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  1. Congratulations - you did it.

    Thanks flapjack

    sand for that reason i'm fishing out every bit of information i can. 
    strategies are to be made with preparation. 


    Hey my name is decap, nice to meet you, pm me and i can give you any inside info you wish for a very low price. Dont buy information from bad sources when you can have it from the number 1 futilez source! Please if you like my information rate,subscribe and leave a comment.


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  2. We are not announcing our server choice and even our members will find out on Sunday morning. 

    p.s. Don't care on what server we are as long as we end up the same one with other competitive PvP guilds like Grind/Niflheim/Soul Slayers etc... 

    yeah members will know after servers are up so if members get on random server before that they get guild kicked

  3. Einstein_tongue.jpg

    I'll tell you why it is important firstly before we approach the impact it will have on future technology. So it ended the search for proof of a key prediction in Einstein's theory, which changed the way that we as humanity perceived key concepts like space and time.  Indirectly, it also adds to the evidence that black holes—never directly observed—do actually exist. So-called primordial gravitational waves, the hardest kind to detect and not implicated in Thursday's announcement, would boost another leading theory of cosmology, that of "inflation" or exponential expansion of the infant Universe.

    These so called primordial waves are part of what was left over from the big bang the but isn't evident in the Cosmic Microwave background radiation that Penzas and Wilson discovered to support the big bang model. BUt if these new early waves can be confirmed even if the are tiny and barely perceptible will tell us a lot more about the hyper inflation period of the expansion phase of the universe. 

    To answer your question about what effect it will have on new technology well nothing immediate or directly just yet it will open up huge field of new astronomy and astrophysics research and studies. But try this analogy when we discovered the magic Radio waves we had no idea what they would lead to. Now we can use a small device that fits into our pocket to instantly communicate with anyone anywhere across the world.

    Does that sufficiently answer your question decap?


    The level of scientific insight and explanation is good enough even though you dumb it down to a more child like level nevertheless your answer will suffice for now.

  4. Hello, I am Slarticus.


    Did I miss something?


    Did someone say cake?


    Slart out.

    Can you explain why gravity waves are important and what effect they will have on new technology that will be made as a result of the confirmation that gravity waves exists?