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  1. Kokleekio added a topic in Off-Topic   

    How many people play this game?
    Hi, I have come back to BDO recently and noticed a few things that indicate that the current population is not as high as it used to be.
    Firstly, I almost don't see any crowded servers. There used to be at least two of them at any given time (e.g. Velia C1). Secondly, I tried to join Red Battlefield and nobody was there (that might have been a bad time for joining pvp). Finally, there are no horses on the market! That completely shocked me. There used to be at least a few horses above Tier 5 and now there are just stupid donkies.
    Is there a way how to see how many people play currently? If not, is there any good estimate?
    Thx for replies.
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  2. Kokleekio added a topic in Suggestions   

    New Server For Casual Players
    If you'd ask me, what a perfect game should look like, I would say almost exactly like BDO except a few things.
    I think BDO is very close to being perfect but what worries me the most is that you would only need to change a few numbers in the game code to make it 100% perfect.
    BDO is without doubt very good for people who can let their computers run 24 hours a day and play actively for 6 hours a day, but it is a complete nightmare for more casual players as they either don't have the time or they are not willing to spend so much time playing a single game.
    What I'd like to happen is to create a server for casual players where there would be a max lvl - about 50 - and on that lvl, you would have access to all your skills and everybody would have the same amount of skill points regardless on how they got the 50 lvl. The grind to get there couldn't change much, but I'd welcome it to be for example 2x or even 5x faster than the grind is now. Also, the grind to get a decent pvp gear on that lvl shouldn't last too long. If possible, I would completly cancel or limit in-game shop on this server and make certain items available in the game for silver - such as skills reset. Farming, gardening, auto fisihng and training horses should be possible to do even if you are offline and could progress a little faster.
    All those things could be changed, they don't change the game mechanics very much. The hardest thing to change would be the max lvl, but it could be done.
    I decided to quit the game because of the amount of time it needs, but I think it is such a good game and it is shame that players like me don't get the chance to enjoy it. I would definitely come back if such a server was created, but I don't think that game developpers will be willing to realize it. The game is clearly designed to hook you up during first hours of your gameplay and then to make you pay for ridiculous stuff in the shop as you endlessly continue to lvl up. Developpers will not sacrifice this income but I might be wrong. I hope I am.
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