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  1. Frigga added a post in a topic Your opinion on the top NA Edan guilds pvp wise?   

    I'm sorry, but GK has never fought anyone along side Hostile. If I am correct, you are a member of PRX. Now, coming from another guild, I could possibly understand you having a misconception about the truth of how certain guilds run. But from that one, you would either have to be blind or stupid to believe that GK doesn't engage without their ally. For multiple weeks GK showed up on PRX's channel just to look for a fight, and it was always alone. The fact that anyone who previously made some bs post explaining their current 3 guilds under the same tag that is allied with several other guilds that also run with two or three guilds under one tag, that was also previously allied with atleast one to two other guilds and made their alliance over eight guilds is calling ANY other guild a "zerg" is absurd. Your assumption is through some serious rose-tinted glasses. Having a good sized number of active guild members that actually show up to a fight for a GvG might be giving you this weird zerg perception of things, sure. I suppose not needing a full half an hour to an hour to call our guys together for a fight might be confusing for someone like you and leave you with the impression we just have massive numbers of players.  We don't. We just have an active roster. But can you do us all a favor and stop chucking rocks out of your glass house like an idiot? 
    Now, I will wholly admit that at some point since the launch of the server if you are in Support, PRX, or T1 or any of their sub-guilds it is likely you have fought Gatekeeper while either Gravity or Mango have been there and joined in the festivities. The truth of the matter is that on these occasions, those guilds joined in the fight together because of a common war enemy and the fun of the GvGs. But on several of those occasions some of those guilds were also warred on each other during those fights. So... logic? 
    Pot, please meet Kettle.
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  2. Frigga added a post in a topic Edan Server || <Gatekeeper> || Castle Siege Experienced KR Guild moving to NA || Castle Siege and PvP focused || Teamspeak || Website || Recruitment Limited/Waitlist   

    Legit have no idea who this is that is giving others advice on our guild thread. If this is a member that just did not happen to post until now, please forgive me, but no one that intends to play competitively would suggest this. I don't even.... wut. 
     Its well worth the money to invest in at least one of the larger packages, but obviously that's not always feasible for everyone. 
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  3. Frigga added a post in a topic Edan Server || <Gatekeeper> || Castle Siege Experienced KR Guild moving to NA || Castle Siege and PvP focused || Teamspeak || Website || Recruitment Limited/Waitlist   

    No one else understands how much more terrible this is when you hear that sentence in the voice he uses for it. 
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  4. Frigga added a post in a topic Edan Server || <Gatekeeper> || Castle Siege Experienced KR Guild moving to NA || Castle Siege and PvP focused || Teamspeak || Website || Recruitment Limited/Waitlist   

    I would like to apologize to those of you that applied and didn't hear anything back from us yet because our recruitment was closed during CBT. If you participated in CBT and have additional commentary or questions to add to your application or feel as if that info would change the outcome of your interview, please send me a pm through the forums and let me know which name you applied under. We will be reviewing our roster extensively after CBT to determine how many open spaces are available and you all should hear back from us shortly. There will probably be at least a few by the time we are finished with evaluations. Again, please feel free to open that dialogue about your BD experiences through the forum pm system, it could really help us get to know you as a player. We had a blast in CBT, but still impatiently waiting for launch.

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  5. Frigga added a post in a topic Pets - An Adult Discussion   

    All those reasons, Trix. The most concerning thing to me in all honesty is the fact that your dead mobs you are attempting to pick loot up from despawn before you can pick everything up by hand. Its genuinely not just to avoid the bother of pressing the keys. 
    Also, @Trixologist did you happen to bring the potato salad? ^.^
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  6. Frigga added a post in a topic DO NOT MISS THE KEY DATES   

    Is.... did you... I mean... how...
    I feel like you just invalidated yourself, so we're just gonna let that be. 
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  7. Frigga added a post in a topic Edan Server || <Gatekeeper> || Castle Siege Experienced KR Guild moving to NA || Castle Siege and PvP focused || Teamspeak || Website || Recruitment Limited/Waitlist   

    Thanks for the interest. We'll be processing our applications later today and I am sure you will hear back from us soon. 
    Absolutely, not everyone coming in to the game will have prior experience with one of the other region's versions. Feel free to send in an app.
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  8. Frigga added a post in a topic Change the energy requirement on professions.   

    I'mma just bump this post back to the front page so there is a opportunity for it to be discussed more. This is something that pertains to both PvE and PvP players in the game and should be researched and looked into by all. It also seems a lot more pertinent to the enjoyment and longevity of the game then some of the other topics currently being ridden hard in the suggestion portion of our forum. 
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