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  1. DrBoo added a post in a topic 5.000 hours and 10.000 hours achievement changed.   

    Wow nice to see a company actively dumping on their loyal fanbase. Glad to know that any amount of time and effort will be rewarded with trash. Once again like every other MMO they cater to the casual audience with barely any playtime while pushing aside the active playerbase.
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  2. DrBoo added a topic in General   

    Fix your fuccing game
    Why is this even a thing?

    I can't even access the storage keeper...
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  3. DrBoo added a post in a topic Was not sent full Venecil Dress Set   

    I have the same issue. I bought the dress 'set' and I only received a single piece
    Any idea how long until this complete set is sent out?
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  4. DrBoo added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    My main problem with this whole situation is time and effort to reward ratio.
    By merging everything from other servers it means the hard work people did on their main server becomes horribly diminished by people that spent seconds to switch server, login and click a button, then go back to their main server. 
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  5. DrBoo added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    That's nice I'm sure those 'hard earned' rewards that were supposed to be one time things are really that important. You know I'd be upset if I lost those minutes of time I invested to switch and press a button then go back to playing on my real server.
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  6. DrBoo added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Who knows but this just brings up further questions as to why they're not prepared. They obviously knew server mergers were coming since the beginning and they've not really done anything to plan out for these situations. It really frustrating as a player honestly.
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  7. DrBoo added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    So you made a giant wall of text to really not say anything.
    What does the value pack have to do with this situation? Its completely different and it has no bearing upon this situation. At least the shoveling had some bearing upon this situation as it allowed a group of people to make huge gains for minimal to zero effort. 
    I didn't 'shift' my argument at all. I simply added a point that Kakao didn't want people doing this because they attempted to add a fix to prevent it and it didn't work out well. That isn't a shift that's simply providing more evidence to back up that this isn't intended use of game mechanics.
    Also with your last line about stating its unfair and why. I did that, I provided evidence as to why it would be unfair because similar actions have already happened. I was simply using digging as a point to show that minimal effort huge gains aren't something the company wants.
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  8. DrBoo added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    I never once stated this was a exploit, I never said people should get banned for it. I simply used it as a comparison to prove the fact that it's manipulation of game mechanics for unintended results. People manipulating in game mechanics for unintended results isn't something that should be rewarded. This is a very slippery slope we're talking about here. 
    Also you mention that they had no clue about the circumvention of actual in-game mechanics. What does it matter if the company knew or not? It still a manipulation of intended in game mechanics for unintended results. Kakao(Daum) also did attempt to prevent people from picking up rewards from multiple servers but it had bugs and wasn't allowing people to pickup one at all. Clearly they didn't want people doing this. So if the company didn't want people to do this how would this be something that they should now reward people for doing?
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  9. DrBoo added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

