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  1. blazedones added a post in a topic ManUp lubes and annihilates Cuckcode - CUCKCODE DEAD GUILD   

    I really would love to know why this matters at all besides the need to stroke your epeen on how you beat Barcode 1v1 twice, and how your guild is so great, and amazing bow down? Every ranking has Manup above Barcode (including Orcas), we constantly as a guild acknowledge we have flaws to fix but we also know we are pretty damn strong as a unit. Maybe next meeting Barcode beats you, perhaps, not. Who knows what is in the future besides more fun in a videogame, that too many take seriously. More dank memes, less epeen stroking. Zerging is meta, until it is somehow changed by some unknown factor. You can complain about it, or you can go with the flow, maybe even change it yourself in someway. Your guild is currently pretty freaking strong in a 1v1; every person who has half a brain acknowledges this. Barcode is great politically if I do say so myself, and also strong in a 1v1.
    Again, who knows maybe another 1v1 will eventually happen, maybe not. It is pretty much up to Orca though so I don't get the epeen stroking, unless, you need to get off on the fact you had the better zerg this week. We got beat at our own game, dumpstered if you will, it was fun, and I learned a lot; I'm sure the guild learned a lot. I again personally enjoyed seeing even more guilds participate in region wars other than the same 6 or 7 every freaking week. Literally hundreds of guilds and only a few with the funds or will to participate. I don't see how some good ole zerging and merc work isn't good for those smaller guilds trying to build themselves up to become strong enough to even be a factor. Zerging may or may not die out but for now in my opinion it is needed to get more guilds out of their comfort zone and participating in other content this game has to offer.
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  2. blazedones added a post in a topic ManUp lubes and annihilates Cuckcode - CUCKCODE DEAD GUILD   

    I really don't get the epeen throwing around. "1v1 me bruh", "your guild is garbage" , "my kda is amazeballs", "zerg wahhhh".... Real talk the only thing that is going to keep many guilds staying together, and or merging, is zerging. Some talk about the health of the server, and honestly it's shit. You need allies, those allies need allies, and in response, your enemies need allies. This keeps guilds together, growing, merging, getting stronger, and or weaker. Legit, last night was hella fun and I'm actually happy that I saw more than 1 orwen guild participating in Region wars (looking at you LOTD for holding it down for old Orwen).
    Seeing Xoo/Acolytes was legit nice for once. Even if they were on the opposing side this zerging brought more guilds into the region war scene and HOPEFULLY, more continue to participate. Whether, it be by zerg or growing from the money they get allying with stronger guilds, and then taking their own region (looking at you Blackrose, Grats on your castle)! Seriously though, alot of barcode members know manup is strong, Orca even places them above Barcode when he did/does his guild rankings. Maybe things are going to change, maybe not, but garbage Barcode is not. The trash talking is cool but delusional. Barcode knows its strengths, but a lot of its weaknesses need to be shored up, and from what I see that is in the works, also, constant fighting fixes that. Need more funny memes less delusional trash talking from people needing their epeen shined on their 1v1 prowess.
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  3. blazedones added a post in a topic NA Authentication Server Stability ** Update - July 1st **   

    @CM_Jouska Any update? 
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  4. blazedones added a post in a topic Devs Team communication regarding Patch 17.06   

    @CM_Tytyes So any type of compensation for those who spent loyalty to increase their processing rank? The amount of time spent, as well as, loyalty spent, and energy spent is upsetting to say the least. Those who decided to not focus on this life skill now don't have to spend the energy that others have to gain rank. Who knows how many energy pots, nodes leveled, or any other life skill rank up was missed. With nothing but a weeks warning after a little bit of thinking by Daum/pearl abyss you put in a massive change to a life skill, which many others and myself would have just went to Artisan 1, and stopped there if we knew this change would happen. 
    I hate asking for compensation, just, with such a change and with little notice after investing time, energy, and loyalty something has to be done. Otherwise it is pretty much this company choosing to ignore and not care about a player base that focused on this life skill, because, they saw benefit in it, or saw it as fun with the different advantages gained with rank. I'd have focused on gathering as I see that as enjoyable too, not level my processing for literally no reason, because, such a change was coming with but a weeks notice... 
    I know it could be hard to figure out what to do for those who did go above and beyond in processing, but something, anything needs to be done because it makes no sense to me and the amount of wasted time really is just upsetting, I can't get over the amount of nights i spent leveling processing for no reason in the few months of playing (and no i'm not a high level processor just artisan 7) but I would have just prepped for this change if ANY notice beyond a week was given and not just done on a whim... I'm also not a korean vet, nor, am I going to spend countless hours researching what is on the kr servers and try to guess what may or may not be brought over. 
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  5. blazedones added a post in a topic Life Skills XP broke? Or lowered?   

    I think I may be in love, Kappa 
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  6. blazedones added a post in a topic Life Skills XP broke? Or lowered?   

    @PM_Belsazar   So, I should be getting 62% xp from this event (9% from pets, 15% from fishing outfit, 8% from sute tea, 30% from the event). I doubt I am even getting 30%, since, I'm gaining far far less than before.  The spot I am at drops less than 2% whites and greens, so, I'm pulling 22-25% yellows, 3-5% shards, 5-10 % keys (stacks though), 68% blues...
    Previously, I was getting 25-30% experience roughly out of 160 inventory slots at Master 2 at this spot. Today I started fishing at Master 2~ 65%, when the event started; after fishing a full 160 slots. I'm now at 78%. I am on Orwen Mediah 02 server, I'm 100% positive something is wrong as I should not be getting that low of an exp gain at only master 2, I mean 12% is just insanely low at Master 2 with 160 slots... 19 fish for 1 percent is pretty insane at this level and is beyond frustrating at this point to even fish, especially, when it just means at 320 inventory slots filled after a second run I still wont even level to master 3, which, I would have previously before this event even started, so, this event is actually putting me behind by a lot currently...
    Do I want exp scrolls, personally no, I'd just would like the event to work properly, or for me to actually get the 32% I was getting from before... I'm still making the same amount of silver sure, just, this is kinda ridiculous at this point to need 440 fish to level to master 3 when I was already 65%... 
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  7. blazedones added a post in a topic Life Skills XP broke? Or lowered?   

    80 fish 6 % @PM_Belsazar on Orwen Mediah 02 server. I have natural 32% experience I'm most definitely not getting that currently. I don't know how you test but I'm positive that out of 160 slots I should not get 12 % total after full at Master 2... Especially when before I was getting atleast 25-30% +
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  8. blazedones added a post in a topic Life Skills XP broke? Or lowered?   

    Master 2 fishing 5% experience from 72 fish, just would be nice for the event to work, and if it isn't working for me to atleast get my natural 32% from regular buffs. I don't know how much it is decreased by but it is definitely decreased. I'm on Orwen Mediah O2 server @PM_Belsazar
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  9. blazedones added a post in a topic Life Skills XP broke? Or lowered?   

    I don't think we need better compensation, just, it would be nice for the xp to be applied properly..
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