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  1. DarkExile added a post in a topic Another Youtuber returns to BDO after quitting! e-celebs paid by daum to return?   

    oh you mean Blade , the guy that was spamming massive amounts of blackstone powder on the market, then claiming he needed soooooooo much and advising his veiwers to buy it all out? The one that made all his money in game by basically bullshitting his viewers into buying what he was selling before someone called him out on it mid stream............
    That guy lol yeah, i don't consider him more than a smudge on the underside of a shoe.
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  2. DarkExile added a post in a topic Another Youtuber returns to BDO after quitting! e-celebs paid by daum to return?   

    I don't even know who that streamer is TBH.
    Didn't watch the video either.
    But i do find it amusing these idiots ragequit over something then return hailing it as little more than a convenience thing, and onto the next game in a month or two, rinse repeat, and ANYONE at all even remotely cares what they think.
    Streamers are like clickbaiters, they jump from whats popular one minute to the next, they don't actually care about the games they play, or the people that watch the crap fall out of their mouths while doing so.
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  3. DarkExile added a post in a topic The most annoying thing in BDO   

    People holding onto boxes till they can get someone to "gift" pearl items for.
    I just post shit on the MP if i get it because, well people need it and im not a -----.
    Screw you pearl scabs.
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  4. DarkExile added a post in a topic Direct P2P Cash Shop Trading   

    This will never be a thing, why, because gold farmers.
    Also they already stated "Gifting" is exactly that, it is not made, or sanctioned for that matter, for abusing your good luck on drops, screwing over the average player who cant pay real world money for items in game that they need to progress.
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  5. DarkExile added a post in a topic So someone who used P2W just passed me??   

    I had tri and tet gear before i left, came back a few months later for new content and woah there, im ahead of people who have been playing for months, only thing i ever payed for was pets..........
    Totally P2W
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  6. DarkExile added a post in a topic Are players who leave over tradable cash shop items fueling the current MMO model?   

    I know alot of people that left, myself included for the time being.
    I can name multiple games that survived far longer than this one will without the cash shop advantage road this one is going down so no, i would have to say the people that leave aren't fuelling anything.
    Having worked in the industry i'm well aware of server costs and multiple other costs involved in keeping any multiplayer game running, fact is they are not costs so high as to justify cash grabs, that is greed pure and simple.
    Edit: for the guy asking about people who deleted their characters, those who got chargebacks that Daum failed to dispute lost their entire accounts so....... theres that.
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  7. DarkExile added a post in a topic This is P2W, but you are not quitting for this.   

    GW2 is also nothing but endless cosmetic farming with little to no stat advantages no matter how much you grind/buy, BDO is entirely geaar based, pretty huge difference right there.
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  8. DarkExile added a post in a topic We need (meaningful) content to be released. Game is bleeding users right now.   

    Coming from the mentioned guild in the OP i have a small adjustment to that claim to make.
    The leader quit (Due to running the guild being too much work) and none of the officers stepping up to take his place (for the same reason) content was a secondary concern, the entire guild didnt quit out of boredom and lack of content, a group went back to thier old guild, others went to active guilds, some stayed and are still floating around a little more casually, all because one person went off and the others didnt want to take his place. Yes replacing people that leave gets more difficult as time passes, but then there are multitudes of reasons for that beyond "the games dead", guild image, name, members, stance, all that can be huge factors in why people wont even look at a guild.
    So whoever you are OP (I have no idea since i've never seen your name before) do not claim an entire guild left because of game issues, a handful left many different reasons.
    Now all that being said they have listed whats coming and when its expected, none of it is game changing by any means beside awakenings, but then that was advertised since forever ago, demanding anything from the publisher is pointless, they dont know when its coming, only when they can fairly expect it. Thing with BDO is it is new grind spots with new skins and thats about it every release, some you get new mechanics and classes but for the most part it will always be the same, there will be no change to that for the foseeable future because the next 2-3 expansions add little past naval combat and a hanful of "instances" which aare completely skippable.
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  9. DarkExile added a post in a topic Value Pack Misunderstandings/Suggestions   

    The idea of adding costumes is actually a good one, there are multiple countries playing that wont buy outfits because 30 usd turns into 50 or more, so it would be a way to increase sales in that department.
    I have looked at buying an outfit but for where im from i really cant justify the cost, with dye on top its not worth it so i would fully support the idea, there are probably multiple things they could add to make it just as appealing,
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  10. DarkExile added a post in a topic Keep fighting if you want the Marketplace Bonus to be taken out!   

