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  1. KyCygni added a post in a topic Knowledge Completionist Questions   

    495E / 3443K here,
    I know this isn't super helpful but I just wanted you to know that I checked those 3 and also do not have them. I've done a ton of underwater gathering, though not much fishing I'll admit. I've got no idea how you would go about directly getting knowledge from a trace...even heating weapons and getting them that way doesn't work.
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  2. KyCygni added a post in a topic Epheria Sailboat disappearance upon remote collection   

    Thank you so much for this response. I was able to recover it in a similar fashion - the boat just wasn't showing up in the wharf lists.
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  3. KyCygni added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Epheria Sailboat disappearance upon remote collection
    I've already submitted a ticket for this, and boy I sure hope I get a response, but I figured I'd see if anyone else experienced this error. (And yes I understand a ticket could take several days)
    So, I Traveler's Mapped my way back to Port Epheria since my boat was <10% hp, had no mast, and I was trying to level sailing... did it purely as a timesaver. I ran to the wharf manager, clicked remote collection, hit space for the popup that says it costs some silver - no problem - and poof. My Epheria Sailboat inexplicably disappeared. I'd done it before without a problem, albeit not with a nearly-dead boat.
    No ship icon. Nothing. Even if it did mysteriously go to another wharf other than the one I remoted from, well, there's no sailboat anywhere in the wharf screen. It's, just, gone. Relogged, nothing. Cue sad violin.
    I have sailing beginner 9, several small goldmont battleship coins in my inventory, 15 or so blue/yellow/artisan workers in epheria over level 20, I've deposited a bunch of Sea Monster's Neidans into my guild storage.......I suppose all of these things are possible with fishing boats and someone else's boat....but I sure hope that there's some way that a GM can figure out that I did indeed create an Epheria Sailboat. It's my understanding that the boat was supposed to be permanent.
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  4. KyCygni added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Unable to get cox pirate npc knowledge
    The ferry keeper (Gafur), and the 3 npcs east of the dock where players repair at pirates, Hazelnut, Yiscule, and Haim, still appear as question marks for me even though I've talked to them on numerous occasions and done many pirate quests.
    In knowledge, under Character, People on the Sea, Island Residents, they appear as 4 lines of question marks immediately under Barbara. The only requirement bddatabase lists for this knowledge is just talking to them, yet that doesn't work and there are no amity options.
    Does anyone know what I can do to unlock knowledge for these npcs?
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  5. KyCygni added a post in a topic Map doesn't work? (In Search of the Lady's Kingdom quest)   

    Yes, that's the whole point: exploration, which is why every knowledge description is "East of X" or whatever. If you don't want to bother with any of that, there are other threads with screenshots of general locations, and you can make yourself a compass (since it works in both the desert and ocean) if necessary.
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  6. KyCygni added a topic in Sorceress   

    Grim Reaper's Judgment animation cancel conditions
    There's an animation cancel for chaining Grim Reaper's Judgment into other skills, where the ending "wind-down" of GRJ disappears and the other skill is immediately accelerated.
    I have seen this work for GRJ -> Violation, and GRJ -> Cartian's Nightmare, provided that spacebar is used for the 10 shards buff. However, I can't get it to work consistently; sometimes GRJ will just continue its animation and wind all the way down before slowly starting the next skill, which is extremely frustrating.
    Does anyone know what causes this to fail?
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  7. KyCygni added a post in a topic Aakman Ordinance ecology knowledge   

    lol, yes of course. This is not Aakman dungeon (well, other than ancient civilization lore).
    Aakman/Hystria dungeon were separated from ecology knowledge in an earlier patch, and now there's one section for desert mobs and one for all the mobs in the dungeon. You can view it here: http://bddatabase.net/us/knowledge/
    Just go to ecology, valencia, ancient man (weapon). Hystria Watchtower through Kalqueesh are in Hystria Dungeon (9 types), and Aakman Illusion Trap through Aakman Elite Guardian are in Aakman (10 types).
    This thread is for the purposes of Ancient man, (ORDINANCE). None of these creatures are in the dungeons, unless there is some secret part of the dungeon I'm not aware of. I can try doing an extremely every-corner thorough search again, but I doubt it'll come up with anything. The fact that I managed to find Casius at night in the desert makes me think other areas may spawn mobs only at night, but right now that's the only lead I have. I can't find data on this knowledge section anywhere, even on KR websites (other than "it exists").
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  8. KyCygni added a topic in PVE   

