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  1. Karrus added a post in a topic 2nd worst horse skill next to Caution   

    @Aastrid  How do you cancel charge and go into drift? Do you use drift as the cancel or do you do something else for the charge cancel?
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  2. Karrus added a post in a topic Cannot change channel due to restrictions   

    Want to thank GM Horizon for a very quick response - got an email response/fix to my ticket after 20 minutes!!! . Submitted a Technical > Login ticket regarding the same issue discussed on this thread (had an alt reading from bookshelf when I logged out - got channel restriction error and then losing connection with NA server). 
    THANK YOU !!!!
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  3. Karrus added a post in a topic Weapon Crystal?   

    With the new craftable costumes that provide either +1 crit or +1 attack speed, you no longer have to use food *just* for the extra 1 point. Obviously, there are other combat advantages that some foods provide. The only downside is that you'll need to spend $15 to convert the costume into one that goes into the pearl item slot, otherwise it'll replace your armor piece if you wear it without the conversion.
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  4. Karrus added a post in a topic offhand to TRI?   

    I'm half-way to 57 with a TRI Liverto. Still waiting for Bheg's
    Agreed. It's at PRI and not going to go to DUO or TRI on the black bow...those FS can be used for better purposes.
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  5. Karrus added a post in a topic offhand to TRI?   

    thanks, think i'm going to DUO the black horn and TRI the white for the AP...just need behg to not be so stingy, and I'm set in this regard
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  6. Karrus added a topic in Musa   

    offhand to TRI?
    Have both black warrior and white horn bows at PRI.  Planning on going to DUO...should I go to TRI or save those FS for other enchantments?
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  7. Karrus added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance August 11th   

    Don't know about you guys, but I stopped getting my Black Spirit daily scroll requests since last maintenance. I hope that will be fixed...otherwise I have to put in a ticket.
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  8. Karrus added a post in a topic SP into Sword and Maneuver Training?   

    Sounds good. I'll reset Maneuvers and get back some SP.  Thanks for the input!
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  9. Karrus added a topic in Musa   

    SP into Sword and Maneuver Training?
    At 55, I have both these skills maxed, which is using 40+ SP.  Honestly don't know if it's worth the investment.
    What's the general consensus on this?
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  10. Karrus added a topic in US Guild   

    48 Musa looking for PVX Orwen guild
    I mainly play 10pm-2am Eastern time every day, so looking for a guild that is active during that time.
    In terms of my playstyle, in open world I'll defend a spot if challenged but won't go looking to PK or grief, so looking for a larger sized guild with same mentality.
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