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  1. Thelma added a post in a topic Enchantment evening out mechanic: Selling FS in Trade Market for Silvers   

    Politely reminding everyone this thread is not about valks cry but about selling each own FS as method to lessen the impact of RNG progression gating, thanks
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  2. Thelma added a post in a topic Enchantment evening out mechanic: Selling FS in Trade Market for Silvers   

    Well I was thinking about this thing to sell FS to even out luck for a while, never actually wrote the suggestion for mere laziness, then yesterday on reddit had a conversation with this guy, tried to enchant some boss gear ended up with 30-40 FS on each of his characters, and only +12 worth of next enchantment, so as you can see it just happens because it is RNG and all RNG happens, even unlikely.
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  3. Thelma added a post in a topic Enchantment evening out mechanic: Selling FS in Trade Market for Silvers   

    Yes banking FS is the way for player well into the game, but it can happen to be FS overcapped on all characters, storing them on items will solve this.
    What I'd want is to lessen the impact of RNG in the progression.
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  4. Thelma added a post in a topic Enchantment evening out mechanic: Selling FS in Trade Market for Silvers   

    I feel you, as I've said before I too dislike at all this enchanting system, but I'm afraid we cannot realistically ask for a too much radical change, even if it would for me I would remove RNG entirely: Long grind, I'm fine. Escalating difficult challenges, I'm fine. But RNG is like the death of gaming to me. But I simply lost the hope on that, plainly, really, lost hope period.
    So i wanted to make a realistic proposal, which try to re-use as much as what is already in game, doesn't modify the meta (for idiotic that it is), but acts as a counter mechanic to RNG, lessening its impact in our progression, and relieving us from frustration.
    If you like it please support it also on reddit, because there I'm afraid I've been victim of a smear camping, or mostly all the people in that thread are simply gone full retard. 
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  5. Thelma added a post in a topic Enchantment evening out mechanic: Selling FS in Trade Market for Silvers   

    Well I don't like RNG gated progression too, but I don't really see them removing it happening ever unluckily, I've lost hopes on that.
    This is just a countermeasure to compensate bad luck, which is generated solely through in game efforts which don't ends well, by being able to convert it into something universally and deterministically valuable like is silvers, through TM.

    It is not like valks cry for these are not generated in game, and even that valks are not p2w since they are bought with loyalty only not pearls, also differently from them they wouldn't add on top of your FS, but just replace them.

    I don't see p2winish implications, but maybe is just my short sighting, if that is the case I've made a mistake somewhere in my speculations because bringing more p2w on board was never the intent.
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  6. Thelma added a topic in Suggestions   

    Enchantment evening out mechanic: Selling FS in Trade Market for Silvers
    REDDIT mirror: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/66os5y/suggestion_enchantment_evening_out_mechanic/
    I'm not very fond of the gating effect that results from the RNG dependant enchanting system.
    This happens for instance when trying to upgrade our gear we hit a long streak of failures, ending up building very high FS, which are surely valuable, but if they happens at the wrong time might either bankrupt a player or putting him in  a position of having too many high FS for its needs on all his characters, resulting in our progression either be locked or sub optimal by the fact that we should have needed to to use a rare high FS for a lower grade enchantment
    I've seen in KR there is a new nice option to exchange FS with an item, onto which we can save our FS and that can be used later for getting those FS back overwriting a character current FS. This is nice because at least it address the latter scenario of having all our characters with too many FS for our needs.
    Nonetheless this doesn't fully address the gating mechanic for which if someone is really unlucky and regardless of the trials he attempted at enchanting is gear he ends up failing and degrading his gear forever, and stonewalling his gaming experience with something that he himself cannot address in game terms, because nobody can address issues at his own luck and neither luck is something that we can can really inter operate with in game terms (aside following best practices for FS building and their uses, although these are not determinant since their effects are only stochastic at their essence).
    This infinite bad luck gating ultimately demotivate even the most hard core player, because he would just feel frustration, for he cannot improve his "gaming skills" no matter what are his efforts if these gaming skills are not actually in the realm of skills but in the realm of luck!!!
    So it is not about something he would have been doing right or wrong and that he can act about, improve, be better and feel better, he wouldn't feel like he was playing the game, but like the game was playing him instead, taking him out of the equation, and finally making him abandoning the game because he would come to the realisation that for what really matter in this game is only luck, the meta is being snowballed by luck, and what someone do or not in at the end of the day does not determinately matters at all.
    So what I'm proposing is to allow with those FS saved on the items as it is possible in the KR version, to be allowed to be sold on the trade market for silvers, so if someone is really unlucky, he can at least exchange that bad luck with silvers which can help him move forward in the game.
    Those will work exactly as they work now, not by adding, but by overwriting a char FS.
    In the end is a little like bottling and selling energy, but with FS, and would make feel even the unlucky player repaid for each of his efforts at least in a monetary way which he can reinvest. RNG system would be still in place and being lucky in the fist place would still be better that monetise on bad luck, but at least there would be a way out to save the day.
    By saving the day I don't mean to get rich, being lucky must still be more advantageous than being unlucky, i.e successfully enchanting at low FS needs to stay monetarily better than not being able to successfully enchant for the end of selling FS. This numbers fine tuning is out of the scope of this proposal. 
    Than you for reading.
    I just thought it as a way out for bad luck, not to a money making method or something to create unbalance, therefore there are no numbers or prices mentioned in it, for this would be out of its scope.
    It is all about getting out something good of something bad that is happened, just like building and banking FS for the future is.
    FS are like casino chips, their value is stochastic within the casino and in its games, with them you can win a lot or lose everything, but at least they can be cashed out, so imagine this method is something like cashing out FS like you'd cash out unused casino chips into something deterministic again, although probably at a worse exchange rate than at what you got them.
    Also I believe this would need an extra taxation for the sake of maintaining the value of the BS intact, or simply buying FS would be plain better... but again isn't buying already enhanced gear already better than buying BS and enhancing it by ourselves?
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  7. Thelma added a post in a topic Rich Merchant's Ring   

