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  1. Cyrii added a post in a topic BDO on Steam. Let us link our accounts, you owe us that.   

    This is how literally any mmo is transferred to steam? It would be overly complex to transfer the account to a steam one when you can literally just open the game out of steam. Also you can't run multiple games on the steam client, it would make afk lifeskilling inconvenient. 
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  2. Cyrii added a post in a topic striker stream?   

    Tamer/kuno/ninja/sorc all have individual offhand. Tbh I found it weird dk didnt have a new offhand since all the new classes added new weapons.
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  3. Cyrii added a post in a topic Just some RBF   

    Tamers very fun to play but after dying mid iframe anim/ getting one shot by a witch for the umpteenth time it starts to get old.
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  4. Cyrii added a post in a topic My Tamer just got back from asking if there was anything for her in the Patch... I tried to tell her not to go...   

    Keep nerfing the already under performing class. It's not like we can pvp on these servers anyway
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  5. Cyrii added a post in a topic Fix your server (✿◡‿◡)   

    The most frustrating thing about his is that before DK patch beginning of March I never had any of these issues despite being Australian. Before March I had never been dc'd/weird lag that wasn't caused by my ISP, literally never experienced any of these issues before. It's incredibly disheartening to see a game that I've played for over a year now with no issues suddenly become unplayable and for the publisher to take no accountability of these changes.
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  6. Cyrii added a post in a topic Fix your server (✿◡‿◡)   

    Since recent patch I'm unable to grind on my main because I don't want to die/lose xp. The entire world will freeze but wont dc me so I continue to take dmg from mobs and die while on my screen I can only aimlessly run around or v. Keep lagging out, dcing in completely unpopulated areas. Rubberbanding literally everywhere all the time. Can only land 1/5 grabs due to desynch. I'll cc someone in front of me, they'll teleport over 50 meters from me but still be ccd.
    The only thing I can do rn is life skill. The game is actually unplayable. 
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  7. Cyrii added a topic in Suggestions   

    Fix your server (✿◡‿◡)
    They're shit.
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  8. Cyrii added a post in a topic What are people's thoughts on the new voice packs?   

    Really dislike the way it only shows you the emote sounds, not the combat sounds. Accidentally gave my tamer a voice deeper than schwarzenegger and when she falls off a horse she sounds like an old man wheezing to death. 
    I don't have any problems with the voices they gave, but they really need to show how they actually sound in the beauty shop.
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  9. Cyrii added a post in a topic Changes to the Black Spirit Quest Line   

    To be fair Jarette shows up in like 2 cutscenes at the beginning and then never shows up again even in the og. But it's weird and quite dissapointing that they would remove the story. I remember accidentally skipping through the cutscene where you find Edan injured after infiltrating the shadow knight ritual and I had to go back and watch it on youtube, because I wasn't able to view it again even after following the main quest line quite faithfully on other playthroughs on alts. It just seems like a bad design choice, theres no point in removing it and the way they have removed it is particularly messy. 
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  10. Cyrii added a post in a topic Latest PvP change in kr   

    It's sort of difficult to tell from the video how much this is gonna actually change since they often dont use the exact same combo when demonstrating with and without the shift but it seems like a bad idea in combination with hp pot spam/ full health healing abilities. Assassin classes are going to have a lot of trouble if this gets implemented in its current state, especially against wiz/witch...
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  11. Cyrii added a post in a topic Bosses giving you some guaranteed decent loot if you do enough damage   

    thats rng for ya ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  12. Cyrii added a post in a topic Bosses giving you some guaranteed decent loot if you do enough damage   

    I remember back in the day grinding rednose (when he was still relevant) with 150apish for 3 hours... and got a whole 2 hunter seals.
    While I disagree with the idea of amount of high dmg=guaranteed loot, there should be some sort of mechanic that takes into consideration the time spent actually dealing dmg to the boss (even if its low) so that people who are there the entire time/ people who grind bosses off time have a chance against 230ap ranged classes who show up at 10% and get loot boxes.
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  13. Cyrii added a post in a topic Need AUD Currency to buy pearls :(   

    I mean that's just how currency exchange works? If 1000 pearls is 10 usd then since aud is worth less you have to take that into account. While it's weird its not different between usd and euro it's the same as purchasing any international good and there's really no need for them to change it.
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  14. Cyrii added a post in a topic Can we talk about the 10,000 hour reward?   

    An exclusive jewelery piece would be nice. An earring accessory with a unique appearance and can't be purchased from the cash shop/ hasn't featured in a previous event.
    It wouldn't be useful, but having an item that is only available through the time achievement would be much more exciting than the current 10k hours reward, which at the moment is a lot more underwhelming than the 5k hours one. 
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  15. Cyrii added a post in a topic Tamer Gear Discussion   

    Gotta agree with Kuu. Despite the gear variety don't get tricked into thinking you anything other than boss armor is worth investing money. Once you get bhegs and lvld you'll have no issues with acc as a tamer.
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