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  1. Violent added a post in a topic Awakened DK Build - Rotation?   

    I know that I'm the guy who never plays a class like everyone else, but most of the stuff presented in this thread seems just "wrong" to me. Maybe it's great for PVP, I don't PVP so I can't comment there, but if you are looking for a basic strategy for PVE then ignore all this shadow bullet and wheel of fortune crap. The only non-awakened skills you need to focus on are your F-skills (air strike, etc) and prerequisite skills for awakening skills.
    Try the following rotation. It's fast, simple, mobile, and it rips through PVE content even when you do not have the gear score to be where you want to grind. You'll kill fast enough to grind for xp in areas well above your actual level. (Level 57 rotation here, if you are higher then tack on your flows).
    Overlord to get your buffs up. Twilight dash to blow into and through a group of enemies, immediately hook around and spirit hunt, you'll get back attack bonus. Do shattering darkness and flow bombardment (forward) still getting back attack bonus and use a soul snatch. Use hallucination twice to arc around behind the group again and do spirit legacy followed by another soul snatch, you get that back attack bonus again. Do a hallucination again to reposition, grip of grudge to bring the group together for a back attack seed of catastrophe. If anything is still alive, use nocturne (teleport behind them) to go into regular stance and hit them from behind for a full F-skill combo to get all your addon buffs back and end with a spirit hunt (quick barred) to pop you back into awakened stance to repeat the rotation. You don't need to worry about blocks, getting knocked down, or for the most part even getting hit and you'll never need energy for your attacks.
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  2. Violent added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    Mine does. RNG.
    Really, devs, you need to fix the lag and desynch issues. Adding new events is fine, but every patch the game gets more and more unplayable for more and more people. You have a great game, fix it before your playerbase leaves for other games. I would think this a priority, no? Bless is just around the corner now, CoE not far off either, and others. The game has been running crappy for a lot of people since the whole stupid "one world" thing you did. Break it into another 36 channels if you have to. Upgrade your hardware. Do some damn programming instead of cut and pasting from KR, whatever it takes.
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  3. Violent added a topic in Suggestions   

    2nd Year Census Requests
    To whomever does the census data collection:
    I really liked seeing this data. Next year I would like to see even more of it, and maybe others will comment on this thread to expand the list with their requests, so...
    Most Sausans Killed by a Single Player:
    Total Sausans Killed:
    Most Pirates Killed by a Single Player:
    Total Pirates Killed:
    Most Player Deaths to Mobs:
    Most Player Deaths to Another Player:
    Most AFK Killed Player:
    Total Players Killed While AFK:
    Player With the Most T8 Horse Births:
    Total Number of Plants Grown:
    Most Plants Harvested by a Single Player:
    Total Hours Spent at Sea (Ocean):
    Total Trades to Traders:
    Most Trades by a Single Player:
    Total Smuggling Trades:
    Most Smuggling Trades by a Single Player:
    Total Number of Criminals Punished:
    Total Number of Hours Spent in Jail:
    Most Jailed Player:
    Etc, etc...
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  4. Violent added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 22nd 2017 [Updated]   

    Ah, thanks for the head's up, LightyearsBD, I was just about to check on there before going back to bed disappointed.
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  5. Violent added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 22nd 2017 [Updated]   

    I'll chime in on the "Cannot Add More Slots" thing here... Will this be fixed prior to the Dark Knight release, or do those of us with 12 slots currently just miss out?
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  6. Violent added a topic in General   

    Falres DAIRY Farm?
    Am I the only one who thinks that FALRES DIRT FARM is a typo, and that it was meant to be FALRES DAIRY FARM but something got lost in translation? They have cows. Lots of cows. Nobody is farming DIRT there...
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  7. Violent added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I breed, a lot... My general feedback is that since they "improved the chances of getting a higher tier", breeding has gone to crap. I used to get T7s easily, now, even breeding level 30 T7s I end up with T6s most of the time. I've managed to get a single T8.
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  8. Violent added a topic in General   

    Character Slots for .KR After Dark Knight Release
    Does anyone know if a 13th character slot was made available for purchase for Korean players after the release of the Dark Knight class? I would like to have all classes available to me, and currently have one of every class. I am trying to determine if I should awaken the last of these or delete it to make sure I have room for Dark Knight later.
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  9. Violent added a topic in Suggestions   

    Spaces in Guild Names
    Suggestion... Allow us to start using spaces (multiple spaces) in guild names. Just imagine the profit when all the guilds start buying name change coupons...
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  10. Violent added a post in a topic Training Horse Skills   

    Yeah, they definitely need to fix this. Why should the master trainers be the guys who afk level tier one horses opposed to people actually training the skills of high end horses? Value is crap too, even after they "raised" the value of high tier horses. You can get a 95mil drop from a boss that spawns daily, or you can work a week to level up horses that will yield one that when you spend another week leveling still won't be worth 95mil on its best day.
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  11. Violent added a post in a topic Alt Friendlier Leveling   

    Ummm, no, I am opposed to this. I have leveled 11 toons to 50, four of them to 56, and leveled three of these from 1 to 50 on the same weekend without even trying hard.If you are having trouble leveling alts at blinding speed then you are just doing something wrong.
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  12. Violent added a topic in PVE   

    Training Horse Skills
    Is it just me, or does training horse skills advance much slower than it should? I can spend (at professional 6), an hour actively training a horse skill up to 100% to see, maybe, a 1% increase on Training, whereas Trading at the same level would jump up 3% at a time from a trade that took five minutes. I would think that actively training would give you more than afk looping low tier horses to get training xp from their level-ups, but this doesn't seem the case either. Thoughts? Analysis?
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  13. Violent added a post in a topic night vendor - modification   

    As much as the RNG of the night vendor sucks, the real problem IMHO is the way the loot tables work on the boss fights. I've only managed to get two pieces of boss gear off the night vendor, but both were useful and under 80mil. In that time, I saw a lot of what I wanted go by at way over market price, or for the wrong class, but eventually I got a good deal. I would, however, like to see his energy dropped from 50 to 30. The pre-order system is stupid and benefits the rich (in-game rich) who scheme and make deals on whisper chat. So since the mercy of the night vendor is all 'most of us' have for obtaining boss gear, I would like to see more chances per night of getting something.
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  14. Violent added a topic in Suggestions   

    I would love to see a couple lyst fields added around the big settlements, along with jousting mechanics. It would make for a cool diversion, or recurring event. We have beautiful horse animation and physics already, it would be nice to do more with them.
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