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  1. Polymerisaiyan added a post in a topic Gifting Trade Deals   

    Just put a god damn pearl item that costs like 1000 that allows you to send ONE item, any item, Kzarka for example, to a person's mailbox. End of story, one item, or gold so, basically someone gifts you kzarka, you can add 100m into a mail and send it.

    Or, better yet. Add a rule to that kind of thing, " To open this mail, and recieve the item, the 100m that was agreed upon must be available in storage, you accept, your money gets sent back, and you get an item, if you want no rule, you could just write 0, so they can accept without having to do anything.

    puts Kzarka longsword, amount required to open mail, 95m, puts in, agrees, blah blah. And, if the person don't have the money, after 24 hours it's cancelled, it's sent back to the owner, and the pearl item is gone, yh
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  2. Polymerisaiyan added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    Only through montly events? Literally, a minimum of well, 10 months.... Blatantly boring
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  3. Polymerisaiyan added a post in a topic It's Nouver Too Late   

    I am deeply sorrowed that there was no information about a night vendor discount, I had no information about this, neither had many others. And we missed out. it's not allright.
    i'd have just like everyone else have blown away all my money into it...
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  4. Polymerisaiyan added a post in a topic Game runs bad now   

    I got windows 10, and that solved it. Now, i do not have windows 7 or know how to fix that, however. A fix is still a fix. I just don't do outdated OS models.
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  5. Polymerisaiyan added a post in a topic Game runs bad now   

    Since ya'll not bother with reading my shit anyway
    I solved it

    You're welcome.

    CMD > RUN write : regedit
    Set that value to 0 and reboot
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  6. Polymerisaiyan added a post in a topic Game runs bad now   

    Windows 10 64 bit here. Since not all players experience it let's narrow it down.

    Also got nvidia geforce gtx 980 titan, no updates made, or done. prior. so, perhaps something about windows 10 conflicted with patch
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  7. Polymerisaiyan added a post in a topic Game runs bad now   

    I sent a ticket about the issue.
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  8. Polymerisaiyan added a post in a topic Game runs bad now   

    Tested most of this stuff, nothing works, changing all graphics to lowest does this only
    1: max FPs is 20 idle, 13-19 whilst playing.
    If you press alt while inside game, to window mode, you see your fps as it should be 60+
    but once inside of the game it becomes a 13-20.

    The target FPS button has nothing to do with it.
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  9. Polymerisaiyan added a post in a topic Game runs bad now   

    my 5000$ PC went from 45+ fps to solid 13, the ----- happened
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  10. Polymerisaiyan added a post in a topic Coin Event Question?   

    It's not an exploit, due to the fact that they inform us it would merge, it would become one, everything owned and shared into one singularity.

    It's how should I say, RNG?
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  11. Polymerisaiyan added a post in a topic [POLL] Which boss armor did you get?   

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  12. Polymerisaiyan added a post in a topic Happy Red Nose Day 2.0 Everyone!   

    Thanks assholes, i got red nose again. only had bhegs tbh, smd
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  13. Polymerisaiyan added a post in a topic Node leveling! Please have this looked into!   

    I too started a topic just like this.
    Level 10 Node, S Follower/ S watcher

    70.000+ kills no ring. Gave up after 2 months
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  14. Polymerisaiyan added a post in a topic Release Patch Notes Sooner   

  15. Polymerisaiyan added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Rank and Node Level System
    Hello my fellow players, I am here today to discuss something that I no longer feel can be ignored.
    More and more people reporting a decrease in rarity of drops at higher node levels, and I believe that if enough people have experienced the same it cannot be ignored as placebo.
    I've made Crescent Shrine level 10. with S rank on Follower and Watcher. Never managed get S on Guardian.

    I've dedicated weeks, if not months thoroughly testing and trying to find an answer.

    What I've experienced is the following.

    I can do in one server with 0 drops, then switch channel and suddenly drops increase by a lot....

    Scrolls work fine, stones work fine. It's the rare items that I feel do not

    Now, i've amassed a theory that a channel's drop table for a certain place can be more or less depleted. As i've tested this on other spawns as well one server switch after hours of farming and suddenly an unknown improvement is noticed in drops.

    I need a confirmation from a GM or a dev that all nodes, at all levels, and all S ranks. are indeed working as intended and it's not possible to have it bugged account or server wise.
    Because I have used all my GM's Bless. Kamasite's bless. And I've grinded through houndreds of hours without result. Me, amongst other people feel that something could very well be wrong either with a node's location, the node levels itself or certain monster's rank not working as intended.

    Any clarity or support on this matter would be greatly appreciated, because. I am not alone in this and the time I spent testing this cannot be described as plain bad luck.

    Thank you.
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