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  1. Binx added a post in a topic Not OP?   

    DK has horrible stat scaling.
    Basically you need to go full retard AP/ACC to not be useless with this class.
    Any CC on you any sort will bring you to death while damage from dk is average compared to more resistant classes that can one combo your face.
    Only thing DK has is mobility.
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  2. Binx added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    If u attack him with your 4 pets out, u do a 5v1
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  3. Binx added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I wish i was full tet ^^
    But payday, lets TET roulette before siege !
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  4. Binx added a post in a topic why is dark knight so neglected? costumes/awakening/information?   

    Don't wana defend anyone but novadays u switch from a game to another in no time.
    Any bad feeling from a game makes you fly to the next one till next etc etc.
    A year could be an insane amount of games without any income to the main game you like.
    Yes a costume can make you happy actually, why would you play a game in a potatoe bag like gw2 was ?
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  5. Binx added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    Because oric atmos servers were fine till new ppl came in.
    Or is it cpc 464's ?
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  6. Binx added a post in a topic why is dark knight so neglected? costumes/awakening/information?   

    Because dark night is actually too dark to shine in this game.
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  7. Binx added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    Pls next patch DK awakening + kamasylve and everyone happy... till witch wiz nerf
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  8. Binx added a post in a topic To everyone crying about wiz/witch being op   

    @op, So what, DK awakening not even out and ppl already complaining...
    Wiz/witch got insane buffs pre awakening and got same advantages in awakening (aka front block) wich makes them in siege THE class.
    So stop complaining already.
    We are not Koreans, we dont have same builds, your video is irrelevant.
    Also the youtuber doesnt show his fails and his deaths.
    I wonder what a dk dp build do against a wiz, nada.
    Ok end of story.
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  9. Binx added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 15th *Update - 14:32 UTC*   

    Yes pls need 5th pet, sick of missing so many loots !
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  10. Binx added a post in a topic Attacking Horses.   

    Cool story bro.
    Next time try to kill ppl afk fishing, its easier.
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  11. Binx added a post in a topic Wizard... Wizard everywhere   

    You right its unpleasant to play a male character, witch is way better because.... well you konw.
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  12. Binx added a post in a topic Bye Bye Witch it was a great time - Welcome Ranger - Bye bye Ranger -> -.-   

    So basically you are rerolling to your counterpart and will die to everything else, have fun as ranger MEGA
    See you soon as dark knight maybe ? wait no, ehmmmmm maybe zerker facepalming while killing ppl ?
    PS: Ranger has no frontal block FYI and needs to be played with bow preawaking and awakening weapon, unlike, witch/wiz.
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  13. Binx added a post in a topic Dark Knight, give Weapons in Black Market now.   

    Already working on offhand, its +13 today and 200 frags wasted.
    I'd like it, that wud save me time from my main enhancements and black market time.
    PS: i still dont want to go fight boss for the 1%
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  14. Binx added a topic in General   

    Dark Knight, give Weapons in Black Market now.
    I don't want to farm boss boxes and i also dont want to and i never did.
    Considering It's already planned to release this class, give us a chance to get weapons for it now.
    To be honest i'll not even consider changing my class before i get tri weapons on it.
    I might get bored of game even before it gets realeased... oh wait i'm already bored and can't even bother hitting 60 on my main beside grinding 30 mins at night with 200%.
    So what about releasing the main and awakened weapon to black market before release ?
    Give us something to upgrade and maybe later on we buy the costume for that class we are hyped for
    Main reason of this post is, i don't want to play a class on day one with no AP and being left behind all, i do hype about it, but not gonna start it without at least tri weapons.
    Second reason, my main char having tet weapons weight, inventory, i still don't see how i could switch from it and invest in costumes, weight, inventory, without a good reason to play it.
    Give us a reason to play and stuff to chew on maybe?
    • 22 replies