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  1. Gattts added a post in a topic Basilisk belt   

    I honestly came to the same theory. 
    I actually took the time to keep my inventory full and farm continously until I procced the "There is no empty slot" message and manually looted the mob with the unique drop.
    I've gotten a snake skin belt from a Petrifier and a Pin from a Watcher doing this.
    If that's the case, I might just get rid of S rank on ambushers and see if that will affect my luck with pins/belts.
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  2. Gattts added a post in a topic So, damage in PVP   

    Honestly the initial frames are when you usually get knocked out of it immediately unless you're out of enemy sight when you do it.
    Even without the Super armor frames Fearsome Tyrant seems to be the more viable Ult.
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  3. Gattts added a post in a topic So, damage in PVP   

    Don't bother with awakening ult until you're 190+ awakening AP, when the Fearsome Tyrant buff comes (Super armor during 100%) it will be infinitely better for mass pvp.
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  4. Gattts added a post in a topic Berserker Changes in KR Patch Sept.22   

    Well, if I'm not mistaken, Giant awakening has alot more options for Life stealing. So you can spec a different skill add-on and finally toss the 10 hp recovery on Spin2win, and maybe put in the %Attack speed increase Add-on on Undertaker seeing as we still use grabs even with cannon.  
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  5. Gattts added a post in a topic Crescent Shrine : something is wrong with the ring drop at higher lvl node   

    Never tried Crescents outside of gmissions. But I have grinded the s*** out of Basilisk.
    I have to agree. The snakeskin belt is literally rarer than the god damn straight belt drop (2 straight drops, 0 snakeskin belt drops so far) 
    In about 4 days of 2+ hours of grinding sessions netted me this. (3 s ranks, level 8 node).
    I swear if I see another ring piece..

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  6. Gattts added a post in a topic Gathering from golems   

    Rarely post here, infact this is my second post, but was wandering around the forums to see if there was a thread on this topic.
    Before the medal event, I averaged around 2-3 sharps per 100 energy harvesting Golems, needless to say this was a VERY profitable way of making some money, and it's been all but confirmed that Golems do NOT drop hards and ONLY sharps, making them even better.
    Could just be RNG, but today and yesterday going to golems, I've been pouring atleast 400-500 energy into them and have gotten a ton of those gathering medals, but only 1 and if I'm lucky, 2 sharps. 
    Personally I feel like adding the medals, indirectly nerfed the sharp drop rate on them.
    I can only guess due to expanding their loot box, as before this patch they only dropped Diamonds, Rough Stone, Iron Ore, or Sharps, which with such a tiny loot box, it's speculated that's why their shard drop rate was so high.
    Anyways just giving my personal experience thus far with these golems!
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  7. Gattts added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons - REPOST   

    I don't even use forums much but I decided to log in and throw my 10 cents in there.
    All I can say for sure is that, this news and the CM's comment of ''Awakening not coming soon.''  just really killed the initiative and motivation to keep grinding.
    The hype for Awakening was unreal for Warriors/Zerks because it was literally the only thing that kept us going while playing a ''gimped'' Class.
    Sure, We're tanky, we're meant to rush in and CC, and be cannon fodder in GVG, which I have fun with as a Zerker.
    But even then, it doesn't take much for a geared Ranger to tear through my 220 dp and 3k+ HP, and let's not even begin with how easy a Sorc can do it. 
    and that's with +15 weapons, what will happen once everyone starts running around with +18 or more?
    DP Builds will not be able to compare and keep up AP builds once that launches.
    Now with the news that we won't see awakening until September or so, because Duam wants to keep a game ''Balanced.''
    I'll probably just force myself to grind to 56, test the waters to see how Valencia will be, and probably put this game on a shelf until September and hope I can keep up with the Rangers/Wizards/Witches who kept consistently grinding during that time.
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  8. Gattts added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons.   

    @CM_Jouska @CM_Tytyes @CM_Praballo @PM_Belsazar
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