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Posts posted by Salaryman

  1. We say worst stuff in guild chat, as any guild does. 

    Spamming disrespectful shit in Say chat is much worse in my book.


    I agree with you, you can say anything you want in your guild chat (why shouldn't you anyway).
    As for the disrespectful spam on general chat, I caught a glimpse of it, we're against it as well, and warn those who do it. No one said "We'll trash talk you and deal with it!".


    You make it sound as if you're using it as an excuse to just grief our players minding their business. It's like your guys are almost asking for some "disrespectful language" against you.

    I hope this isn't your idea of progressing pvp-wise.

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  2. Killing afk riders and players carrying goose eggs now? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) That disappointment must have been very great.

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  3. Dont see any guild to ally and go up against Addicted. In everyones eyes, Oldskool is the guild to take out first, not to ally with. 

    Why would any guild attack Oldskool instead of Addicted?

  4. stay on them as  much as you can  and try to blind thrust them as  much as  you  can aswell  since that skills  decreases their acc for  like  30 and thats huge.  and use  that  time  frame  to  get close and do your full  combo  rotation.

    And  try  to  land your ccs at the exact end of  their i frame which is the cartwheel  thingy they do. also  keep your eyes on your ragebar since fighting  rangers  triggers it  the  most  (atleast  for  me)

    Blind Thrust does a Melee Accuracy debuff, it does nothing on rangers.

    With equal gear you can pretty much one combo kill them pretty easily with Stub Arrow -> Dragon Bite -> Combo. You can start with this for pretty much every ranger, the problems come if you don't one combo kill them because then you'll have to zoom around and try to land a CC on them. Predicting their movements and catching them in a Rising Storm can stop them and let you deal some good damage. As Homrah said, try to catch them at the end of their cart wheel.

    Good advice!

  5. Somebody please bring more vials and collect these tears from the big clans.

    Daum, if you read this, please consider the fact that most of the whiners at this very moment are the big clans which were the main problem. They would spread across all channels and take the best farming spots leaving place for the casuals, having the top clans fighting for a spot is no option when there's no real competition. Most of the casual players already left because of this, I know this because I had many friends/clan members leave just because of this.

    At this moment the votes indicate NO because of a simple reason:


    Most of the negative feedback on this matter is influenced by nolifes/weeaboos/basement dwellers and especially this individual whom is a moderator in a discord channel that has more than 500 people online.

    So Daum, please wait for the feedback of the casuals, and you will see that they agree with what you've done so far. Most of us don't ----- and moan about every single patch note, some of us like the game as it is with good and/or bads but we are not just as active on the forums like the nolifes. Just please don't get so influenced because of the no-lifes anymore. Thanks.

    I don't see any sort of vote influence in your evidence. He simply prods people to vote, he doesn't say anywhere  "vote for x" or "vote for y".

  6. Hey guys making this short message to announce that I'm leaving the guild.
    I'm having little to no fun playing the game anymore and I don't wanna fill up a place in the guild for someone who actually contributes.

    I'll probably haunt the forums for a while to see how Valencia turns out so I might come back at some point.
    Shout out to @Futilez and @Niffleheim for providing some fun moments in PvP, if it wasn't for those fights I would have probably left this game alot sooner.

    Good luck and have fun out there guys!
    Also tell genbu I'll never forgive him for what he did to me that night.

    Sad to hear Yabbo, was great to have you around! You're always welcome to our Discord!

    And I hope you'll forever remember it mwahahaha.

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  7. You guys know the latest patch was a musa nerf making our 100% black spirit rage deal less dmg in pvp right? lol. 

    Haven't noticed a difference tbh. I still one shots squishies and bring others to near death (118 AP).

    Can you confirm your claims?

  8. You need the chase II to use it (I don't know why the ----- all the shit with Daum and Chase ranks)

    Bind the WW on options (maybe on Mouse 5 Button or smth) then u need to time it with your autos. I'll make u a gif to show it.

    *I'm using the M5B too here*



    With that combo, you can learn all the kicks that u want and the Chase II

    Love you man, big thanks for this!


  9. Coming from Warrior as well, I've long been waiting for the class. Level 55 atm.
    Was very disappointed at first but after the "adjusting" patch with the last update, I'm not so salty.

    PvE-wise, my damage is pretty good. For the DP thing, I think that the class is meant to stay agile and CC as much as possible, aka not get hit. I also think that Musa/Maehwa need some Evasion for PvE. I noticed a big difference after maxing the Evasion passive, though it only gives Melee Evasion so the ranged mobs are still a bit annoying, especially when they do back damage to you. Since Evasion is a RNG stat, I use White Horn Warrior horn bow (dp/evasion) for harder mobs that can unpredictably kill me in a second, like pirates and sausans.

    For healing, you should really get Ultimate: Nemesis Slash (480 HP heal, 30s cooldown), really worth it and much better than Divider imo (I got it just at rank I, too expensive to upgrade). I don't have Tiger Blade ranked, it's kind of useless in 1v1 PvP (no CC, weak damage except one skill with a big wind up). Might rank it one day just to try it if I don't feel stingy with skill points. At level 30-40 the damage was pretty nice but I doubt it's the same at 50+.

    PvP-wise, the class is having trouble mainly due to the awakening CC and iframe nerfs. It can still do well but you'll need not only good stats but, due to the nerfs, you'll also have to make very good use of your CC, block and rage ultimate.

    This time, the Evasion stat has minimal role and before the "adjusting" patch you could literally die in 2 hits, even with 170 DP.
    After the patch, things are much more better now. You're still squishy but can take a little beating, or at least walk out near death after knockdown.

  10. There is literally no class that could catch you and if you know when to retreat nobody will be able to finish you off.

    That is literally the only, THE ONLY thing this class can do better than the others. Not joking.

    Does Musa have decent damage? Meh
    Maybe DP or HP scaling? Near zero
    Maybe can block while attacking or something? Nope, no such
    But Chase has iframes to compensate though, right? Hah, once per 4 seconds
    .... at least he kept the Super Armor so he can evade the CCs but still take damage? Noooope, once per 4 seconds
    At the very least he has a block! A block that you can't move around and melts in a single ranger's shotgun.

    The class, in the sorry state that it is at the moment, is complete useless with all these nerfs that should've been here with his awakening weapon.
    He can't counter any other class, he can be taken down by any other class of average skills and below average stats.

    But yeah, Musa can move fast so he has that going for him at the very least. A great circus act indeed.

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  11. The suit is supposed to be stealthy, so why not only hide the name when you press the Q button while out of combat so its only hidden while they actually move sneaky? 

    Time, you don't need a ghillie suit to do that! Pressing Q with weapon sheathed hides your name in any situation.

  12. Honestly I'm fine with and I like it as a concept but it has to either
    a) Show your name once you engage in combat;
    b) Have some sort of downside to counter-balance how horrible it is to target someone in a suit, like decreasing defense.

    As it stands, the advantage is distinctly clear and the suit just imposes itself if you're to take PvP seriously in this game, because it doesn't become just a scouting/ambushing tool, it becomes an any-situation tool.

    By the way, the red glow is incredibly hard to notice in settings below High.
    Also, apparently we can't craft Flares in our version yet.

    Agreed with you, both options seem great and reasonable. I'd prefer option B.

    Also guys, the red glow is awful. You can't see it coming before it's too late (non-ghillies got both red glow AND much more visible red names).