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  1. Targeryian added a post in a topic Ap vs dp worth?   

    the amount of BS I see here from those saying that 300 DP is easily outburst from 200AP is hilarious...
    educate yourselves pls:
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  2. Targeryian added a post in a topic The game is dead.   

    where did u get that from?
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  3. Targeryian added a post in a topic Say NO to the KR Trading Nerf on Crates (Fixed 100% Price)   

    well I am sure u know more about horses than I do, it is actually the only lifeskill I almost don't know anything.
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  4. Targeryian added a post in a topic Say NO to the KR Trading Nerf on Crates (Fixed 100% Price)   

    I always sell to 115. This is a nerf but buff at the same time.
    LOL those calcs lol 3500 a day and then you don't produce for 15 days. I mean yeah you can buy the mats on the market but u have to buy the plywood otherwise there is no way you can process so much in a day. Get real dude
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  5. Targeryian added a post in a topic Admit that the game needs a level hard cap   

    what are you talking about mate. I have a full time job and I am a life skiller and I have hit Lv60 ages ago. And yes, I have girlfriend too
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  6. Targeryian added a post in a topic 2/15/2017 Accuracy tests   

    I always praise own testing from the community, thanks for this. However, you did not used the scientific method properly. You didnt increase DP or evasion to see how the damage would correlate. Your high AP is going to melt down 263DP for sure, and the valencia buff is nothing tbh, because 1acc>1evasion (3acc = 4eva if im not mistaken).
    Again bro, this is great work but we would appreciate the changing in variables otherwise you cant take the conclusions you did. By your own tests, there is nothing here that can make you say that accuracy and evasion are absolete.
    Thanks for the hard work though, appreciate it.
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  7. Targeryian added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 15th   

    True and sad story.
    Can you guys stop the GOTHA RENSA nonsense?
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  8. Targeryian added a post in a topic Best City To setup a cooking empire   

    What this guys said!
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  9. Targeryian added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 4th   

    We do appreciate all these XP events but you guys keep neglecting those who dont care about leveling up and only do lifeskills. Why not give +20/+30/+50% life skill boost events as well? Why are mobs killers more important than lifeskillers in BDO? I don't think that this is a unreasonable question to ask. Even those that PvE(combat) would benefit from lifekill boosts.  I am not demanding anything, just asking to think about it... those who are dedicated to lifekills do deserve a treat as well.
    Happy new year
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  10. Targeryian added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 14th ** Updated **   

    Why am I not surprised about this delay? It is every single week... amazing. Top notch work you guys do there. Don't forget the 45min siesta. 
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  11. Targeryian added a post in a topic Guide to producing consistent Sharp and Hard Black Crystal Shards   

    After trying this for a while, I can say that it is not worth the effort/energy on this method. If you are a chef and you need the products thats fine, however to get lots you shards through this way you need to spend tons of time Pruning your farms, which is not fun.
    My personal advice would be, buy a yellow sturdy achemy stone (yellow green) and look for alchemy recipes you want to do for profit - lets say, you need fir sap/pine sap, etc. Get you energy all used on that and you will get more shards for the same amount of energy spent.
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  12. Targeryian added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Ranger   

    Nice, managed to get it!
    I still don't have it in game though. I'll wait and see.
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  13. Targeryian added a post in a topic Enhancement & Failstack Costs/Strategies   

    The failstacks for TRI are easy to get and those for TET are not that impossible.
    Use my failstack values:
    15FS for PRI (Stop at 21)
    20FS for DUO (Stop at 29)
    30FS for TRI (Stop at 45-50)
    50FS for TET ( Stop at ~85)
    90FS for PEN (#dontstopmenow)
    As you can see, the "bad luck" acquired previously is going to be used for other attempts. Be patient and don't tilt otherwise you are done lol
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  14. Targeryian added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Ranger   

    hi there,
    can we have the winners announced today please?
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  15. Targeryian added a post in a topic 12-Oct Patch: Known issues *Fixed*   

    I have completed my COMPLETE Ranger Awakening Quest. Don't you even dare to rollback the server. @GM_Dew
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