    Aakman Ordinance ecology knowledge
    I'm trying to complete this section, but the monsters are rather elusive. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it.
    Ancient Civilization Originator, Guardian, and Follower: found, Desert by Aakman/fogan nodesDemol and Burmol: found, Desert sands (one is round and the other has spikes)Alten and Kalten: missingCasius: found, in the Desert sands only at night, but exceedingly rare. Could use more info if he is also localized as I have only seen him in the north, west of valencia.Kreator: missingAncient Ator: missing 
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  9. KyCygni added a post in a topic Great Desert Adventure Journal III   

    Hi, yes it is.
    The first four knowledge entries (the dailies) are from the rare drops in each of the endgame Valencian dungeons: Sulfur Mine, Pila Ku Jail, Aakman, and Hystria. For example, "Bluish Sulfur" drops from the Sulfur Mine. It gives you a quest that turns in for 3 million and the knowledge point - after you get the knowledge, further drops of it let you pick purified water / star anise tea as a side reward.
    The remaining quests require you to be able to farm Aakman and complete the quest chains. So if you can't take down Aakman mobs, table this knowledge section for later.
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  10. KyCygni added a topic in PVE   

    Anyone get valencia elite knowledge?
    I've killed over 100 gahaz shadows now and a few cadry commanders and none of them have learned. I'm beginning to wonder if this is secretly related to amity or a quest - has anyone gotten knowledge on the new elites? Or the gatekeepers?
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  11. KyCygni added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Somtimes get stuck on PearlAbyss screen after ALT-TAB (memory leak?)
    Sometimes after alt-tabbing my game will just be on the Pearl Abyss logo on the black screen. When it happens I have to force-quit the client and relog into the game. This isn't after leaving for hours or anything - I'll just alt-tab to a browser or something and then less than a minute later I'll alt-tab back to the game and it will be stuck on Pearl Abyss for no reason.
    If I let it go, Black Desert will continue to rise in memory use until about 7+GB, at which point it will stop responding, fade white, and close. I can actively play for hours at a time and this ONLY happens during the alt-tab process.
    Any ideas why this might be happening? Is there anything I can do to diagnose this?
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  12. KyCygni added a post in a topic Stone golems   

    These things are infuriating. I hope they get fixed. I was just barely able to do it as a sorceress but only by repeatedly alternating between teleport and dark flame. Slow as hell and I still died a couple times, but it worked.
    As a knowledge seeker, it makes me mad that the ones that get summoned are required for the knowledge entry.
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  13. KyCygni added a post in a topic Calpheon Library, missing knowledge need help finding it   

    The Valkyrie part of the adventure journal is entirely localized in the Valkyrie sector with no requirements.
    IIRC, You will need to:
    Read every bookshelf in the libraryTalk to some villager npcsTalk to at least one named npc (amity)Caveats:
    Some of the books are on the stairsSome of the books are on sidetablesSome of the locations have two books in them, and reading these books is Line-Of-Sight dependent (for example, walking up to a side table and viewing it will not suffice, you will need to look at every side table from multiple angles)Some of the npcs are in the corners outside and you may not notice them until you literally run to the cornerIf you are missing more than 2 or 3, then you definitely missed some books that you find just by running around. You have definitely not viewed every book and talked to every person - if that were true you would have completed the journal section.
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