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  1. Mechanism added a post in a topic Which class to stay with?   

    Of the classes you listed, I'd go with Maehwa.   I have pretty much every class to 56+ Also.  Ninja 60, Maehwa, ranger 58 etc. 
    having said that, Sorc or Ranger would probably suit you quite well as mentioned above.  Very strong in pve and pvp
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  2. Mechanism added a post in a topic Ninja Fast Pirates Grind   

    I hate to break it to you, but compared to "top" grinding classes, that is still painfully slow.   (Have a 60 ninja, just finished the 59-60 grind 70% of which at pirates).  My 58 Maehwa (who are notoriously slow grinders) with identical AP (214) grinds quicker than my ninja @59 did at the time.  It does feel fast when you are hammering away at the keys, quickly executing combos.  End result of that effort is disappointing tbh.  
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  3. Mechanism added a post in a topic The second hardest class to fight   

    For me, it's sorcs.  Always get up after .5 seconds from awakening grab... for some reason I never remember this until they popup after a grab, before my next skill goes off, I then tell myself I'll remember next time.  Better iframes and invisibility than ninjas.  Better damage (not that ours is bad mind you)
    Number one for me, is wizards... stupidly high built in accuracy.  Completely nullifies evasion without even equipping an item.  Balance.
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  4. Mechanism added a post in a topic AP butter zone   

    I'm also curious what combo people are referring to.. I mean there are lots of combos as a ninja, some short some long, some that last 2 minutes....
    I feel that we could really (or at least I could! lol)  benefit from providing as many specific details as possible when discussing topics of this nature.
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  5. Mechanism added a post in a topic AP butter zone   

    How odd... I have 189/~300 awake AP/DP ( evasion build ) tri rce etc, and I cannot seem to get a full combo to complete without a resist against well geared targets. (500+ GS) (using 2xprecision gems in mainhand).  
    I hear people talk with low AP evasion builds, 1 comboing people  and I wonder who they are fighting to get such results.  I have not found the same success.  
    I definitely think I need practice, but practice won't fix resists.  
    Think I'm going to switch to Nouver and see how an AP build fares.  
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  6. Mechanism added a post in a topic Memevasion build guide!   

    I appreciate the effort you put into this post. .   However I still find flaw in how you get to the conclusion (better?) in the following statement.  
     You still are using the same non sequitur  in suggesting that there must be some correlation between how AP and DP "work".  Maybe you have a different opinion on this.  Lets make sure we're at the same baseline in our discussion:
       As far as I know, and understand.  DP is either of two values.  Damage Reduction or Evasion.  Each point must be one type of DP, or the other.   Agree or disagree?
    The counterpart is AP and Accuracy.  However these are two separately identified values.  Agree or disagree?
    As for your testing, I'm sure the conclusions you've come to as a result feel real to you.  However I seriously doubt that you tested enough to mitigate the impact of deviations due to RNG.  (or perhaps you did, I've love to see the numbers.. Not being facetious,  I like numbers..  )
    I'd be interested in seeing the comparables for your two gear setups.  (on a gear note, if we take the data dump at face value, then red coral rings have no evasion)
    Oh and yes I'm quite familiar with Fei Moca and his fans   
    I apologize for the brevity in my posts, busy day at work
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  7. Mechanism added a post in a topic Memevasion build guide!   

    Of course.  If we were able to access that level of data on the actual servers, all these so called "hidden stats" and information.. wouldn't be.
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  8. Mechanism added a post in a topic Memevasion build guide!   

    You do realize his information is based on the datemined stat dump that was circulating the last few days.. which I'm sorry to say, is a bit more valid than your anecdotal evidence.  Your argument that DP equating to evasion somehow makes AP have something to do with accuracy is a clear non sequitur.  
    Each point of DP in armour and in accessories, is one of two values.  DR (damage reduction) or Evasion.
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  9. Mechanism added a post in a topic Do you think Wizard/Witch will get nerfed?   

    All I can say is that wizards take the fun out of the game.  Every time I am enjoying a 1vx fight, a good back and forth battle that is enjoyable and fun, some ..."lovely individual" playing a wizard, rolls up and one shots the group.  I mean, it's probably a blast for the wizards, but man, it's sucking the life and fun from group fights.  
    wtb solution.
    PS small addition: glass cannons they are not.  There are plenty of other classes that are far more brittle than a wizard.  They got the cannon part down tho
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  10. Mechanism added a post in a topic Pure AP earring VS Red Coral Earrings   

    Not necessary with acc offhand.  Bhegs + 2 x  tri red corals is around the same acc that the offhand gives.
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  11. Mechanism added a topic in Ninja   

    Mark of the Shadow detecting stealth? Bug or Intended?
    I was in a Siege saturday evening, scouting around and had an engagement with a Sorc.  Long story short, I hit stealth and he proceeded to cast, what I think was "Mark of the Shadow".  A line of purple black "magic" came out from him, and right through stealth, hit me.  Now Im not sure if he could see me, but he could follow the line of magic, and figure out my location quite easily.  In effect, it can be used to locate stealthed players.  (Ninja Kunoichi)  Maybe this is old news, and I've never encountered it before?
    I haven't had a chance to test this further with others... (since stealth doesn't work anyway vs guild mates).  Has anyone else experienced this?  
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  12. Mechanism added a post in a topic Buff Suggestions?   

    There are little tweaks here and there that can be made, but what i feel is most important, is our viability (or lack thereof) in large scale combat (sieges).
    Making invisibility essentially an I-frame might allow us to enter and exit backlines?  The cool downs and duration may have to be adjusted for balance purposes if this change is made of course.
    It's tough to define a role for the class, and have it fulfill that role while maintaining balance in other forms of combat... not that such balance exists with other classes...
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  13. Mechanism added a post in a topic Awakening Initial Thoughts   

    In all of my testing the double cast does not do any extra damage (in pvp at least).  Tested it quite a bit against a guild mate.  Literally the exact same damage every time.
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  14. Mechanism added a post in a topic Awakening Initial Thoughts   

    Just a note regarding S + F and the double cast of S + F in transition stance.
    I tested this with a guild mate for a while last night, and they both do the exact same damage.  Identical.  So the "double cast" is just an animation.  
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  15. Mechanism added a post in a topic Series of Combo/Skill Guides For Ninja on YouTube?   

    Always love to see someone else's viewpoint.  Hopefully pick up something new while I'm at it.
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
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