T3 Fox = T4 Fox
    The original pets were all lvl 10, but then i breeded lvl 1 and still got to T4 relatively easily.

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  14. Lystra added a post in a topic Should I buy BDO?   

    I've played pretty much any MMORPG since Ultima Online and maybe it's just getting dull with all the WoW clones around, but BDO is the best MMO i've tried so far. Nothing better in pipeline for 2017, nothing better on market atm. I'm here daily for one year and don't even think of leaving for different one.
    The game is very much alive, has fun combat system, progression in so many fields and new content is still being added. I highly recommend to at least try. Don't get discouraged by some people here, it's certainly not P2W, although to be fair expect some side expenses for inventory and stuff. You certainly don't need those, but it makes game so much more convenient. Considering the current price-tag the side expenses are still lower than you would pay for brand new game or WOW considering all the monthly fees.
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