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  1. Law added a topic in General   

    Servers n' Channels
    Lots of threads show up when I choose the tag "Server". To make things easier, I'll make this thread and as one of the people who still doesn't have the chance to play the game I'll ask:
    How does BDO work? Are there multiple servers? If yes, how many channels, if any per server are there?
    Thank you in advance.
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  2. Law added a post in a topic $30 for 7 days?   

    That fail, an ad got on the way of the video. Also, I like that music, it's awesome.
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  3. Law added a post in a topic ~Player Killer~   

    Holy sh*t, the size of your ovaries. You're a ruthless killer, aren't you?
    Also, senpai, give me the guest passu pureasulol
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  4. Law added a post in a topic Frequent headaches while playing BDO?   

    That's what you call immersion.
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  5. Law added a post in a topic Can I be a Guest (Pass) of yours?   

    You first laugh by saying I've quoted you, even though I've never noticed you in the forum. And then you say "You're going to buy it anyways, so no" as if it makes sense giving guest passes to people who are NOT going to buy the game afterwards. Like... Piss off, dude, I don't care about your tantrum. You don't want to contribute to a stranger, that's fine, but keep your childish tantrum to yourself.
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  6. Law added a post in a topic Yes, I understood that reference.   

    That kid on the background needs to be beaten the sh*t out of.
    And the dubbing... The cringe of the dub. Awful! And how did they record the kid talking? Did they just put a microphone up against the TV speakers while an 80s show was on?
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  7. Law added a post in a topic Mabinogi Survivors   

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  8. Law added a post in a topic First object to your right IRL...for fun ;)   

    A wardrobe... Yes.
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  9. Law added a post in a topic Can I be a Guest (Pass) of yours?   

    I know the troll would have said no either way. I was just commenting on his nonsense.
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  10. Law added a post in a topic Skill-based MMO combat, yes or no?   

    If you want to get a game like BDO with realism added to it, you can't remove everything.
    Gear - Can't be only cosmetic, but you could divide it by categories. Let's make it a bit like Dark Souls.
    Plate / iron armors would boost your defense against sharp weapons swing attacks, but be weak against blunt weapons swings and you'd get medium damage from sharp weapons thrust attacks. It would make you move a bit slower, less sprint distance until you get tired and have a slightly low stamina recovery rate aka less spammy.Leather armor would have medium defense against every kind of attack. No move speed penalty, but still get tired a bit sooner than with cloth armor. No stamina penalty either.Cloth armor would be weak against every type of attack, but would allow you for quick maneuverability and offer you no penalties on anything else. 
    Then of course weapons would have a faster/slower swing time and depending on their weight combined with your combat experience and swing speed it would do a specific amount of damage.
    And last but not least. Have Combat Experience for each skill and/or weapon instead of Levels and stuff.
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  11. Law added a post in a topic Can I be a Guest (Pass) of yours?   

    My phone has free calls to other fixed phones. No expenses there.
    Cheaper food? You think I'm eating gourmet?
    I'd get a bike, but I don't want to wake up early enough to go on a bike ride that'll take 3 hours long.
    I'd only rent my body, not sell... People want to buy, but not get a rented one. Bad luck, I guess.
    That means that only people who aren't definitely gonna buy the game are the ones worth getting a Guest Pass? You make Zero sense. That and/or you're a troll.
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  12. Law added a post in a topic Can I be a Guest (Pass) of yours?   

    No idea why you feel like that, but okay Decepticon.
    A week (only) playing the game is totally worth it. Especially because it's a game I've been waiting for years, while watching videos of Steparu and stuff.
    I don't smoke, I don't drink carbonated drinks, I don't eat junk food. I'm in my last few months of my cooking course and I can't afford anything but my bus and train pass which cost 80€. I prepare food to eat while on break from home. I'm already at my limit financially-wise. I can't cut on anything, everything I use money on is something I need, nothing's expendable.
    Oh well, I just thought I'd give it a try, not like I expected to get one, but since others are asking, why not. I guess I'll be able to buy it in at least seven months from now, see you in-game by then. And thank you all for the attention.
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  13. Law added a post in a topic Ugh the spam is getting me out of this game   

    I agree, it's super annoying even though I don't have the game yet... So, can I have your account, since you're saying you're "getting out of the game"? wink
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  14. Law added a post in a topic Looking for a girlfriend   

    I don't like the idea of dating sites or anything like that, but at least it's a place designed to do these kinds of stuff. Am I right?
    I don't like the idea of dating sites or anything like that, but at least it's a place designed to do these kinds of stuff. Am I right?
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