    How is it contradictory, just because i dont do housing doesnt mean i shouldnt be concerned for the mechanic being for the most part removed for people who do. I dont pvp for the sake of causing someone else to lose xp but it doesn't mean i cant feel bad for those that did enjoy that aspect, sounds to me sir/madam like you decided to argue with someone because you've been "making forums great again since 2016" and found more logic than you can handle so decide to call it trolling and walk away.
    At least you sound intelligent. 
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  11. DarkExile added a post in a topic Keep fighting if you want the Marketplace Bonus to be taken out!   

    most players could care less about nodes too, though that claim would need statistical evidence.
    Just for future reference people are allowed an opinion, strange as it seems alot of people paid for this game which funnily enough gives them a right to voice it, another note i dont do housing at all but then most of the people that do generally dont bother with forums because it is largely the domain of trolls and pvpers whining about the latest nerf.
    However i am more than happy to voice my concern about something that is rather obviously removing the point in parts of the game, im fairly certain if the added a feature to buy node territories there would be a rather large turnout of people against it now wouldn't there? There should be nothing in that shop that removes a point in a game design feature, period.
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  12. DarkExile added a post in a topic Keep fighting if you want the Marketplace Bonus to be taken out!   

    Exactly, now you dont have to, which removes an entire MECHANIC from the game, as well as a reason for people to craft a rather large list of items. THAT is the problem, how many people invested time/money/energy into making thier money that way? and now its just "oh well hard luck".
    I think even the biggest dickhead in the world could see the problem with that.
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  13. DarkExile added a post in a topic Keep fighting if you want the Marketplace Bonus to be taken out!   

    I have no issue with scalping, why you are so tunnel visioned on that i dont know, There are multiple rescources for you to look up on housing affecting tax, its even in the hint box in game, go look at it instead of sitting in a forum talking out that thing your sitting on?
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  14. DarkExile added a post in a topic Keep fighting if you want the Marketplace Bonus to be taken out!   

    No straw men here buddy, the market spikes because for a few days people sell low to make money, no MoS on market? people sell at max.
    Don't make assumptions about me, it makes you look like an idiot, you dont know me or why i do the things i do, i just said i wont use it while the tax is implemented, it removes the reason to even use a mechanic in the game for a start, which should be used not made redundant, its called fallout effects.
    Why does one invest in a personal house, some its for points FOR the tax break (which is now pointless) how does one get points? by buying marketplace housing items for one (now also redundant) where do said items come from? crafting (now also redundant since people dont need to buy them).
    You see where im going with this skippy? No? thought not.
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  15. DarkExile added a post in a topic Keep fighting if you want the Marketplace Bonus to be taken out!   

    Funny thing is i would buy the pack without the marketplace tax thing, i wont with it though, to someone who has say 200 mil to blow they can quite easily buy boss armor off the night vendor then turn around and sell it at a premium, furthering the money they have and thereby their ability to get everything, there is still RNG to contend with of course but i still dont like the borderline tactic, it also removes the reason to go into housing to get the tax break if you can just buy it.
    Im all for removing that part at least.
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  16. DarkExile added a post in a topic Level 30 to dig!?   

    You might want to check how many people on your server fall outside of the NA region in general, i for instance am on the complete opposite side of the world, in fact theres a guild with so many people from my region on my server they require nine different guilds to hold them all, and thats just one.
    Small problem with people claiming to speak for everyone, they are not everyone, me and most of my american guildmates, of which there are alot, have all got multiple 50-55 characters, i have 5 myself, just because YOU dont like leveling alts doesnt mean everyone else feels the same way, bottle the energy and move on, this isnt sand farmer online.
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  17. DarkExile added a post in a topic Level 30 to dig!?   

    international forum
    international playerbase
    OP should take his head out of the sand, America isnt the only country in the world.
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  18. DarkExile added a post in a topic Gear Difference-Daum how will people ever catch up?   

    Started BDO a month or so ago, character sheet says my character is 38 days old, that character is  in pri armor pri weapon and pri acc.
    "Catching up" isn't as hard as it sounds, i know people who have played since the start and have the same gear i do, on top of that some things people say are best for whatever reason sometimes arent 100% needed,
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  19. DarkExile added a post in a topic Why we will eventually go full P2W (updated)   

    Not all companies turn to P2W tactics, some have been completely free with no cash shop advantages whatsoever.
    BnS recently decided that going full retard on the P2W scale was a good idea, i can't even begin to tell you how many subs dropped and people quit, in the space of a day, they got flooded with tickets to delete accounts because people wouldnt go back to thier games at all.
    If Daum is smart they will implement sales like the one they just did, which puts something overpriced after currency conversion ect out of the "its only xxx amount of dollers" range, for instance that outfit i have had my eye on would cost me 40+ at the moment, i simply wont pay it when i play a witch for farming, sorc for pvp and various other classes for other things..
    There are a million things they could do to make money better than they currently are without resorting to killing the game, only question is are they smart enough to figure them out or go down the idiot path, personally seeing what they have changed to make the game as fair as possible over what it was i dont see the P2W thing happening.
    No games were not always like this, and ive played since UO launched, it has been a rather steady decline into that type of area for a long time, its kind of sad to remember what communities in games where and what they are now.
    Thing is In UO you needed help sometimes, and you needed others to give you that help, most games these days you dont really need anything from anyone, and of course you have these children whos upbringing was a WoW subscription instead of actual parents (good job parents, 10/10) who just open thier mouths and say whatever because its inconsequential to them (though a quick google search shows it really isn't).
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  20. DarkExile added a post in a topic Sorcs are useless on Nodewars now.   

