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  1. Kinson added a post in a topic Finding it stressful to solo grind (54+)   

    Elric, Manes, Helms.  All viable solo with good money return and will easily take you from 54 to 55, especially with this exp event.
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  2. Kinson added a post in a topic If this doesn't warrant a PvE only server - I don't know what does   

    One piece of advice that is largely overlooked by many is this:
    Grind somewhere else.
    I'm not even saying that in a gtfo kind of way.  I did most of my leveling to 55 solo.  On the occasions where I did do some group grinding, we went to Sausan's and claimed a rotation (often contested).  It is a popular spot because of its high exp potential.  I say potential, because when you factor in overcrowding and groups willing to fight you for the spot, it is not always the most optimal option for you.
    I did the majority of my leveling post-50 solo at Manes/Helms/Elrich.  Far easier to run solo and there are good sized packs to work into your rotation.  The money and experience were steady and relatively conflict-free.  Again, Sausan's have the potential for more gain, but these "lesser" spots are still good enough for getting to 55.
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  3. Kinson added a post in a topic DUPED ITEMS   

    The difference between the two messages is one tells you when a player actively posts the item and the other tells you the item just went up on special deals. Hence the strange and lower pricing. 
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  4. Kinson added a post in a topic Post your ultimate valkyrie combos and animation cancels   

    I strongly recommend you pick up at least the first tier of Sharp Light. You won't regret it. 
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  5. Kinson added a post in a topic Post your ultimate valkyrie combos and animation cancels   

    I'm guessing it's a typo and he meant SL.
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  6. Kinson added a post in a topic Do you think Rum rate is too harsh?   

    The item tooltip says the Rum will disappear when the event ends, so stockpiling won't be an option.  Similar to how they removed the Cherry Blossom Petals.
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  7. Kinson added a post in a topic Do you think Rum rate is too harsh?   

    In a 1.5 hour solo grind session last night I got 43 rum drops.  It's all RNG, so my individual results don't mean much.  But I'm taking the approach of business as usual (grinding for skill exp and silver), with any rum drops being a bonus.
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  8. Kinson added a post in a topic Can't complete mother's day quest   

    Did you already have the fire flake flower in your inventory when you accepted the quest?  You have to gather the fire flake flower while the quest is active.  Turning one in is only half the quest requirements.
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  9. Kinson added a post in a topic Maewha seal placement   

    The event doesn't end until the 4th. You have enough days to get back to 12.
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  10. Kinson added a post in a topic Disconect issues now   

    I'm having this issue but only on Calpheon E1.  I switch to E2 and I'm fine so far.  Wasted some Mog scrolls dealing with the disconnects.  I've pretty much given up on playing tonight since I don't feel like wasting more scrolls or dying due to the random spikes/disconnects.
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  11. Kinson added a post in a topic World bosses are making people quit the game.   

    I gave bosses a shot at first. Didn't enjoy them at all, so now I don't even bother. If other people are enjoying farming them and choose to do so, then that's great. But if you don't enjoy then, might I suggest you just stop doing them?
    No one is making anyone farm the bosses and it's silly to ask them to be removed when there are plenty of people out there who don't mind fighting them.
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  12. Kinson added a post in a topic To Cultivate a new farm...WTF   

    I did it solo on my Valk after many deaths. Basically you need to aggro everything, kite then away from the summoning stones, and circle back to attack the stones periodically. Move too slow, dead. Move to far from stones, reset. Totally not worth it, unless you're a completionist and need that quest completed now!
    I managed to get S rank on the summoning stones on my first kill. Made killing the last 2 more bearable since I was able to see my progress. 
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  13. Kinson added a post in a topic Bonus XP weekend   

    That was last weekend.
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  14. Kinson added a post in a topic Enhancement if doing it right   

    As some already said, don't build fail stacks to upgrade those things.  Just upgrade them and repair as needed.  It's a far less expensive approach.
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  15. Kinson added a post in a topic Take the Moghulis daily scroll instead of Imp Captain, dammit!   

    @Solanum you can only accept one of them.  That's why people who spam R often don't know whey they only get Red Nose. 
    Also, for those wondering about acquiring knowledge, you have a chance of getting knowledge upon the bosses death but only if you land the killing blow.  In a coordinated group we usually have people with knowledge back off near the end to allow others to get the killing blow and acquire the knowledge.
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