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  1. helbjorne added a post in a topic Every Warrior...   

    310 GS, judges class by its ability to 1v1, tells people with far more playtime/ gear/ skill to get good. 
    This is some next level sh*t.
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  2. helbjorne added a post in a topic Letting players know a World Boss has appeared   

    This. I spend up to 3 hours scouting bosses during their respective spawn windows. Stop being lazy.
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  3. helbjorne added a post in a topic Node wars Thorns deathballs   

    LC Best Guild NA
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  4. helbjorne added a post in a topic Sieges Postponed   

    Please do, I think a PTS would drastically improve the quality of the content being pushed. 
    Also, are there any updates regarding the stability and state of the servers, more specifically desync?
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  5. helbjorne added a post in a topic Devs Team communication regarding Patch 17.06   

    This. I can't even list the amount of supposed changes that didn't go through and the servers are desyncing like crazy. This has been an absolutely abysmal update.
    Don't get me wrong Daum, I'm not trying to hate, nor am I a rager that's going to flame you guys for pushing an incomplete/ bugged patch, but you guys really need to reconsider your employees, because they have failed us time and time again with these updates. I'm not leaving the game, but I know many people are, and the amount of potential that Black Desert has is constantly being squandered by your poor development team.
    That is all, and I really hope to see a hotfix within the next 24 hours, because if the first node wars start with the current state of the game, there's going to be irreparable damages to the BDO community.
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  6. helbjorne added a post in a topic Fix Ancient Relics and Cartian Spell [Double posted]   

    It's working as intended. I can't find where they put it, but I heard it through the g r a p e vine far before the patch was released.
    EDIT: The fruit that begins with gra and ends with pe is censored. GG.
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  7. helbjorne added a post in a topic Warrior weak class #4   

    No, I'm not giving up either, I just think the patch wasn't correctly implemented.
    Trollpost is troll? There's numerous videos proving that there was no increase in damage for the abilities that were supposed to receive an increase in damage.
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  8. helbjorne added a post in a topic Whats our new HP after patch?   

    I gained 200 HP and 105 WP. That feel when your luck is absolute shit.
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  9. helbjorne added a post in a topic Feedback - June 17th Update   

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  10. helbjorne added a post in a topic Warriors nerfed to ground   

    Hilt Smash is extremely unreliable, even against an opponent with no bonus resistance to stun, it only successfully stunned 1/10 attempts, and it leaves us vulnerable while/ after using it.
    Ground Slash damage is absolute garbage still, even against prone targets.
    Scars of Dusk doesn't appear to be dealing any more damage than before either.
    Literally nothing good came from these changes.
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  11. helbjorne added a post in a topic Warriors nerfed to ground   

    I just tried it, and it does absolutely sh*t for damage. SS still does more damage than Scars and Ground Slash/ Deep Ground Slash. I don't know if they f*cked up the patch or what, but there was absolutely NO increase in damage.
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  12. helbjorne added a post in a topic Warriors nerfed to ground   

    Yeah, I used Ground Slash while leveling (leave me alone, I was new), and honestly its not that bad of a skill in terms of animation, especially with 5 AS. As Biggians stated, its a brain dead ability with high DPS output (in regards to player damage), and I'm sure that was their idea of a simple solution to our damage output in PvP.
    Something I hear talked about as all around trash is Hilt Smash, however I'm going to try implementing it into my post-patch build. It appears to have a near instant animation out of block, and I feel as if it could be added into a combo for the 2 second stun. Granted, it is a counter, however I feel as if it could be quite useful, especially against other melee classes, including Sorcs.
    I'm thinking it could go something like Shield Charge (to gap close and have Block already up) -> Hilt Smash -> Upper Shield Strike (for a guaranteed hit due to long animation) -> Ground Slash -> Grapple -> Scars of Dusk.
    This combo would deal (assuming all hits land) 4,432% + 4,509% (Scars of Dusk minus PvP damage reduction, which I am unsure of) damage, which against a 200 DP target with Ultimate Grunil would still deal approximately 3,500 damage (with 100 AP and guestimating Scars PvP damage at a total of 3,000%).
    That's definitely nothing to scoff at, and the only requirement for the entire combo to land is landing the initial Hilt Smash, which again, wouldn't be difficult against a melee target.
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  13. helbjorne added a post in a topic Warriors nerfed to ground   

    Thank you all for restoring my faith in the Warrior community. I'm so sick of the "You ruined everything! Warrior useless now!" posts, and it's a breath of fresh air to see people being productive and discussing combos for post-patch changes.
    Keep up the good work guys.
    Adapt and overcome, theorycraft and dominate.
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  14. helbjorne added a post in a topic Warriors nerfed to ground   

    That's what I've been telling guildies. The damage is huge, and the animation is pretty damn fast. This is going to be meta.
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  15. helbjorne added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    Which, again, was in reference to the buffs for Ground Smash, Scars, and Deep Thrust. There were no listed changes to DP.
    Here, I'll provide another link which should help you out here.
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