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  1. Boson added a post in a topic Using Heilang as a mount   

    For the last lag or when over weight limit. I also put on stamina accessories if I need to travel a longer distance. 
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  2. Boson added a post in a topic Ankle Cutter III & IV   

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  3. Boson added a post in a topic Anyone from KR that can tell us how Ninja Awakening feels like?   

    Does Ninja Awakening got nerfed as in KR patch notes stated adjusted some skills from 8 to 7 hits?
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  4. Boson added a post in a topic Attack stone or attack speed/crit level 5?   

    For PvP you want to max your attack speed because you want to complete your skill rotation before the effect of your cc chain expire. 
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  5. Boson added a post in a topic Which skills should I be focusing on for PVP?   

    You might want to check whether you are not having enough accuracy Vs you are not using the right skill rotation. Recently swapped gears with my other character and noticed drop in dps. Upon inspection it seems the main cause of different is the lost of accuracy. As discussed in many other threads, accuracy seems to be very important for Musa to be effective in dps output. 
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  6. Boson added a post in a topic Class with high(est) burst?   

    Classes most often called for nerf are Ranger and Sorceress. 
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  7. Boson added a post in a topic Ninja Combo Theory Crafting   

    By default the extra keys on the gaming mouse act as num pad on the keyboard. It is banable only if attaching macro to those keys. 
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  8. Boson added a post in a topic Can anyone point me towards a good Musa beginners guide?   

    My advice is to put points to max out a few skills instead of spread them across many of them. Given that there is now free skill rest until reaching level 56, you should try out different build to how them suit your play style. You might also want to study the stun lock thread to understand the combo system in BDO. 
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  9. Boson added a post in a topic Ninja Ultimate(100% rage skill)   

    Does it affect by casting speed?
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  10. Boson added a post in a topic A bigger jump - from reddit   

    Apparently there are several skills could be used while mid air for damage or extend the movement range. Probably will try it more tonight. 
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  11. Boson added a post in a topic Tamer - Immersion Ruined   

    As a matter of fact, separating the commands and summon into different keys is kinda redundant and inefficient from the UI prespective. 
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  12. Boson added a post in a topic Dark elf is a race and not a class, correct?   

    Unlike EA, PA is kinda like an independent filmmaker and prefer to go her own way. 
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  13. Boson added a post in a topic Class choice: The never ending story   

    Have you tried combat with a horse? Wizard with a horse is very strong. Try to buy a horse with sidestep ability so you are not confined to go back and forth  
    If you have money can buy many things from the market instead of RNG yourself. 
    In GvG Wizard can play a role on the back line for dps or healing and let the other to protect you. 
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  14. Boson added a post in a topic zereth or taritas?   

    For Tamer, there are many different ways to recover MP for sustain. However, it is not the case for endurance. 
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  15. Boson added a post in a topic Patch on Saturday (25.06.)   

    I rather prefer PA focusing on Elf and Dwarf region expansions rather than rush for EU/NA release. 
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