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    +1 really need chat length extension!
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    +1 Please oh please give us more freedom!
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    [IC] The Jesters Pyre [Open]
    RP Prompt: A traveling trade caravan is greatly delayed in its travels as a series of unfortunate events slow their progress. Spooked by superstition and ill omens the caravans moral has plummeted and all are weary for what might happen next. Settling down for the night in an untamed stretch of wilderness the members of the caravan huddle about fires retreating from the unnaturally deep darkness of the night. Something was going to happen this night.
    There was an ominous darkness to the night. Something almost supernatural and it spread weary whispers and hushed concerns among the men of the waylaid trade caravan. It was yet another ill omen among many. The caravan seeming doomed to misfortune, causing many to wonder what foul treachery they had committed to bring such misfortune into their lives.
    Their trek meant to be no more then a weeks errand had now elapsed the deadline and many days still lay between them and their destination. A broken wagon axle, a felled tree in the road, sickness among the men, and even the horse and mules growing inexplicably spooked driving the carts and supplies off the road.
    This day was no different with their progress stunted by mishap and misfortune. The wilderness that surrounded their circled wagons untamed and unwelcoming. It was far from an ideal location to set camp for the nigh, but with the cloud thick and heavy in the sky blocking out light of the moon, it was impossible to go on.
    Men huddled about camp fires crowded together as much for warmth as the soothing comfort of light. Most were civilians, porters and peasants. Only a few among the caravan, like Sinfa, were trained in combat and assumed the role of escorting the caravan across the untamed wilderness. Some were passengers, others sell swords, or in the case of Sinfa... had a stake in one of the caravan carts and was here protecting their investment.
    "I have not seen a night as black as this... what unspeakable foulness has befallen upon?" Gregor a weathered caravan driver questioned direly while warmed his hands upon the glowing fire. He was aged and not well. His skin hanging off his bones like rough dyed leather, to skinny to be healthy, but just as able-bodied as any younger man among their group.
    "..." Sinfa remained silent as the drivers thoughts where echoed by others. Choosing instead cast her gaze upon those who sat about her fire. She was a young woman of few words, speaking only when she felt it necessary to do so. An air of nobility surrounded her, both her manner and speech reflecting a privileged upbringing. There was however a harsh intensity about her, like one who looked upon others expecting to be betrayed... ever ready to parry aside a dagger aimed at her back.
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    Got mine! Sinfa Ways
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    My peppy little Ranger.

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