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  1. JohnnyPKay added a post in a topic This Saturday at Valencia...   

    you're stupid and not remotely funny
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  2. JohnnyPKay added a post in a topic ManUp? More like 1 ManGreed.   

    we took gravity castle and they dont want to take it back, who is dodging?
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  3. JohnnyPKay added a post in a topic sssSSsssSs   

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  4. JohnnyPKay added a post in a topic Open Challenge: Valencia (1/7/2017)   

  5. JohnnyPKay added a post in a topic Imposter king betrays his word to disband ManUp after most honorable defeat   

    They did the same thing with FML and look where they are at now.
    Like I said, Iconic leadership just assumed that an empty fort was Manup's ally. Like it was out of the realm of possibilities that they wanted a free node. If you actually read, they had the ability to teleport to their base at any second.  I watched some of their members ride back on their horses instead of teleporting like they were casuals. Iconic was consistently wiped and their offense on manup's base had no pressure.
    It's not just my opinion, pretty sure everyone downplays Iconic and rightly so. Only way Manup falls is if these guilds actually grow a brain, then we might have some competition. Gravity 30 hour siege strategists aren't worth for shit.

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  6. JohnnyPKay added a post in a topic Imposter king betrays his word to disband ManUp after most honorable defeat   

    Not important to keep dec'd on. Manup doesn't even consider them a threat anymore. Just Gravity lapdog.
    They got that region for free when they placed mercs for the transfer. People may want that castle but they don't take that guild seriously.
    Nephalem was told to stay back for the 1v1 and they didn't defend their base. Iconic lost because they were outmatched and their retarded leaders built close to a safe zone for manup. That only works when you're sieging a castle.
    Manup beats Iconic 1v1. Gravity beats Iconic 1v1. Iconic was overhyped. Now that they are nothing more than a tool for Gravity, Manup gets to play the guessing game on when their hires will hit.
    So Gravity and Iconic never merged or used hires? Give me a break. How much shit can you pull from your ass. 
    You lack any comprehension on Edan's history. Manup got zerged by alliances on their castle multiple times and always came back to retake and their opponents always dodging the following week. If you think losing a castle through stalemate would be end of manup, I laugh at your ignorance. They revel in that type of shit.
    Once again you should blame Iconic for being too stupid to even asking Nephalem if they were in the fight. Are you really going to say that they lost because they destroyed an empty fort that only took 5 mins? Even then you can click a bell that immediately teleports you back to your base(Which many of them didn't I watched on stream). Their downfall was their bad builders, bad calls, and bad ego. End of story. 
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  7. JohnnyPKay added a post in a topic Open Challenge: Valencia (1/7/2017)   

    The ability to stalemate Manup out of a castle and make them lose their tax bonus can be a victory in itself. That's if Gravity can hold on for 4 hours.
    How ignorant are you? As shown by their iconic handoff, Gravity + Iconic has the ability to hire as many guilds as they wish and those movements don't go unnoticed. Gravity would never solo drop on a castle if they actually wanted to take it. 
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  8. JohnnyPKay added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Multiple pearl items have incorrect prices on marketplace
    These are just an example but there are many more like this. No one will be able to buy outfits with the incorrect prices since no one in their right mind would sell.

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  9. JohnnyPKay added a post in a topic Open Challenge: Valencia (1/7/2017)   

    lets be real, you will be trying to defend your base for 4 hours, not hitting the castle.
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  10. JohnnyPKay added a post in a topic GUILD POWER RANKING - WEEK 3 XMAS EDITION   

    What 1v1? Gravity never brought just themselves to Mediah. It would get stalemated and Lacari would call a bunch of t1-t2 guilds to retake it. Name one time Gravity solo dropped on Manup. Manup has solo dropped on Calph and FML/Gravity 2v1'd them. 
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  11. JohnnyPKay added a post in a topic How do I add funds ot my guild?   

    You are not suppose to know, you are given a description and a time limit after you accept. You are way overthinking this. Like I said, just pick a small subjugation quest and stop wasting time trying to figure it out.
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  12. JohnnyPKay added a post in a topic How do I add funds ot my guild?   

    Just do a small subjugation quest for Calph/Mediah depending on your guild strength and start from there. 
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  13. JohnnyPKay added a post in a topic GUILD POWER RANKING - WEEK 3 XMAS EDITION   

    Region was stalemated after Manup was out zerged by Redface/Support/PRX alliance with the possiblity of bringing more so they returned the favor.
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  14. JohnnyPKay added a topic in US Guild