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  1. Newbix added a post in a topic Best of Edan 1v1 Ladder (May/June)   

    Having each participant give someone x amount of something isn't going to work. Whether you blacklist them or not afterwards. I feel like that part of the system has flaws in itself.
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  2. Newbix added a post in a topic There is no RNG in field boss loot   

    In my guild alone I believe Warriors, Valkyries, and Sorcs make up 75% of the world boss loot (Liverto, Kzarka, Tree Spirit Belt) compared to the rest of the guild. I've seen plenty of them die 10+ times on one boss and still get livertos, tree spirit belts, and even kzarka at this point...
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  3. Newbix added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Male T4 Lvl. 21 (1 Death)

    Female T4 Lvl. 25 (2 Deaths )

    Results from two breeds and exchange:
    T4 Female

    T5 Male

    Exchange: T5 FEMALE!

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  4. Newbix added a topic in US Guild   

    <RedFace> Hardcore PvP | Selective Recruitment | Edan Server *UPDATED*


    RedFace (formerly Friction) is a hardcore PvP guild formed in KR Black Desert. The founders are made up of experienced players looking to have an exciting PvP experienced in the NA version of Black Desert. Unlike other guilds, Red Face is focused on recruiting top-quality players for a capped 60 man roster. Because of this, we expect our members to share our passion for gaming and maintain a level of activity that promotes our smaller number of players.
    Hardcore is used so frequently that it has lost much of it’s meaning. Many guilds throw the term “hardcore” around without defining what it means or how their members are expected to perform. We’d like to take a moment to address what it means to us and what you can expect if you were to join us.
    At it’s core, a hardcore player is one that devotes a large amount of time to the game and to progressing to be a better player. While this remains true for us, we are not as concerned about the amount of time you are playing (as long as you are active), but rather the amount of time you spend in game devoted toward mastering your class. Learning proper combinations and techniques for PvP is absolutely critical in Black Desert. Because of this, your performance in arena and on the battlefield should constantly be improving and adapting to various situations. We will spend time every week training as individuals and as a group to ensure that each of our members are performing well as a single unit, and that we are synergizing well as a group.

    Current Requirements:
    Last Updated 04/05
    We are currently recruiting all highly active classes excluding Blader/Plum/Kunoichi/Ninja.
    - Level: 55+
    - Combined AP/DP: 250+
    - Be mature both within guild and the greater community.
    - Have discord and the ability to speak when needed.
    - Be a highly active player.
    - Participate in GvG, node wars, siege, guild quests, and other guild activities.
    - Be willing to practice your class in arena frequently.
    Our focus is cooperation and being able to work together to succeed at our goals within the game. Everyone is expected to PvP and play together so that each member trusts his/her neighbor to back them up when needed. We are looking for people who share the same mindset as us and willing to put in the time and effort to achieve large goals.
    If you are interested in playing Black Desert with a great group of highly active and motivated players, participating in all forms of PvP, and striving for mastery of your class, RedFace could be the guild for you.

    If you think you have what it takes to be part of our team, feel free to apply on our website
    We will review your application and decide if we think that you would fit in well with us. If we believe that you would fit in well, we will contact you for an interview. The interview gives us a chance to get to know you and tell you a bit about us. Please keep in mind that due to the high number of applications and the amount of time we spend reviewing and discussing each one, it can take a number of days to get a response.
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  5. Newbix added a post in a topic The Issue With Elion's Tears   

    I don't think you read the post or understand a part of the game.
    The spam of Elion's Tear is for the circumstance where it'll give another player or group of  players a dramatic edge over other players in a fight by instant respawning where they had died.
    As for the part of the game there's flagging and war declarations in the game for a reason and I'll use them if I feel the need to claim a farming spot on a channel for however long I desire.
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  6. Newbix added a post in a topic The Issue With Elion's Tears   

    I think the exp loss will always be in place.
    All they need to do is make the elion's tear spawn you at town or node not at origin of death.
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  7. Newbix added a post in a topic The Issue With Elion's Tears   

    That'd be a good solution.
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  8. Newbix added a post in a topic The Issue With Elion's Tears   

    Maybe they can make it PvP based. So if you are killed by a player it gives it a cooldown to use instant respawn on point of death. I'm fine with people using Elion's Tear to spawn back at town or node. Maybe I should of thought of this portion more but the part that is very pay to win in my eyes is being able to respawn back instantly where you just died.
    If they just removed the instant spawn where you died it would fix it all to be honest. Elion's Tear to node or town would be very reasonable to me.
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  9. Newbix added a post in a topic The Issue With Elion's Tears   

    A one minute cooldown would probably just be enough if not longer.
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  10. Newbix added a topic in General   

    The Issue With Elion's Tears
    There will be a TL;DR at the bottom of this post.
    Backstory: I was farming Shadow Knights at Abandon Monastery and I can usually control the entire back area of the cave to myself. Another players was farming there I told them to leave, they didn't leave so I PK'd them. We've had previous wars with said guild so it wasn't like we weren't used to killing one another. After the first death he pearled, second death pearled, killing him 6 times pearling each time. Ok I was out of karma now and he wasn't leaving obviously so I declared war on his guild to make it easier on my lack of karma. 15 minutes pass and the war begins. Killing him over and over, more and more pearls spent on elion's tears.

    That's 38 GvG kills and 6 PK killing. $22 well worth spent?
    What's the issue?: This player spamming tears didn't have any negative effect on me but it made me think more about it as it's happened more than just this one occurrence. Recently in GvG facing another guild in a larger scale more like 30 v 30 if one of the guilds is using Elion's Tear on death they will eventually win, because they paid more money. Now my guild is guilty of it as any other guild might be but I think there could be a simple solution to fix the spam of Elion's Tear. There's many possible solution but the most reasonable would be adding a cooldown to the Elion's Tear itself or allowing it to only be usable once the respawn timer is about half way down.
    Spamming Elion's Tear in larger scale pvp can create a significant advantage for the players using them, equally some form of pay to win. I understand pay to convenience but I'm not sure how much of a convenience it is if it can turn the tides of a fight.  
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  11. Newbix added a post in a topic How good is earth's response?   

    Shift + Direction 
    Direction + LMB
    Shift + Direction
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  12. Newbix added a post in a topic Redface Causing Extreme Server Lag?   

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  13. Newbix added a post in a topic Video of Redface Exploiting Bheg on Edan   

    I love to PvE reminds me of Archeage.
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