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  1. acangial added a post in a topic Can't complete "Toward the Ancient Shrine" from Otters in Margoria   

    Ok, I made another map and it completed. This quest is stupidly non-intuitive.
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  2. acangial added a topic in General   

    Can't complete "Toward the Ancient Shrine" from Otters in Margoria
    I have the Margoria map pieced together and all the other quests that the Otters give you from Nada Island are complete. I clicked the treasure chest at the ancient shrine and that part of the quest is crossed out/complete. However, the quest is still saying I need to complete the Margoria treasure map. I am not sure what to do at this point. The icon for this quest is showing up on the east side of the Margoria map. I went back to the Otter who gave this sub quest and he just wants to give me another treasure map piece which I don't need because I already have a completed map.
    Does anyone know what I am potentially doing wrong? Thanks.
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  3. acangial added a post in a topic How long until the server comes back?   

    2 hours, 15 minutes and 33.3 seconds
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  4. acangial added a post in a topic Server down on a weekend...   

    Yes. 2 hours, 15 minutes and 33. 3 seconds. 
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  5. acangial added a topic in General   

    Port Epheria to Ancado Inner Harbor Transport?
    I sent a literal boatload of crates from Port Epheria to Ancado Inner Harbor. It landed at Ancado, left nothing off and is now in the ocean on it's way back to Port Epheria. Anyone know WTF is going on? The nodes are connected, BTW. Thanks.
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  6. acangial added a post in a topic <PurpleDragons> PvE/Life Skills Guild   

    Want to add that this guild is great. Been a member since August. We are very friendly and are happy to help folks new to the game. We also have veterans who have joined recently and we do many activities together every day. Highly recommend joining Purple Dragons.
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  7. acangial added a topic in General   

    Helpdesk Support Getting Worse?
    When I first starting playing this game at the end of last summer right up through November I noticed that any issues I submitted were resolved within two days, usually within 1 day. Lately, customer support is terribad. Not only are they taking up to 3 days to respond, they are not solving issues and responding with canned answers that don't even address the issue. Anyone else having bad experience with the Helpdesk lately?
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  8. acangial added a post in a topic BDO Fixed in Minutes   

    My 2 cents worth:
    I am a new 57 with all TRI gear, 180AP, 267DP - yes, I know, a peasant compared to the rest of you 133ts. However, I find that Sausans at this juncture, while very good for income/hour, is not as good as several spots in Valencia for exp. I was doing the Valencia 1 quest line and ran into Fogans. The exp I was getting just from completing a few quests and getting knowledge was extraordinary for a lvl 57. I plan on grinding there once I am done with the V2 quest line.
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  9. acangial added a post in a topic Reforming an Awakened Weapon   

    Can you reform a green awakened to blue and then ultimate?
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  10. acangial added a post in a topic Can't get past Awakened Practice Quest   

    Somehow DKing over night self corrected my client, lol. It worked yesterday and I was able to finish my awakened weapon skill quests. 
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  11. acangial added a topic in General   

    Reforming an Awakened Weapon
    Tried to reform my TRI:Tempest Sura Katana to an ultimate using an Ultimate Weapon Reform Stone. However, black spirit greys out the weapon in my inventory even though it's showing it can be reformed by placing a blinking up arrow over it. Has anyone else had this problem with an Awakened weapon?
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  12. acangial added a post in a topic Can't get past Awakened Practice Quest   

    Well I took your advice and still doesn't work. I guess I will have to put in a ticket. Was there anything special you did to get the combo part of the mission to complete? Like I was able to kill the 10 mobs with no problem and it crossed that part of the quest off. It's the combo part that is not finishing. 
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  13. acangial added a post in a topic Can't get past Awakened Practice Quest   

    How many times did you have to pull off the combo?
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  14. acangial added a topic in Ninja   

    Can't get past Awakened Practice Quest
    Has anyone got stuck on "Narusawa's Sura Katana - Practice" quest to get the new skill? I killed the mobs and did the required combos like 30 times to no avail. It won't let me finish mission nor use the map. Anyone else have this problem?
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