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  1. TremorPV added a topic in Suggestions   

    Please give some way to move a family and everything that goes with it to another server.
    I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I can't find a thread about it.

    I would like to be able to move my family and everything with it to another server. I'm fine with paying money for it. $10 (loyalties or pearl equivalent) wouldn't be unreasonable, I'd think.

    Family names are server wide, as are character names (if I try to make a character with a very unique name on two servers, the first would work where the second definitely wouldn't since the first worked).
    If the issue is "What if you have progress on both servers?" that's as simple as a (very large) notification stating the family on the server you are moving to will be overwritten.

    I see no reason this isn't a thing I can buy in the store with either loyalties or pearls.
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  2. TremorPV added a topic in Suggestions   

    Allow us to retrieve contribution points from nodes that have been routed around with ease.

    This is my current setup near Heidel. (it's an image)

    The node with the red square around it is not necessary for any connections to Heidel. In fact, on both sides, the node chains to other locations bypass it entirely.

    However, when I try to retrieve the contribution points from that node, I get this:
    "Cannot collect on a node that is currently connected to two other nodes."

    That is such an arbitrary restriction on node management that it's sad. That'd mean I'd have to collect on at least 2 other nodes before collecting on this one, and there was no purpose in that. 

    I get why the rule exists generally, i.e. to prevent breaking a connection to a city and leaving a node with investment but no city. But this rule does stupid stuff like this which goes against the logic of why it was made in the first place. This node of mine is entirely unnecessary for other nodes' connection to a city, but I can't collect on it without taking down other chains?


    I am going to leave this for posterity as I was being dumb.
    I had yet to remove investment into the Dwarf Mushroom harvesting sub-node on that node. Once I did, it let me retrieve the contribution points from that node.

    Maybe the wording of that warning could be changed to be unique instead of just "connected to two nodes".
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  3. TremorPV added a post in a topic Processing and energy - A suggestion on implementation of leveling.   

    I had no idea. That makes more sense with this system then. Thanks for the info!
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  4. TremorPV added a topic in Suggestions   

    Processing and energy - A suggestion on implementation of leveling.

    After hearing that the KR version of this game doesn't use energy for processing, I got to thinking about how leveling processing works.

    As you level processing, you create more materials per attempt at it. Meaning you use 1 energy to make more of a processed item. 

    That is a design that seems built on the idea of "processing doesn't use energy" which is a bad thing imo. 

    My suggestion is simple: Have leveling processing allow you to use the same energy to process more material at once. 
    It's a similar concept to what higher level or other workshop things let you do. A worker can either craft 1 iron ingot with 10 metal iron shards or he can craft 3 iron ingot with 30 or 5 with 50. But if he does 5 with 50, he uses 1 stamina, which is more efficient ultimately. 

    As workers level, they gather notably more materials to process. Eventually, if you have any amount of workers constantly gathering resources, it's easy to get overwhelmed and constantly spending energy and time on processing if you, say, wanted to build a trading empire in BDO (as I do).

    So here's a comparison: Start with 5 iron ore and you use 1 energy to get 1-2 metal shards at level beginner1.
    Current System: You might use 5 iron ore and 1 energy to get 2-4 metal shards.
    New System: You would use 10 iron ore and 1 energy to get 2-4 metal shards.

    This makes energy usage more efficient which ties better in with the NA/EU versions requiring energy usage for processing. Workers will retrieve more materials naturally as they level and get promoted, so doubling up on that with processing leveling increasing resultant items from processing seems redundant and unnecessary. It might be fine in the KR version where energy isn't used while processing, but I wouldn't say it's fine in the NA/EU versions.

    Any comments, questions, concerns?
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