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  1. Callous2208 added a post in a topic Terms for a new trap.   

    Lol, the trap was charging a box price for a f2p game on the premise that it would be vastly different/superior to the f2p versions. We walked right into it and the door slammed behind us. But that ship has long since sailed.
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  2. Callous2208 added a post in a topic The game is dead you say?   

    This is one of the best low quality korean f2p's I have ever played as far as combat and graphics go. The heavy reliance on cash shop purchases and overall lack of rewarding pve/pvp activities is the same as the others, but the graphics are much better. I think people expect too much from these games. Obviously some project to fund other korean business ventures will not be on par with AAA titles. Let's face it, for a low quality eastern f2p, Black Desert is not that bad.
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  3. Callous2208 added a post in a topic Can we please adjust Karanda window?   

    Well, at least you know that once you do catch the boss, you'll get what you need the first time. If loot was based around ridiculous rng and you had to do the boss a bunch of times at weird ass non prime hours, that would just be stupid. 
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  4. Callous2208 added a post in a topic Can we please adjust Karanda window?   

    You must be living in some odd area that's an exception to the normalcy. Everyone might not be working exactly 9-5 but the majority of day shift employees still fall within that range. Be it 7 to 3, 8 to 4, 9 to 5. These odd spawn times do not benefit any full time worker in NA. Night shift or dayshift. You just said it yourself, you don't play in prime times. You know there is a reason they call that window prime time right? That's when most people are playing.
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  5. Callous2208 added a post in a topic Cash shop is okay ? Keeps future content free   

    Did a p2w thread from back in the day just get necro'd by a dillusional white Knight? Da fuq is going on around here? You know it's bad when it seems like people are finally starting to accept the bullshit they're being fed and one of Kakao's mighty defenders goes in and tries to stir the pot.
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  6. Callous2208 added a post in a topic Is it ok to have player trading now?   

    Player to player trading would add a level of fun and cooperation seen in most massively multiplayer online games and help alleviate the lazy and outrageous amounts of rng. So no, sorry. Wouldn't fit in with BDO'S core design as a single player casino game, with rpg elements.
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  7. Callous2208 added a post in a topic Crafted Costumes   

    This. Otherwise you could play the game not looking like a potato or mix up your looks without someone making a cash shop purchase. We just can't have that here.
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  8. Callous2208 added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Discussion Megathread   

    Awe. Witty retorts don't pack the same punch when you misspell words you googled. 
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  9. Callous2208 added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Discussion Megathread   

    Silly response. It's not the real world so you can't compare or complain? Game still costs real world money, real world time. It's a real world product. Getting screwed is getting screwed, even if the implications or consequences aren't as dire because it's an entertainment product and not a necessity. Giving up and just taking things as is, even in video games, shouldn't be expected or promoted. No matter what side of the argument you're on.
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  10. Callous2208 added a post in a topic Crafted Costumes   

    Or...why not do both?
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  11. Callous2208 added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Discussion Megathread   

    Your input is always refreshing and full of original incite. Please, tell us more.
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  12. Callous2208 added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Discussion Megathread   

    You just lost those rockets and robots pal! Jk, we want that money. 
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  13. Callous2208 added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Discussion Megathread   

    I feel like that's just not true in BDO. Gear overwhelmingly trumps skill here. Gear progression is gated by time and luck. TThe cash shop alleviates a bit of this with many small "conveniance" features. I am yet to see someone win a fight predominantly because of their experience with a class and pvp in general, especially late game.
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  14. Callous2208 added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Discussion Megathread   

    Deal! We assure you the bonuses to gathering and pvp the robots will provide will be quite attractive as well. These conveniance items will also be a rare drop from one of our long cool down world bosses at 0400 est.
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  15. Callous2208 added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Discussion Megathread   

    Noted. And how much would you say you'd be willing to pay for such a feature? *begins salivating and touching self inappropriately*
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