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  1. stumbleforth added a post in a topic Oh boy! Another take on the P2W fiasco.   

    I like how your defining our game knowledge and experience purely off the amount of forum posts we have made.  Its very common knowledge that the BDO forums have been one of the saltiest places on earth for quite some time.  so why is it surprising that not every player posts here?  Seriously you dont have to have a FORUM REPUTATION to voice your opinion you condescending elitist. 
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  2. stumbleforth added a post in a topic Oh boy! Another take on the P2W fiasco.   

    GOD FORBID we voice our opinion here without a reputation as a drug using degenerate (your words).
    "A weed smoking, paperchasing, hardcore gaming degenerate" 
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  3. stumbleforth added a post in a topic Most hypocritical comminity I have ever witnessed   

    I just want to point out for everyone who is getting in a huff because of KR prices remember, each costume costs around $80 on KR because they didn't have the b2p model they have extreme pearl shop prices.  Daum obviously isnt going to make it so you can pay $30 for 80-100mil.
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  4. stumbleforth added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 3rd   

    Does no one remember patch days? Like really?? this is nothing new in the MMO world.  To keep the world which, you have such an unhealthy attachment to you demand compensation every time you are separated from it, running.  Seriously its a patch day go get some fresh air and just accept that you cant play for what... half a day? just think about how ridiculous that sounds.
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  5. stumbleforth added a post in a topic Horse Skill Change Coupon - Is this intended?   

    Hopefully we can give this thread enough attention that they will do something about the bug, because if this is a mechanic its just downright cruel.
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  6. stumbleforth added a post in a topic What happened to costume mix-matching?   

    Please make it happen!
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  7. stumbleforth added a post in a topic Life Skills XP broke? Or lowered?   

    You do realize that this event lasts until June 1st, and your saying because you lost one day midweek that you need even more exp boosts and bonuses ontop of the 2 weeks worth to compensate you for one day?  let them fix it and just think of it as the event starting a day later instead of asking for another handout, from your handout.
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  8. stumbleforth added a post in a topic Life Skills XP broke? Or lowered?   

    Everyone needs to stop taking this so personally, the more data we give them the sooner they can work it out.  Getting upset about it wont solve a thing, thank you PM_Belsazar for acknowledging everyone's concerns and responding so quickly.  Hope it will all be sorted out soon.
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