    Ok my bad then

    I see it comes from this http://bddatabase.net/us/item/44269/
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  8. Thelma added a post in a topic Rich Merchant's Ring   

    ^ These 2 above says it all

    It is just another cash grab adding nothing in terms of game play, like already any convenience item that everyone ends up buying and which maybe should have better been in a sub only version of the the base game, instead of being sold to us as B2P for then copy pasting the F2P shop business model, meh and we all fall like idiots for pretty pixels and the likes of +10% rng bonuses. Nope, it come from in-game activity, my bad, see http://bddatabase.net/us/item/44269/, thanks @Peisinoe @magret
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  9. Thelma added a post in a topic Event random boxes...anyone gotten the top item?   

    So far (the number is the number of the day of the month):

    12: RCE
    13: Sharp x3
    14: Cron Stone x3
    15: Ancient Weapon Core
    16: Witch E.
    17: Bensho
    18: RCE
    19: Ancient Guardian Seal
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  10. Thelma added a post in a topic Alternative way to delevel an Item   

    I did, sadly had to delete my 56 ninja, but this is not especially about me, why do we have to buy a slot for a character we don't play and that we use only to hack the enchant system?
    Couldn't they just give an option to go to any NPC, let's say the repair NPC: "Delevel my item", pay even a silver fee, thank you, good bye, go to enchant, repeat.
    And use character slots for what they are for.
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  11. Thelma added a topic in Suggestions   

    Asking Kakao to give us an official wiki site like in KR
    In KR there is a nice wiki made by Daum about black desert, that works like the official gw2 wiki, this is a very nice feature and I think that after one year it should be about time Kakao should start thinking finally giving us an official space for the wiki, instead of having thousand of many fan made guides sparse all over the internet.
    If you think this is a silly request think about BDO subreddit, which a good 50% of its contents is made by questions about game mechanics (and too many comments to those posts are complaints for people asking what they could have googled).
    PS: Last but not least, Kakao could also, always after one year, give us an https access to the forums, which maybe don't involve the same mail address credential which is used for the game account too, but just the forum name, like the apposite field still erroneously states, or at least then a 2-factor authentication method to access our forum and game account especially, and keep them secure.
    (mirrored from reddit)
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  12. Thelma added a post in a topic [Important] New Forums are coming   

    fixed for you, hoping they'll acknowledge the elephant in the room someday

    This is the reason for which I have a separate forum only account, shame on their tech guys for overlooking such glaring issue
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  13. Thelma added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

    Stuttering bug not fixed yet -> http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/130220-a-bug-with-marketplace-search-can-have-major-performance-impact/
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  14. Thelma added a post in a topic sad truth about end game and RNG (read especially if you're new!)   

    they do drop tokens, yet it is only a chance of drop too. Way to much RNG
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  15. Thelma added a post in a topic sad truth about end game and RNG (read especially if you're new!)   

    The problems are actually 2

    1) The RNG which is bad implemented, it can just happen for technical and very complicate reasons, read this -> https://csgillespie.wordpress.com/2016/02/16/randu-the-case-of-the-bad-rng/
    or just look at this self explanatory images.

    2) The fact that TET and PEN enchantments gives so much more bonuses than any other enchantment level. This is exactly the definition of bad game design choices.
    What you'd want is the opposite: diminishing returns for increasing level of power, so that there is an edge in power level for more advanced characters, but this goes decreasing as we approach to the theoretical maximum, ideally differentiating the veterans from the newcomers into a 25% bracket of the whole extention of power levels scale. 

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