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  1. lanzend added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    This costume. Pls and thku.

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  2. lanzend added a post in a topic Revert Stupid Enchant Change   

    Naw I -----ed up. Didn't see the enhance vs. durable. RIP cuz I always hit Krea from 19-23 fs, then start tapping concentrateds.  I believe the enchant chance of Reblath was also affected tho. This is just from experience enchanting straight for 3 days vs when I was going for PEN 3 weeks ago.  I'm having a way harder time getting 16 stack Reblath now. Literally goes +15 75% of the time now. Seemed about 50/50 before. 

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  3. lanzend added a topic in Suggestions   

    Revert Stupid Enchant Change
    For the love of all things good in this world, please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please, revert the blackstone  +0 to +15 enchant changes on trash gear (green and reblath, etc.).
    Making these items enchant easier has actually made enchanting in this game much HARDER. I actually want to gauge my eyes out. The system is already pretty retarded but could be dealt with.  Now it's just beyond stupid. I have already reset a full set of reblath/militia/agerian/krea gear 23 times (900+ stones) since last night because it usually pops +15 at lower than 12 failstacks. I only try to get a 16 stack with it before enchanting other stuffs.  
    This change also gives an unfair advantage to older players vs. newer players that aren't at softcap gear (full TRI yellow accessories, TET weaps/armor), that are really really really trying to get what many other players in top guilds already have and were able to get much easier due to being able to build a basic set of cheap failstacks (15-20 FS) with relative ease.  Ideally you want a system that allows newer players to catch up faster. In my experience MMOs without such systems in place lose new players as the runway is too long to be competitive.

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  4. lanzend added a post in a topic The Great Vision Lottery   

    I agree. Fx is more like Bob Barker than the short nerdy fat dude whose name I forget.  
    Also, don't forget to spay or neuter your pets. Thank you!
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  5. lanzend added a post in a topic The Great Vision Lottery   

    @AVG could you please tidy up your PENs? I almost tripped on one yesterday.
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  6. lanzend added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Guild Double Ping Glitches Character Direction/Camera
    The double-ping camera/character direction bug still exists. 
    I believe it was supposed to be resolved by this patch:
    For those who aren't clear: If while using an ability while a guildy double pings anywhere on the map, you can't change character direction with your camera unless you W A S D first. I believe it's bugging an autopath while using an ability, that sets you in a straight line, that you have to W A S D to get off the "autopath".  
    This is absolute AIDS for many classes that rely on chaining dashes into mobile damage abilities into frontal blocks that have to be turned or you get dunked.  This is a huge issue in nodewars and gvg large scale where location pinging is very necessary for group coordination. Will edit in some videos to further illustrate. 
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  7. lanzend added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    lul ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Get nerfed retards
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  8. lanzend added a post in a topic Fight Night Saturday   

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  9. lanzend added a post in a topic Manup 2016/2017 Thinking   

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  10. lanzend added a post in a topic ManUp lubes and annihilates Cuckcode - CUCKCODE DEAD GUILD   

    That's easy. ManCuck and Cuckcode just have to down every other guild that also drops on Valencia before they start fighting. Should take what, about 10 minutes?
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  11. lanzend added a post in a topic Doot Doot   

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  12. lanzend added a post in a topic John Madden John Madden John Madden   

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  13. lanzend added a post in a topic Do you think Wizard/Witch will get nerfed?   

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  14. lanzend added a post in a topic Illuminati buys castle from ManUp   

    LOL Real Niggas lifeskill.
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