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Erza Scarlett

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  1. Erza Scarlett added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    well griefing goes both ways, u kill him several times, and he dies(or is being harrased by you) the higher gear is harrasing the lower gear player who in exchange is griefing the high gear player, and thats preety much it
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  2. Erza Scarlett added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    Well, you are wrong, what happened in my case several times was that a party of 4 or 5 decides to moves on my spot, which i have no problem clearing it fast, i got zerged so i griffed them, then came back and start picking them off 1 by one, or the last player that was a bit behind picking up drops, and yes from time to time, i would get caught and got killed, but again, killing their members 1 by 1 and baiting them into chasing me so i could split them up, for that i was called a grieffer, im no big pvp-er or high geared, but in certain situations i cant survive 5v1, the thing is people twist this "grief thing" a lot to suit their needs, what i saw most of times, is high gear players coming to low lvl spots(like sausans, pirates) to bait players into pvp so that they kill them and then call them griefers, then end up leaving the spot anyway
    anyway, the current pvp in this game is unballanced and shit and its very very rng regarding fps/lagg, cpu hang times, and doesnt reflect the real skill of a player at all, so everyone should stop with all the "im better" bullshit
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  3. Erza Scarlett added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 28th **Update**   

    Something else is up, too here :))) hue hue
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  4. Erza Scarlett added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 28th **Update**   

    You keep loosing because you are nabs, every class in the game has a damage mitigating mechanic, and i bet most of you dont know what it is
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  5. Erza Scarlett added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 28th **Update**   

    Good pc hardware combo still wins also, go duel a 400 dp kunoichi
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  6. Erza Scarlett added a post in a topic Maewha Awakening Hidden Commands / Cancels   

    First of all, they nerfed maehwa awakenings a lot, i dont even use awakening, since i dont know how to/havent practiced much with it/low skill levels/ main hp skill lock you in place a lot(and yes they nerfed the hp recovery on it, u barely get 30-60 hp every 6 s) maehwa is overwall a good class if you get to know it best, i played valk and ranger, and tamer and i rerolled like 8 times before awakening, but i was basically shit at every other class, even if i had a super overgeared ranger, i could never get to pk anyone with it the same way i can do with maehwa, i think some people are better with certain classes and what suits their playstyle better, my opinion on this game is that gear doesnt rly matter a lot, except when there is a very high gap like lets say more 70-80 ap then yea the outcome is clear, thing is maehwa is a great class, and i never got caught with it, or died, except if i wanted to, but im gonna leave the game too soon, not because of gear and alegedly p2w, because to play maehwa nice, u need a really good good pc, everytime i died no matter the apdp of the opponent, was because of freezes/stutterings/laggs/desync/my mouse sometimes stops working or turning so i can only chase forwards...some classes got it easier regarding combos, and skill hotkeysm to all the players complaying the game is p2w or that some classes are better than others, you maybe havent found the right class for you yet, as for me, i love the game, and the pvp, but with my current pc setup i will never be able to pvp properly, sometimes i even miss the player with blooming cause my mouse skips a beat :))) i tried so many things to improve my fps, but it seems i need a whole new pc
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  7. Erza Scarlett added a post in a topic How do we resurrect Maehwa's   

    they should just add a stun on red moon, but anyway, the red moon ( the ice version on awakening) fixes that they added a freeze effect to the red moon awakening mode, which freezes anyone until the skill ends so no more running away from red moon aoe(hopefully) also we have a 100hp per hit skill with 7s cd maehwa awakening looks preety cool from my oppinion(unless they dont ----- it up) so we just have to wait, i already rerolled 3 times so far in the last 6 months som im going to stick with maehwa even if it sucks and so far i killed a lot of higher geared players even in 2v1 or 3v1 picking off the squishyes, most of time i loose cause of pc freeze and low fps(only 4gb ram and a 15 years old HDD) so from where i stand i find this game to be in advantage to those who have good hardware and GPU
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  8. Erza Scarlett added a post in a topic How do we resurrect Maehwa's   

    Stiffness ends before the skill animation completes :)) so kinda useless
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  9. Erza Scarlett added a post in a topic How do we resurrect Maehwa's   

    yes we really cant touch zerks valks or warriors, first off all we need safer cc's every other class out there has at least 1x 100% accuracy cc's except us, and yes our skills lock us in place a lot of times, but still i played valk before(changed cause of the spear shit, sorry no offense but they made valk awakening look like a retarded kids class) also wait awakening cause, we will have frontal guard on most skills(maehwa awakening had more frontal guard skills than the actual valk guard, wtf?) you all know how mmorpg's are they fix a class and break another one, and the circle goes on and on
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  10. Erza Scarlett added a post in a topic Valkyrie in need of serious help!   

    Valk is not appreciated at the moment, because its a combo class, its group dependant, u need a good dps by you at all times, i play a Valkyrie too, and i got no problems at all, the only thing that kills me are my mouse, weird pc freezes, looking out the window ocasionally in pvp, and ofc overgeared players, buffing this class would result in the fact that overgeared valkyries would be doing twice or 3rd times the damage of a 200 ap ranger in massive scale pvp, korean games are different, korean players are different, this is what happens when u introduce combo style meta team pvp in a sandbox mmo localized for european region
    And anyway, valk will get 2 iframes in the future, now immagine a mega tank being harder to catch than a sorc, you just have to wait, valk time will come around at some point and people will complain about valk then being too op and so on
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  11. Erza Scarlett added a post in a topic Life academy-like guild, passive recruiting semi-active people :)   

    u still have not stated, the server, or the contact info in game
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  12. Erza Scarlett added a post in a topic What happened to Ring of Cresc. Guardian prize on MP..?   

    he is saying the price of crescent ring increased to 42 mil with 0 rings being sold, therefore the ring that was sold was sold at 42kk, or something like that, i think, there is an algorithm that drops or increases the prices on marketplace, hes suggesting there is some kind of foul play at the middle
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  13. Erza Scarlett added a post in a topic RIP SORC   

    Im not talking about sorc 1v 30000, no one can possibly win that or 1v5, but i am talking about people getting used to an OP class instead of actually playing that class properly, now that sorc is working as intended everyone is QQ-ing all over around thinking sorc is now useless when it actually isnt
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  14. Erza Scarlett added a post in a topic RIP SORC   

    Most sorcerers have gotten too used to being OP and not actually learning the class mechanics, now sorc is actually working as intended, there are still a lot of sorcs out there, good players who can actually end the fight in a matter of seconds
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  15. Erza Scarlett added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Windows 10 less ram usage
    okay so, gonna put it plain and simple, windows 7 uses roughly 2.5 to 3.0 gb ram, while windows 10 doesnt go over 1gb, both 64 bits, same settings. dont get me wrong, its a nice improvement but the question that follows, is "why?" what changed? why so much difference in ram usage between the 2 windows versions
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