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  1. Raxor added a post in a topic How to level efficiently   

    Thats what alts are for, bosses.
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  2. Raxor added a post in a topic BDO: An MMORPG still lacking PvE   

    you may give them benefit of the doubt for the issues the game has but the game has been out for 2 years in KR. The game probably won't have the kind of endgame that WoW or Vindictus have. The game is clearly intended as an open air experience. I do agree the world's lore should be shown a bit better and not just hidden in the knowledge base.
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  3. Raxor added a post in a topic enough its enough.   

    Poor child thats not how balance changes come in games.
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  4. Raxor added a post in a topic *leaves guild*   

  5. Raxor added a post in a topic Just a random player in KR   

    2 year old game
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  6. Raxor added a post in a topic Why isnt the western market taken more seriously? If you kill WoW, you're a billionaire.   

    This game by design was never going to do amazing in the west yet it seems to be one of the more played mmos. BDO is a different game from WoW. They occupy the same genre but not the same subset of the genre. BDO is closer to runescape than it ever was to WoW. The way to succeed in a market is not to always attempt to topple the beast but rather carve our your own section. BDO fills a niche that others in the genre do not necessarily fill. 
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  7. Raxor added a post in a topic Fun class?   

    I mean you don't have alot of time but you care about getting more AP... Potato PC wont help you in BDO, you wont see much of the effects for many classes then. Either stop wasting your time on the forums and play the game or not. If you dont have tri weapons then get them. If you have them work on your accessories. The accessories i mentioned are rather cheap for what you are trying to do. Or you could always pre order and wait for someone to sell. If you want a dandy then do Karanda when it comes up every time and roll NV when you have a few hundred million. Cant really figure out why you constantly  emoji.
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  8. Raxor added a post in a topic Fun class?   

    Too much Aoe... for pve... in Black Desert Online.
    I personally enjoy Sorc and DK the most. Sorcs don't even have that much spell effects, DK probably has more. Warriors to me always looked fun but never felt like leveling them. Ranger was pretty fun for me because of the mobility and I do enjoy bow characters occasionally. 
    If you want 200 AP, I have it from 2 DUO Marks, 2 Duo Blue Coral Earings, (10 Ap necklace of choice), a 7 ap belt(using Pri Tree belt), Tri Nouver, Tri Dandy(I have a tet ultimate blue which is equivalent to one enhance over dandy.)
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  9. Raxor added a post in a topic Most annoying thing in Black Desert    

    If you were fishing then you wouldnt log out unless disconnected. The lockout I assume exists to prevent looking for the best trade deals with channel hopping.
    edit: imperial fishing is also based on channel you are on.
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  10. Raxor added a post in a topic DK Awakening   

    Because it looks cool to people... 
    You seem to have a hard time understanding a simple concept.
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  11. Raxor added a post in a topic Total Cost of BDO   

    some of what you said can be done online through a videogame.
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  12. Raxor added a post in a topic Stuck between sorc or dk   

    my opinion, dont sell your gear. Just get more silver.
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  13. Raxor added a post in a topic why is dark knight so neglected? costumes/awakening/information?   

    All of you are thinking way too hard about this
    1. DK is neglected costume wise. This can be seen by the amount of costumes they have in KR.
    2. the reason we dont have the awakening yet is we dont have the kamasyilve region.
    3. we don't have the region because holding off on expansions for a few months is the choice they will make to keep event going throughot the year.
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  14. Raxor added a post in a topic Open letter to the game creators   

    Because yet another of these threads was needed... 
    So to answer a few things in the numbered order
    1. Those "new player farming spots" are not owned by new players. Those players do have elsewhere they can go to earn silver to get stronger. There are places in the Valencia terriotory where they could level such as Bashims.
    2. Yes it sucks and they introduced another RNG thing known as night vendor which helps.
    3. thank god not everything goes to pre order since you can't pre order more than type of item.
    4. Party play is good for special deals and making an area you cant grind efficiently solo better. People party for gatekeeper and the Aakman/Hystria Dungeons. It would be nice if the xp gains were higher when in a party than they are now. 
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  15. Raxor added a post in a topic So, no armor/weapon progression...   

    Sounds like you only mentioned the part with quests. What I mean is that the way the world is designed is fairly themeparky. A series of areas which you move through while leveling. 
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