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  1. Riversbend added a post in a topic ♔ <Lionsgate> recruiting competitive,positive PVPers for T2/T3 Node Wars | Respect, Positivity, Integrity, Dedication | Discord | Lvl58+, 420+ GS♔   

    They were are great group, but I guess they are a bunch of elitists now who only care about themselves and winning.  It is a shame.  
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  2. Riversbend added a topic in Suggestions   

    Rough Stone (Stone Quarry) nodes
    As node wars requires polished stone and the market does not sell enough of it.  There is a lack of rough stone.  If there were stone quarries nodes where we could send our workers, this would help a lot.   
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  3. Riversbend added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    It does not sound like a full P2W.  The market prices are run by them, not us.  We are still unable to trade items and still need to grind to level.  The more we grind, the more money we make to lvl our items and sell them to make more in game gold.  They are allowing people that were unable to get the costumes the ability to get them.  So it is really down to, Will the prices be good enough to buy with real money and sell on the market to make what you could have made free by grinding for several hrs?  This looks more like a cash grab (or company profit) measure over what everyone is complaining about.
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  4. Riversbend added a topic in General   

    Zones Crossed or moved
    Okay this is an odd on.  While standing in Keplan it says "Hill Path" a non-safe zone and yes you guessed it.  Outside Keplan is now the safe zone where the "Hill Path zone was"  This must have happen during the update.. Not sure where to post this.  Need fixing. 
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  5. Riversbend added a post in a topic Can't play game   

    Cannot connect either.  
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  6. Riversbend added a post in a topic June 29th - Valencia Part I Update Feedback   

    Just a note: Bring Purified Water if you are crossing the desert, or you will die.  Other than that, it is a great update to the game. Most of my characters are 50 and they will survive just keep moving and discover what you want.  The new city is very large and very nicely designed.  A beautiful addition to the game. 
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  7. Riversbend added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 29th   

    Energy in the new area says it is being added, but it is not adding it on to my total.  I have gotten 3 according to discovery.  but my total is still 224.  
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  8. Riversbend added a topic in General   

    Durability Recovery
    I try to recover durability as usual, but it did not work at all.  was 90/100 and still is 90/100.  Anyone else having this issue? 
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  9. Riversbend added a topic in Suggestions   

    As Farming relates to contribution and contribution is across all our characters it should be family skill, not just to the character working on it at a particular time.  I work on farming with whatever charter that is closest or that I am on at the time, but each gain little xp.  It is the only skill that is this way and would be appropriate to make all characters get the same benefit from the work put into it. 
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  10. Riversbend added a topic in Suggestions   

    Worker food Bag slot
    There should be a special universal bag slot for worker food.  So all characters can feed the workers without having to log in and out trying to find the beer or other worker food made, or special shared slot via all warehouses for the same purpose to feed the workers as not to be a hindrance on the weight restriction as workers relates to all character, and contribution.  
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  11. Riversbend added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild Tall Ships
    I have noticed that there is a vast ocean area to explore but it is very under used.  May allow guilds to build tall ships to allow for mini games ship to ship with pirates or hunting whales as a team.  You could have a series of guild quests to construct the ships, design flags etc. 
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