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  1. Itakura added a post in a topic Question : c'est quoi ça ?   

    ^ This.
    Je ne l'aurais probablement jamais, et c'est ça qui est bon, faut arrêter avec le "tout le monde doit accéder à n'importe quelle partie du contenu même avec un investissement très inégal". Si tout le monde peut tout obtenir, ce n'est pas motivant à long terme, c'est bien d'avoir toujours quelque chose auquel on aura beaucoup de mal à accéder pour se motiver à avancer.
    Par ailleurs, le côté très péjoratif du commentaire était loin d'être nécessaire.
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  2. Itakura added a post in a topic Sorc fall behind in pvp after all awakenings revivals.   

    SA on stinger to have a chance to place an amulet air combo into S+C, violation, turn back slash / reaper ... Powerful enough to make me dream about it at night !
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  3. Itakura added a post in a topic Sorc fall behind in pvp after all awakenings revivals.   

    Sorc aren't bad, but now that all the awakening are released, she lacks the ability to make damages WHILE being protected (aka : super armor). Not the biggest trouble in 1v1 situation, since one target can be controlled she stays a very good duelist, but a lot more while facing a few players. You can always take a CC that wasn't even thrown to you, ruining all your impact and the controlled you managed to make. The only ability "safe" to use is the reaper's judgment, totaly exposing you to grabs, and I'm not even speaking about Cartian's nightmare.
    And please, don't bring the "iframe argument" on the table, we're speaking of making damages WHILE being invulnerable to CCs, not chosing between damages and protection at the cost of the same ressource. We're the only class that have so few SA.
    The only point I can receive is that with more SA, and the damages she can make, sorc would probably be a bit broken, it's a hard class to balance. It's only that the gameplay becomes more and more frustrating when your attack is all planed, you jump, and take a random CC thrown by someone who didn't even notice you.
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  4. Itakura added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Always funny to see DK crying for their awakening after only  5 weeks when you see the time some classes had to wait. Patience isn't your greatest quality, isn't it? 
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  5. Itakura added a post in a topic Sorc vs Maehwa O_O   

    Oh, so it makes sense  
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  6. Itakura added a post in a topic Sorc vs Maehwa O_O   

    No offense but I fail to see the goal of the thread? What did you want to show with these duels? Real question here, to me it's just usual Sorc VS Maehwa fights.
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  7. Itakura added a post in a topic Upgrading Rarity vs enchanting   

    What I meant was that the ultimate stone cost 7m and your weapon will only gain 2 ap, going from green to gold.
    If you upgrade from +15 to PRI you win 8 AP
    from PRI to DUO = 8 AP
    from DUO to TRI = 12 AP
    My point was that it's not hard to upgrade this kind of weapon to PRI, you'll need around 10/15 failstacks and with luck only one concentrated weapon stone.
    When you will be in PRI, it can cost more than 7m to go to DUO (with the price of making around 20/25 failstacks), so making it ultimate can be better at this moment
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  8. Itakura added a post in a topic Upgrading Rarity vs enchanting   

    For green armors, main weapon and off hand, what ever the color the upgrade chances stay the same, the repair cost too. That is NOT true for your blue awakening weapon, if you upgrade it to gold, the repair cost will be 1 dura for 1 memory frag, I can't tell for the enhancement. 
    The main weapon only gain 2 AP for a 7m stone, I think you can gain more with less silvers, at least with the PRI it can be discussed for the DUO with the price of the stone and the failstacks. 
    Remember all of this is luck based, the 2 AP for 7m won't depend on RNG. 
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  9. Itakura added a post in a topic Clicking sound on moving around on Sorc   

    Just tried it and yes, I confirm for : lumik, acher, papillio, clead. Bern isn't concerned.
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  10. Itakura added a post in a topic Clicking sound on moving around on Sorc   

    They added sounds that match with the materials your outfits are made of when running (clicking sound = metal parts). The Bern / papillio / lumik (I'm not sure? I don't remember well). Try to take off your outfit or equipping an other and see if the sound is still here! 
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  11. Itakura added a post in a topic New Sorc gear advice   

    I'm currently running some tests to find the balance between accuracy and AP and can't decide myself either, one or two RCE ? Can't answer to that for the moment
    For your build, it really depends of your goals : do you want to be competitive ? Do you want to PvP ? PvE ? Do you have a lot of game time ?
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  12. Itakura added a post in a topic Lv 57 noob questions   

    You can't expect to just begin the game and match with some who plays from the beginning, BDO isn't that kind of game, you need time and a lot of investment in your character. You have a really low gear and are not high lvl enough to unlock the potential of your class, 57 is only the beginning. Ranger deals insane damages with enough AP, and the general gameplay of BDO is pretty much the first who can land a CC wins the duel. That's what make the dynamism of the game, anticipating and avoiding your opponent's CC and placing yours.
    You can't juge the surviability of the class with so few DP.
    Ranger is a really fast paced class with a huge potential, and you have a grab which is currently the best kind of CC. It's a typical glass canon that can 100-0% a target in a really short time. And the grinding speed is far from ridicule.
    The only point I can agree with is that indeed you will use a lot of mana potions and your weapons durability will drop quicker than other classes because your skills have a lot of hits. You can mitigate the first point by putting extraction crystal on your weapon to recover mana on hit.
    Concerning the awakening gameplay, well...sorry but you could have search some informations about that, it's part of choosing your class.
    If you really don't like the awakening gameplay of the ranger you can still reroll, reaching 57 with an other class is quick, and for exemple you share your offhand with witches and wizards so you can just switch and use your ranger's stuff, you just have to take a new main hand weapon.
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  13. Itakura added a post in a topic Tri witches vs tri red corals?   

    My choice is RCE x2, I'm going full accuracy and do same damages as some players with higher AP, stacking accuracy isn't bad. 
    And depending on your class, the stamina buff can make the difference  (I play sorc, which means more iframes and more violations) 
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  14. Itakura added a post in a topic Tamers with Dandelion - Pics please?   

    On bdodatabase there is an option to see the 3D model of the object, it will give you a good idea  
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