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  1. Nicottia added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Dark Knight   

    Woop woop, I have already redeemed the title on wednesday, just seen it randomly pop up in my account page, but I was curious just how fast I made it... since the unforeseen happened and when servers went up I was napping...  I was expecting the servers to have an extended maintenance (y'know, it's more of a common occurrence by now). The quest itself took me like 10mins to finish, the problem was updating the game fast enough. Made it to runner ups, so not bad. I'm just happy I got the title. ;D
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  2. Nicottia added a post in a topic Dark Knight Awakening the next week!!!   

    Awww yis, I'll definitely be lvl 60 before awakening's out!
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  3. Nicottia added a post in a topic EU server rip again   

    Mobs seem to take forever to respawn, too. Someone really messed up this update big time.
    Inb4 people demand 'compensation'. :>
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  4. Nicottia added a post in a topic Lvl 60   

    I've gotten my DK to 59lvl with 5%... it's goddamn painful doe. Slowly starting to hate pirates again... lol. So many griefers, karma bombers and other trash.
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  5. Nicottia added a post in a topic Anyone Who Has Only Paid Purchase Price?   

    1. 60lvl Witch, followed by 59lvl DK (soonish lvl 60)
    2. Free penguins that I bred and ended up with a tier 3 pengu, brown hawk from the game pack and 2x pets my BF gifted to me on Xmas.
    3. Nope, my witch has 750 LT (4x loyalty weight limits + gear) and my DK has mere 500LT, saving up loyalty for her right nao too.
    4. Event only, my MP RNG is cursed when it comes to bidding on any pearl items.
    5. Value packs and more LT really.
    So you can play without spending too much cash on this game but you'll notice it's freaking annoying getting too heavy 90% of the time.
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  6. Nicottia added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    My basic DK in her basic colored outfit cause I'm a pleb.

    OMG I love your DKs blood red theme, she's gorgeous!
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  7. Nicottia added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    Looks to me like someone woke up feeling grumpy today.
    But hey, I'll bite: half of the cash shop outfits ARE slutty, at least mine ain't showing the so-called 'underboob', sir. Majority of the female characters on this topic and in the 'art' subforum are unfortunately looking 'slutty'. I wonder why aren't you calling them all out for 'showing an in game cleavage' or 'putting too much make-up' on their characters.
    But this post of yours, such wow, very troll, amazing one-liner... NOT impressed.
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  8. Nicottia added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    My witch at one of the better looking areas of 'pirates'. I gotta say, I enjoy the default coloring of Kibelius' set, but who knows, I might recolor it one day.

    PS: I err, am not fully happy with the way she looks though, some of her proportions rub me the wrong way. Like her neckline.. and imagine, it can't get any thinner or longer.
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  9. Nicottia added a post in a topic Question about the community   

    It's a good question... it all comes down to bad parenting and western culture rewarding selfish (borderline sociopathic) behavior. Add to that the 'anonymity' of the Internet.
    If you want me to elaborate. I'd be happy to do so, but it's gonna be a wall of text. So I'd rather avoid the entire 'too long, didn't read' kind of replies.
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  10. Nicottia added a post in a topic Marketplace bidding issue (POLL)   

    It's one of the reasons I despise our current bidding system and the old captcha system, too!
    It's what I call -'RNGCeption' -  RNG on top of moar RNG... So it's not only the result of bad RNG a player can't drop anything, but someone else does, then you need to win RNG dice(?) roll on the item to actually buy it (from the player that 'lucked' out)... not to mention all the Carpal tunnel syndrome-inducing clicking ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carpal_tunnel_syndrome ).
    To give y'all an example - all I got through bidding were 10 mem frags, 10! Meanwhile my boyfriend has gotten not only super cheap bheg gloves (60mil) but also a kzarka blade... and musa premium outfit. All through bidding and 'sniping' items. Meanwhile I keep on getting the fail purchase and item already sold messages. So our internet speed clearly isn't at fault, his PC is a lot worse than mine, so there goes my theory of my PC maybe lagging. We're both clicking just as fast, hell few times I asked him to try his magic fingers on items I wanted to buy, of course - while he succeeds most bids on his own account, my account seems to be... cursed?
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  11. Nicottia added a post in a topic Stuck with 60 coins - and a lack of enthusiasm for the game   

    Dude, I didn't get squat from ANY of the boxes either! Do you see me complaining about it here on the forums threatening to "quit" the game?
    Hell no. I didn't expect anything good out of those boxes and it's exactly what I got - moar cron stones, memory frags and a lot of ancient weapon cores and guardian seals. There are a lot more players who had exactly the same rotten luck I did, but just like me, they don't complain about their bad luck from a free rng box. It was the whole point of it - free.
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  12. Nicottia added a post in a topic New bidding system   

    Well, Pearl Items are their own thing anyway. Those should pretty much stay the way they were with the buy out after the registration crap has been completed. D3s old AH system is still 100x better than the current Carpal canal syndrome inducing clickin.
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  13. Nicottia added a post in a topic New bidding system   

    I also don't get why they keep on messing up a working system... Now bots/clickers rule yet again.
    And if you seriously want a working market place/auction house system, just take a freaking look at what Diablo 3 once had. You could choose if you wanted the item to go through buy out or auction house phase, not to mention that the highest bid always won, no rng involved. There was a lot of sniping going by the end of the item's timer, up to the last second. What Daum/Kakao/PA could've done instead is copy paste what D3 had, just decrease the items time on the auction house. From a week to a day or even few hours. People could even set their own minimal price they were willing to sell the item for, so they were satisfied. People buying the item could set their own max price they were willing to pay for such item as well. That made everyone happy. That was the best auction house system I've seen in any game. Until they got rid of it, cause there were a lot of people playing the auction house game instead the actual game - you know, slaying demons and stuff.
    I also don't get why our devs/PA decided to keep preorder too, I'm sorry but ever since the last patch I barely ever see people actually succeed with their preorders. Everything that is valuable all the time goes to this blasted bidding stage. It makes preorder pretty much obsolete at this point.
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  14. Nicottia added a post in a topic Launcher crashing   

    Yep, seems like it. At least for me it works.
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  15. Nicottia added a post in a topic PC laggy after running BDO overnight   

    Windows 10 Pro here, I noticed that BDO has some memory leaking issues. From time to time. It's that windows 8.1/10 compressed memory bullcrap causing that.
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