     @GM_Caramel @GM_Zandar @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo 
    The main crux of the problem here I see is that people went beyond normal game mechanics to receive additional benefits. I'd like to compare this to shoveling issue we had earlier. The act of shoveling is perfectly acceptable use of game mechanics. Logging into multiple servers is perfectly acceptable use of game mechanics. The part where this turns from normal game mechanics into exploitive behavior is when you start manipulating the purpose of logging into multiple servers, or manipulate the behavior of shoveling.  With shoveling you're intentionally creating a scenario where you only gather sharp/hards. With warehouse merger, people intentionally created a scenario where they weren't logging into other servers to play. They were logging in ONLY to accept 'one time' rewards with absolutely zero intentions of playing upon that server.
    I think if you look at this without a biased perspective you can see a lot of similarities to shoveling exploit where people were taking intended game mechanics and manipulating them for unintended gains. 
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  10. DrBoo added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    For your first point the shoveling not using energy further proves my point that it was unintended use of game mechanics, also I don't see what bearing this has upon the discussion we both agree shoveling was a perfectly acceptable use until people figured a way to manipulate it for their benefit. 
    For the second point I'd like to point out that Kakao(daum) attempted to prevent people from gathering rewards upon multiple servers but had to remove that after a brief time because it was causing further issues and not allowing people to pickup one at all. This show that the company did not intend or want people pickup up rewards more then once. So if people intentionally logged into multiple servers only for the purpose of picking up additional one time rewards for merger, how does that make it any different then shoveling? Its taking an intended game mechanic and manipulating it for unintended gains.
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  11. DrBoo added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Obvious troll is obvious.
    Anyways for the sake you're actually looking for a discussion. Think about it like this, shoveling was a completely legit use of the gameplay. People found a way to break that intended use for their personal gain. Now lets look at the servers, there's 3 servers you can play upon any server or all three if you wish. Nothing wrong with that its intended use of game mechanics. Now what makes this into an issue is that people have been abusing the system by simply logging into other servers 'only' to pickup one time rewards. This is no longer intended use of game mechanics, why should people be rewarded for abusing the system?
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  12. DrBoo added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Points 1. That's where we disagree. Playing legit upon multiple servers is one thing, intentionally logging into other servers primarily or 'only' for the intention of acquiring welfare handouts (meant to help catch up new players) is completely different. The intended use of the shovel is to afk dig in the desert. Using macros and filling your inventory is simply side effects people decided to use to help exploit this mechanic for unintended gains. the intended use of one time welfare handouts are to help catch up new players by giving them a small boost. Players logging into other servers only for the reason to pick up one time reward welfare handouts is simply a side effect people decided to use to help exploit the mechanic for unintended gains (when server mergers came, which was destined to happen sooner or later).
    Point 2. Its an issue kakao(daum) brought upon themselves that needs to be addressed. They allowed people to pickup multiple one time rewards, they provided 3 independent servers then proceeded to allow handouts to people without any restrictions, knowing they were going to merge the servers. This might be a bunch of extra work but it all could have simply been prevented with some pre-planning from the company.
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  13. DrBoo added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    We seem to be simply going around in circles here. The shovel exploit is unintended use of game mechanics. Getting 3x 'one time rewards' for the hope of server mergers is once again, unintended use of game mechanics. You can call it whatever you want but its still using mechanics not intended inside the game. One time rewards are supposed to be 'one time' there's no if's and's or but's about it.
    Yes this 'would' work but we're talking about hundreds if not thousands of built up rewards. Each 1 loyalty event, each and every welfare handout would have to be added to people that didn't already receive their bonus ones from other servers. This would cause imo even more complications because you'll need to track back and figure who received what rewards upon other servers.
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  14. DrBoo added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    I agree that there's a very small minority of people that actively played upon multiple servers. I'm sure the group of legit people playing upon multiple servers is so small that this could easily be handed upon a case by case basis with helpdesk.
    The main crux of the problem here is that people are receiving 3x the 'one time' rewards that they're supposed to have obtained. This is clearly unintended use of game mechanics. I don't see the point in rewarding people for behaviour that kakao obviously was trying to avoid. Remember they attempted to implement a fix to prevent people from obtaining rewards upon multiple servers but it ended up being buggy so they trashed the idea.
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  15. DrBoo added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    You seem to be forgetting a few important points here.
    Person with multiple servers merge gets 4 extra penguin pets (these are only obtainable through rewards).
    They also get a huge surplus of income from collecting other servers welfare. This will inflate the price of nearly everything as there will be a huge surplus of money coming into the economy. This will cause a huge disruption to many of the poorer people, who didn't think or didn't know to meta-game collect handouts from all the servers. 
    Overall it will cause a lot more harm then good because you're going to be causing a huge disruption to the economy.
    That's like saying would shovel exploiting not be an issue if you couldn't dig up hard/sharps. The main source of the issue is digging up sharp/hards for minimal to zero effort for big money gains.
    The same can be said about welfare hand outs on other servers. You're not having an issue because you're not actually able to do anything with that income upon other servers. The moment the warehouses get combined you'll be then running into issues with what was happening with digging. People getting a huge advantage for skirting along the edges of the system and manipulating in game mechanics to their advantage.
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