    Sorcs were never really designed for node/seige wars, the guide when selecting class tells you as much.
    People should probabl;y realise as a 1v1 class it is and will for the most part always be god, in group pvp, its a case of use your knockdowns and pick off stragglers, you were never meant to be in the mix completely.
    Even awakened its not that fantastic in big group situations.
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  21. DarkExile added a post in a topic Please fix desync. Please players, demand desync fixes. It means all the difference.   

    Doesnt takem much to figure out what the  problem is with this game and "desync".
    In fact the devs themselves said a very long time ago this game was optimised to run at a MAXIMUM of 10ms, because, well Korea has internet make the rest of us look like were using cups on a string.
    Problem is every other game in history, well tab target games and even TERA have a built in compensation to put low ping/ high ping players on the same playing field by putting the almighty invisible delay in, this game doesnt have it, sooooo yeah, it could easily be fixed (well sort of) but i wouldnt put much weight behind that happening for a  while.
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  22. DarkExile added a post in a topic why remove exp penality from pvp was needed   

    We are not removing MMOs from it at all, seeing as this IS an MMO and not a moba. There are precisely 0 MMOs that can survive purely on PvP, without going full retard and implementing cash shop shortcuts and pay to win mechanics that quickly turn it into wallet wars and less of a game, the only players left are the ones that feel stupid for spending tens of thousands on it.
    There are alot of reasons for the change not staying in one version or another, KR and RU having heavily P2W cash shops are one of the reasons, why cut out a money maker if you dont have to? Daum also didnt have to make it work in this region, however they are B2P and remove as much of the pay to win mechanics as they can without shooting themselves in the foot, the game was designed to be a wallet warriors paradise, that doesnt work in NA.
    A suit designed for gathering that hides your name from players in the world is one of the biggest topics for debate for only one reason, its use other than the one intended, of course its intention could be taken by perspective, but you only need to see the few complaints about the changes to see the people that didnt buy it for its intended use, and there arent many compared to the ones who dont care.
    Personally dont care about people attacking others, be it a language barrier or otherwise its expected from people i assume grew up with WoW for a babysitter (not a fan of assumptions but there seems to be an entire generation of them), but they should probably take a look at how many people play the game and how many are so called "hardcore PvPers", there is a massive amount of one over the other, thats how it works, i dont need Daums account info to see who would spend more, i dont need to see how many of one over the other got banned for cheating either, guild lists of the top guilds on my server showed that after the first ban wave, i really dont see those that cheated to get everything spend a dime.
    I could be wrong but hey theres no way of proving it one way or another, simlple logic the people who claim to not need PvE players at all seem to have let slip before speaking.
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  23. DarkExile added a post in a topic why remove exp penality from pvp was needed   

    Why do you immediately assume im biased toward PvE players? I'm not at all, i can simply tell you with a quick google search you will see how popular pure pvp games are, funnily enough i can't think of any off the top of my head that are still going strong.
    I simply know from years of experience that a game won't survive when you take away the majority spending money (and yes you can also google how much of a split there is PvP/PvE in any game), attacking someone for voicing an opinion on why a change was a good thing is the only pointless part of this thread, the change was made in KR, it was going to happen here whether you like it or not, again, publishers have piss all say in anything going on inside a game besides providing feedback on what would or wouldnt be a good change for any specific market, its up to the devs to listen or not.
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  24. DarkExile added a post in a topic why remove exp penality from pvp was needed   

    Oh dear, someone got hit with a logic hammer and now demands evidence.
    I do believe i have little left to say without making you look like an idiot, i dont even need to go into revenue figures, i could just drop that whole "where does all the stuff on the AH come from if not the carebear", easy answer, not from the guy hiding in the bushes dressed like a houseplant.
    Or i could send you my resume from the last publisher i worked for and then school you on how it works from an inside perspective.
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  25. DarkExile added a post in a topic why remove exp penality from pvp was needed   

    Oh terribly sorry you caught my typo,  skins for fishers, you know the suit that looks like a fish with the xp.
    Simple fact is they make far more money of AFK people and carebears than they will ever make off PvP players, unless they go pay to win, then the game survives a month and limps to its death six months later.
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